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Plant Products Inc.
  • 50 Hazelton St
  • N8H1B8
  • P.O. Box 33
  • N8H3W1

Contact Information

Alternate Telephone:
Year Established:
Industries Classification:
418390  Agricultural Chemical and Other Farm Supplies Wholesaler-Distributors
Total Sales ($CDN):
$25,000,000 to $49,999,999
Updated on:
2016-05-06,  Industry Canada
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Plant Products Inc.

Company Profile

Plant Products Inc. is a distributor of consumable goods for the professional turf, nursery, specialty agriculture and greenhouse markets in Canada. Providing these markets with innovative pest control solutions and fertility programs, plus sourcing unique products from all over the world. Plant Products also offers a complete marketing and regulatory service for companies willing to partner with us. Since 2008 Plant Products has been active in the United States calling on Greenhouse customers to provide IPM solutions and custom fertilizers options for our expanding customer base.


  • PLANT-PROD WATER SOLUBLE FERTILIZER Plant Products Inc. is the exclusive distributor for Plant Prod and Plant Prod Solutions branded fertilizer. See our website for complete listings.

  • FERTILIZER TRACE ELEMENTS A complete line of micronutrients in the chelated form (EDTA, DTPA or EDDHA) and in non-chelate form.

  • BASIC FERTILIZER MATERIAL Plant Products has a complete line of basic fertilizing materials in both agricultural and greenhouse grades.

  • BIOLOGICAL PEST CONTROL AGENTS Plant Products is a leading supplier of Biological Control products. Biological controls are becoming increasingly popular with no re-entry interval, no phytotoxicity, no development of resistance, and no safety issues. Plant Products distributes beneficial insects and mites, beneficial nematodes, and bumblebees for pollination. Bio-pesticide application via pollinators (bumblebees) is a new trend that Plant Products is a key partner to its success.

  • TURF CARE PRODUCTS Specialized turf fertilizers, pesticides and seed for use on golf courses, sports fields and lawn care.

  • SEED Plant Products has launched its new SELECTUS brand line of turf seed products for sod, golf, landscape and agriculture. Drawn from the leading seed growers in North America, Selectus brand seed represents the best of the best. Plant Products Inc. is the exclusive Canadian and United States of America distributor of Syngenta Active Greenhouse Vegetable Seed.

  • MITICIDES A complete line of miticides for use in horticulture.

  • FUNGICIDES A complete line of fungicides, both conventional and biological, for use in greenhouses, outdoor ornamentals, turf and specialty agriculture.

  • INSECTICIDES A complete line of insecticides for greenhouse, turf and outdoor use on vegetables and ornamentals. New developments in bio-insecticides that have promising results.

  • HERBICIDES An extensive portfolio of herbicides for all the markets served. Many that are allowed under provincial cosmetic bans.

  • DISINFECTION AND CLEANERS Plant Products is your one stop for end of season cleaners and disinfecting products.

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