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A/D Fire Protection Systems
  • 5-420 Tapscott Rd
  • M1B1Y4

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238220  Plumbing, Heating, and Air-Conditioning Contractors
325999  All Other Miscellaneous Chemical Product Manufacturing
Updated on:
2014-03-18,  Industry Canada
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A/D Fire Protection Systems

Company Profile

A/D Fire Protection Systems Inc.'s quality goal is to cost effectively manufacture passive fire protection materials that meet or exceed regulatory requirements and the expectations of our customers. Our products include a number of fireproofing materials for structural steel and concrete as well as, firestopping products for the protection of openings where building services penetrate fire rated assemblies. A/D Fire Protection's management and employees are committed to establishing and maintaining ISO 9002 standards of quality on our products, systems, methods and customer service.


  • A/D Firefilm III A/D Firefilm®III is a decorative thin-film intumescent fire resistive coating system for structural steel. It is intended for use at interior locations in buildings. This coating systems allow a painted steel appearance yet provides fire resistance ratings up to 3 hours.

  • A/D Type 5, 5MD and 7GP spray-applied cementitious fireproofing materials for protection of structural steel columns, beams, OWSJ, floor and roof assemblies.

  • A/D Type FP Spray-applied mineral fibre fireproofing for fire resistant ratings up to 4 hours on structural steel columns, beams, OWSJ, floor and roof assemblies.

  • A/D FIREBARRIER Firrestopping Complete line if firestopping materials: including A/D FIREBARRIER Mineral Wool, FIREBARRIER Silicone SL or GG, FIREBARRIER Seal and Seal NS, Mortar, Pillows and intumescent collars for plastic pipes.

  • A/D 1XR High Density cementitious fireproofing for exposed structural steel, formulated for the petroleum industry.

  • Fireproofing Applicators Trained and approved applicators for all of our products are available throughout Canada, USA, Caribbean, Latin America, Taiwan, Phillipines and Kuwait.

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