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W.R. Davis Engineering Limited
  • 606-1260 Old Innes Rd
  • K1B3V3

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Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, India, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Korea, Republic of, Malaysia, Netherlands, Norway, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom
Number of Employees:
Year Established:
Industries Classification:
336410  Aerospace Product and Parts Manufacturing
335990  All Other Electrical Equipment and Component Manufacturing
541330  Engineering Services
Quality Certifications:
AS/EN 9100, ISO 9001
Updated on:
2016-10-25,  Industry Canada
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W.R. Davis Engineering Limited

Company Profile

W.R. Davis Engineering Limited (DAVIS) is a high technology Canadian company, with a proven capability in the development, design and fabrication of defence equipment for the marine and air environments. DAVIS has supplied unique defence technology to Canada and more than twenty other countries for thirty years. The company has specialized in signature management in both the Infrared and underwater ELF electromagnetic spectra, and has developed unique countermeasure products in both areas. Using proprietary software, we can simulate these fields and conduct studies to validate new designs. DAVIS is recognized as a world leader for our engine IR suppressor devices for both ships and aircraft, and our active shaft grounding mine countermeasures for ships and submarines. DAVIS also designs and supplies gas turbine exhaust gas cooling equipment to both the offshore and onshore oil and gas industry.


  • Naval Engine Intakes/Uptakes Design and manufacture of complete gas turbine and diesel engine intake and uptake systems for naval ships.

  • ShipIR/NTCS An infrared (IR) signature and IR seeker engagement simulator used for the IR stealth design and analysis of naval ships and aircraft. The code is commercially available and has undergone continuous development since 1990. It is the de facto NATO and US Navy standard for IR platform analysis in the marine environment.

  • Naval IR Suppression Systems Gas turbine and diesel engine exhaust IR suppressors, and active hull cooling IR suppression systems, for naval ships.

  • Active Shaft Grounding System A device which eliminates the underwater extra-low frequency electromagnetic (ELFE) signature of a ship or submarine. It is used to protect against influence mines which may be equipped with an ELFE sensor. It is available in 50A and 200A versions.

  • Aircraft Potable Water Tanks Stainless steel and Titanium potable water tanks for commercial aircraft

  • Aircraft IR Suppressors Gas turbine turboshaft and turboprop engine exhaust IR suppressors for aircraft. Civilly certified or military qualified IR suppressors for ten different aircraft types: Bell 412, UH-1H, and 407; MIL Mi-17; Airbus AS332 Super Puma; ADS CASA CN-235; Boeing CH-47D/F; AgustaWestland AW129 and AW139; and Beech KA350.

  • Gas Turbine Exhaust Gas Coolers Design and manufacture of gas turbine exhaust gas cooling equipment for the onshore and offshore oil and gas industry. Includes the analysis of exhaust plume trajectories using both proprietary and commercial CFD codes.

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