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BMT Fleet Technology Limited
  • 311 Legget Dr.
  • K2K1Z8

Contact Information

Alternate Telephone:
United Kingdom, United States
Number of Employees:
Year Established:
Industries Classification:
336611  Ship Building and Repairing
541710  Research and Development in the Physical, Engineering and Life Sciences
611690  All Other Schools and Instruction
541330  Engineering Services
Quality Certifications:
ISO 9001
Total Sales ($CDN):
$10,000,000 to $24,999,999
Updated on:
2015-08-11,  Industry Canada
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BMT Fleet Technology Limited

Company Profile

BMT Fleet Technology (BMT) is an independent Canadian consultant company specializing in engineering, science and management services in the defence, energy and transport sectors. BMT supplies customers with unbiased solutions and trusted and experienced professionals who provide proven capability to a broad range of complex engineering and program challenges. BMT Fleet Technology is an operating company of BMT Group Ltd.


  • Structural Integrity Management Software FlawCheck is a comprehensive integrity assessment tool for metal structures designed to support the development and implementation of integrity assurance and maintenance programs. The software was created by a team of experts in materials and damage assessment using industry input and codes of practice. FlawCheck simplifies the assessment of structural defects by seamlessly linking user-selected industry-accepted load characterization, fatigue and failure assessment procedures. In doing this, FlawCheck can define allowable flaw sizes to qualify inspection results, define inspection intervals and to positively identify sub-critical flaws.

  • Training For the Fatigue and Fracture Analysis of Marine Structures Course, the application of quantitative fatigue and fracture defect assessment procedures has been applied to marine (ship and submarine) structures, offshore platforms, pipelines and pressure vessels by BMT and other industrial performers. This course is designed to impart existing knowledge to those engaged in marine structure design and maintenance, and to demonstrate its application through practical examples. The BMT ILS course provides attendees with a thorough knowledge of ILS processes and an introduction to tools and techniques that can be applied. Included within the course are the ILS Management activities, the Supportability Analysis process, Customer Requirements, Contractor Deliverables , Reliability & Maintainability, Reliability Centred Maintenance, Supply Support, Training Needs Analysis, Human Factors, Technical Documentation and Whole Life Cost considerations. BMT also offers Welder Training to companies wishing to provide orientation to new welders, to advance the skill levels and knowledge of their current workforce, and who are looking to introduce new welding technologies to the workplace. The training can be provided on a one-on-one basis or in large groups, either in BMT's facility or at the client's location.

  • Program Management Services BMT's program management team offers customers solutions focused on improving project management disciplines within large scale engineering programs by applying rigour to risk, cost management, schedule, resource management and performance. Program management services offers clients experienced technical and management resources that strengthen project management of major engineering projects.

  • Pipeline and Materials Engineering The pipeline and materials engineering team provides expertise and conducts research and development in advanced fatigue and fracture, materials and welding engineering, structural integrity and fitness-for-purpose assessment, failure analysis, design support and applications for extreme conditions, advanced monitoring and measurement. Services also provide the development and application of advanced finite element modeling tools for oil and gas pipeline owners and operators, oil and gas production platforms, steel line pipe manufacturers, research organizations and regulators. BMT has a wide range of laboratories and test facilities to support engineering services and research efforts. These facilities are supplemented through agreements with other testing establishments, laboratories and industry research associations to maintain unique facilities. These partnerships further research and development to reduce duplication, improve operational efficiencies and increase utilization.

  • Ship and Submarine Design and Performance As an independent leading multi-disciplinary engineering, science and technology consultancy, BMT draws on its Canada-based best-in-field experts, a supporting network of international affiliate companies, in-depth industry awareness and a rich heritage of research and development investment to drive forward successful ship, submarine and marine structure design solutions. Independence from manufacturing interests ensures customers can rely on BMT to focus exclusively on their needs when delivering design solutions, strategic planning and construction advice. Significant resources have been invested in the development of life-cycle cost and utilization. As a result, BMT has a unique advantage in being able to determine design effectiveness within a customer’s optimum life-cycle budget. From the critical first concept of operations development to end-of-life disposal, BMT is accomplished in all areas of marine system management.

  • Naval Material Assurance (NMA) BMT Fleet Technology's services range from supporting improvements at policy level through to providing assistance to government defence agencies and their suppliers to achieve design intent. We can provide Design Authority Services, Design Agent Services, and Naval Material Assurance.

  • In Service Support BMT provides engineering and programmatic services for the life-cycle management of marine and land platforms and structures. Services include cost-effective maintenance, life extension solutions and design support for technical, process and operational change.

  • Engineering Services BMT provides a complete range engineering service products in support of complex acquisition and in-service programs, leveraging many years of experience to improve equipment performance. A Systems Engineering approach is critical to ensure design and eventual in-service support programs effectively manage change and maintain system margins. BMT Systems engineers have applied their experience across a range of major capital projects. Thorough analysis of complex problems enables clients to better understand the challenges faced and to assess potential solutions to determine the right decisions at the right time to achieve desired aims and objectives. Requirements Management is critical to the success of any procurement program. BMT adopts a comprehensive process to requirements engineering, focusing on the discovery, analysis, negotiation and definition of user and system requirements to identify specific capability needs. BMT will engage with customers to identify and capture technology requirements across the spectrum from equipment through training to infrastructure development. Engineering changes, project scope, establishing baselines, asset management and knowing where you are in the development or maintenance of a major asset are all activities handled through the application of a robust configuration and data management program. BMT uses effective and pragmatic techniques, developed from involvement in a wide range of complex acquisition projects in order to streamline capability delivery and minimize through life costs.

  • Field Instrumentation Instrumentation and data collection packages range from large custom-built systems to small "off the shelf" data collection devices for monitoring motions, stresses and noise in seagoing vessels.

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