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Enervac Corporation
  • 280 Holiday Inn Dr.
  • N3C1Z4

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Australia, Japan, Korea, Republic of, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States
Number of Employees:
Year Established:
Industries Classification:
333130  Mining and Oil and Gas Field Machinery Manufacturing
333299  All Other Industrial Machinery Manufacturing
333990  All other general-purpose machinery mfg.
334512  Automatic Environmental Control Manufacturing for Residential, Commercial, and Appliance Use
333310  Commercial and Service Industry Machinery Manufacturing
Quality Certifications:
ISO 9001
Total Sales ($CDN):
$10,000,000 to $24,999,999
Updated on:
2015-11-23,  Industry Canada
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Enervac Corporation

Company Profile

Our Company History Bowser Inc. of Fort Wayne, Indiana was started by S.F. Bowser in 1885 to manufacture and market a self-measuring coal oil dispenser of his own design. Evolution of this idea spread to the measurement and handling of many commercial liquids of the time. To keep pace with the demand for his equipment, Bowser opened branches around the world. Bowser continued to produce and sell its products until World War II, then went entirely into war production. In the post war period, Bowser was internationally known and pioneered the use of vacuum to the degasification and dehydration of insulating oil for the electrical industry and power authorities. In 1969, New York based Keene Corporation purchased Bowser Inc. and continued the manufacture of vacuum purification equipment as well as expanding to gas processing equipment. In 1978, Keene Corporation dropped the engineered product line. Soon after, ENERVAC Corporation formed to continue to service customers who required specialized fluid handling equipment. With enhanced engineering, manufacturing and test facilities, the product line continued to expand and diversify. In 1992, ENERVAC Corporation acquired 4-R Technologies Inc. and gained access to new markets requiring fluid waste minimization and resource recovery systems. With representatives across North America, ENERVAC Corporation's reputation for quality, performance and innovation is unmatched by the competition. Cost recovery. Resource recovery. Two important aspects in today's business environment and in the concerns of the communities we live in and invest in. At ENERVAC, we are proud to be associated with the companies who are committed to environmental responsibility. We are proud to be a part of this effort, developing technologies and systems to manage waste effectively and improve the profitability of our customers. Our Divisions ENERVAC is divided into two divisions, our Environmental Technology Group and our Utility Group to better service our wide range of customers. The Environmental Technology Group manages the Trampoil Separators, Coolant Recycling Systems, Sump Cleaners, Reverse Osmosis Systems, Ultrafiltration Systems, Filters as well as Consulting on water, coolant and waste water issues. The Utility Group manages Dehydrators, Degasifiers, Dryers, Mobile Oil Filters, Fuller's Earth Systems, Sulfur Hexafluoride (SF6) Processing Systems, Oil Filters and Air Filters, Centralized Lubrication Systems as well as consulting on your oil, air and SF6 needs. Environmental Profile Enervac specializes in dehydration and conventional filtration technologies for oil purification and recycling. Enervac's compressed air dryer group specialize in high pressure dryers for moisture and particulate removal. The Environmental Technology Group have expertise in oil/water/solid separation technologies and in membrane separation (reverse osmosis, nanofiltration, ultrafiltration and microfiltration) to purify, concentrate or recycle water, cleaners and wastewater. The quality assurance programs meet high standards, including ISO 9000:2000 and ASME pressure vessel code. Customer support is provided by technical sales, the applications group, the service department and the in-house testing lab. Key Words: SF6, SF6 recovery, oil, vacuum oil dehydration, vacuum oil degasification, coolant recovery, filtration, waste water treatment, reclamation, fullers earth, vacuum oil purifiers, trampoil separators, lubrication.


  • LUBRICATION SYSTEM, GRAVITY FEED TYPE Oil circulating lubrication systems including pumps, tanks, filters, coolers, indicators and other accessory equipment in either packaged or component systems are available.

  • DEHYDRATOR/ANHYDRATOR INDUSTRIAL, NES Enervac's Vacuum Oil Dehydrator is a completely packaged unit mounted on a common base, fully assembled and ready for connection to utilities. The system uses a vacuum process to remove water, light hydrocarbons and solid contaminants. It has been performing services for the past 25 years in many applications such as: Lubricating Oils, Hydraulic Oils, Turbine Oils, Compressor Seal Oils, Synthetic Fluids, Insulating Oils, Cutting and Cooling Mineral Oils, and quenching oils.

  • FILTER CARTRIDGE, INDUSTRIAL Industrial filtration equipment utilizing pleated paper and other media to provide the exact degree of filtration and flow rate for virtually any application.

  • SF6 GAS SERVICING CART The Enervac SF6 Gas Servicing Cart is designed for the processing of SF6 (Sulfur Hexafluoride) Gas used in High Voltage Metal Clad Switch Gear, Bus Ducts, Accelerators, Circuit Breakers and transformers that are charged during normal operation with SF6 Gas as a dielectric. The cart will perform the following functions: - Removal of SF6 Gas from the serviced equipment, liquification and storage of gas into system storage tank. - System evacuation for dry-out prior to re-charging. - Re-evaporating SF6 Gas and re-filling evacuated equipment. - Purification of SF6 Gas by absorption and removal of decomposition proucts and moisture.

  • VACUUM OIL DEGASIFIER Enervac's Vacuum Oil Degasifiers are for upgrading of new and used electrical insulating liquids, transformer oil, polybutenes and silicones. They remove free and soluable water, free and dissolved air and gases, and particulate matter. Mobile and Stationary units in sizes to fit every need.

  • FULLER'S EARTH FILTRATION Fuller's Earth oil filters are used for removal of acids and soluable surface acting contaminants by adsorption. They are typically used for transformer oil up-grading and reclamation. Treatment with Fuller's Earth will increase Interfacial Tension of oil and reduce Power Factor to desired levels. All acids, gums, resins, and other surface acting soluable contaminants are trapped and held within the media.

  • AIR & GAS DRYERS AND FILTERS Enervac dryers and filters are designed for removal of moisture from process air and gases, eliminating condensation and freeze- up, moisture corrosion, protecting pneumatic instruments and extending the life of pneumatic tools.

  • Tramp oil separator. Enervac Environmental Group provides turnkey oil/water/solid separators to remove free oil content of wastewater to below 15 ppm prior to discharging the effluent to sanitary sewers. The system includes a floating skimmer, supply pump, pre-filter, coalescer-based oil/water separator medium, hoses and automatic system shut-down devices. The benefits to the customer are environmental compliance and reduced disposal costs. Enervac offers system design and specifications, recommendations for installation, start-up services and after sales services.

  • E859A dehydration system. Enervac has a full range of turnkey dehydrators that remove water, light ends, and particulates from various industrial oils, thus eliminating the need for disposal. The system includes an inlet strainer, oil heater, vacuum chamber and large evaporation surface area, vacuum source, condenser, discharge pump and after filter. The benefits to the customer include reduced environmental liability, reduced disposal cost of oil, reduced purchase cost of new oil, longer-bearing life, reduced downtime, and trouble free operation of the hydraulic system. Enervac provides design, recommendations, start-up service and after-sales service.

  • 'B.W.T.' Batch Waste Treatment System. Disposal of liquid wastes such as oily water, floor cleaner and/or parts cleaner is costly and results in an unwanted environmental liability. As well, since these wastes are often 95% water, disposal results in a waste of water resources. Enervac's B.W.T. (Batch Waste Treatment System) is a cost-effective means of dealing with high water content liquid wastes. The benefits of an Enervac B.W.T. are: dramatically reduces haul away disposal costs; safe, simple, single step chemical additive process; removes suspended solids, emulsified oils and heavy metals quickly and efficiently; treated water and wastes within code limits for sewer discharge and landfill. By adding the advanced encapsulating chemistry of Benfloc with a high speed mixer, a batch of liquid waste can be cleaned, filtered and sewerable in a cycle which takes 20 minutes. Enervac provides design recommendations, equipment startup and after sales services.

  • "Centra" Central Coolant Management System. Enervac's "Centra" Central Coolant Management System allows you to recycle and reuse your coolants saving the substantial costs of new coolant replacement and continuously spiralling cost of disposal. Also, "Centra" reduces your environmental liability and improves your health and safety record by maintaining a high quality supply of coolant. Tool life is also improved. Enervac provides design recommendations, equipment startup and after sales services.

  • SF6 servicing carts. Enervac has a full range of SF6 servicing carts, trailer-mounted for large volumes or compact and portable for small volumes. These servicing carts will remove the gas from the circuit breaker, purify it to remove water, particulate and degradation products, store it in liquid form while repairs are made, and fill the breaker with clean gas. The benefits to the customer are savings of costly SF6 gas, as the gas is not being discharged into the atmosphere. This also reduces the potential depletion of the ozone layer. Enervac provides design, recommendations, equipment start-up services and after sales services.

  • Oil and Gas, Products, Equipment, Service, & Supplies
  • Environmental Products and Services
  • PCB destruction units, transformer oil regeneration plants, SF6 Gas cylinders

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