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Emery Silfurtun Incorporated
  • 1-340 Ferrier St
  • L3R2Z5

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Algeria, Australia, Brazil, Chile, China, Colombia, Cuba, Denmark, Finland, Guatemala, Iceland, India, Iran, Islamic Republic of, Jamaica, Japan, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Lithuania, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Panama, Peru, Portugal, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Syrian Arab Republic, United Kingdom, United States
Number of Employees:
Year Established:
Industries Classification:
333291  Paper Industry Machinery Manufacturing
Total Sales ($CDN):
$25,000,000 to $49,999,999
Updated on:
2015-07-02,  Industry Canada
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Emery Silfurtun Incorporated

Company Profile

Products/Services: Emery is both a designer and manufacturer of pulp moulding machines. The company is heavily involved in the research and development of new processes to help ensure that sustainable packaging will have a more significant role in the future of world packaging. Emery International Developments Ltd., founded in 1956, is a 100% Canadian company. Initially, the company's core business was paper making machine manufacturing and consultation to the industry. In the late 1970's pulp moulding equipment design and build was added. In 2006, Emery International merged with Silfurtun Inc. to form a hybrid company that can both supply high-output pulp moulding machinery as well as lower-output, more flexible machinery. Recent advancements in rapid prototyping have helped Emery Silfurtun position themselves as a leader in the pulp moulding industry. With over 55 years of experience in the pulp and paper industry, Emery Pulp Moulding Technologies offers cost competitive and high quality, environmentally friendly, bio degradable packaging manufacturing. The major characteristics areas of Emery Pulp Moulding Technologies include the: re-pulping and stock preparation technology which provides the right consistency pulp; Emery Vacuum Forming technology which provides high quality control and productivity with extremely low reject ratio; Emery Die Clamp System which makes a quick die change possible, without any additional alignment; Emery Dryer System technology which provides fully automated control of air flow, temperature and speed; Emery Economizer which saves energy up to 16%, achieving product drying at an extremely competitive cost; and Emery Die Design and Build services which offer state of the art CAD/CAM packaging design and build assistance. These services are offered at two locations in Canada and are backed by Emery's prototype product manufacturing services. This ensures that upon receipt of the dies, customers are able to start production without further die test and trials. With abundant experience in the paper and pulp industry, Emery Silfurtun Technologies offers broader material selections. On top of waste papers, such as old newsprint and cardboard boxes, most of the fresh sludge and affluent (fine fibres in white paper) at pulp mills can be utilized as feed stock. This contributes, not only to a high percentage elimination of sludge and affluent dumped into sewer and river systems, but turns unwanted sludge and affluent into money making, value added products. Emery Silfurtun Inc. contributes to the promotion of environmentally friendly and biodegradable packaging through its endless research and development.


  • Pulp moulding machine system, utilizing paper mill sludge and affluent or waste paper. The Emery Pulp Moulding System utilizes waste paper ( such as old newsprint, old corrugated cardboard, office paper, envelops, etc.) or paper mill sludge and affluent as feed stock to make bio degradable and environmentally friendly packaging which could replace EPS packaging. Emery pulp moulding system is a small scale paper making plant, consisting of stock preparation, and wet forming section with forming dies and dryer. The stock preparation system is very similar to a small paper mill. There is a repulper which beats the waste paper or mill sludge to a uniform consistency with water to yield a 4% (solids) consistency pulp stock. To this mixture are added rosin and wax which usually form about 2% of the solids content of the final pulp stock. The wet forming section consists of a series of wire screen covered wet forming dies mounted on a moulding drum, rotating at a uniform speed while immersed in a specially designed recirculating vat containing the final pulp slurry at about 0.6 to 1% consistency. A vacuum system attracts the moulding materials ( fibres) from the liquid pulp slurry in the vat onto the dies by drawing the suspending water of the pulp slurry through the wire screen surfaces. After forming on the forming drum, the forming platen makes contact with the transfer die platen which automatically transfers the molded wet products from forming unit to the dryer conveyor. The drying section consists of a direct fired gas recirculating air dryer with a single pass or multi-passes conveyor carrying the wet products through the heated dryer tunnel. The dried products are then discharged to an unloading conveyor where they are sorted, stacked, counted and wrapped. The wrapped bundles are placed on pallets and a fork lift truck is used to place them in storage ready for final shipment. Pulp molded packaging is bio degradable and environmentally friendly. This packaging can be recycled to make other packaging, or can be dumped in the landfill for natural bio-degradation making pulp molded packaging unique, as compared with EPS packaging.

  • Pulp moulding machines
  • Lubrication Products & Services
  • Environmental Products and Services

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