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Terrapure Environmental
  • 500-1100 Burloak Dr
  • L7L6B2

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Industries Classification:
418190  Other Recyclable Material Wholesaler-Distributors
541620  Environmental Consulting Services
562210  Waste Treatment and Disposal
562910  Remediation Services
562920  Materials Recovery Facilities
562110  Waste Collection
Total Sales ($CDN):
$50,000,000 +
Updated on:
2015-11-09,  Industry Canada
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Terrapure Environmental

Company Profile

Terrapure Environmental is a leading Canadian provider of innovative, cost-effective environmental services and recycling solutions that help address industry?s most complex environmental challenges. Headquartered in Burlington, Ont., Terrapure employs 1,000 people and operates an integrated network of more than 30 government-regulated facilities from coast to coast. With an unwavering focus on health and safety excellence, the company provides services that minimize waste and maximize the recovery or recycling of valuable industrial by-products through its facility network and on customer sites. This includes a used lubricating oil re-refinery in North Vancouver, B.C.; Canada?s largest lead-acid battery recycling facility in Ville Ste-Catherine, Que.; an engineered non-hazardous industrial waste landfill in Stoney Creek, Ont.; as well as operations that enhance the environmental sustainability of industry sectors, including automotive, chemical and petro-chemical, manufacturing, marine, mining, municipal, pulp and paper, and transportation.


  • Industrial Waste Management With a broad range of industry-leading environmental services, we manage virtually every type of waste stream in virtually every industry. Our strong safety record, professional approach and commitment to reliable, solutions-oriented service make us the ideal choice for all your waste management and recycling needs.

  • Onsite Environmental Services We bring our experience, expertise and industry-leading processes and technology to your site. We develop customized onsite solutions to suit your unique environmental needs, whether it's mobile equipment for short-term projects or long-term integrated services for full-scale commercial design/build/operate models. Onsite services include: Waste volume reduction By-product recovery Drill site services Pond management / Dredging and dewatering Filtration Tank cleaning and maintenance Water treatment

  • WASTE TREATMENT & PROCESSING We collect, consolidate and process all types of organic and inorganic, hazardous and non-hazardous, liquid and solid industrial waste. Using state-of-the-art technology we can maximize recovery of reusable products while reducing the volume of waste for disposal. Residual materials are sent for safe, secure disposal. Waste Solidification and Stabilization for landfill disposal. Alternate Fuel Blending, including heavy fuel oil, industrial fuel oil, carrier for explosives, and cavern cap. Aerosols & Labpack services provide single-source solutions for processing and consolidation of spent aerosol cans and small-quantity chemical wastes. Product Destruct services to de-pack and blend out-of-date or off-specification consumer products for recycling and/or secure disposal, followed by complete destruction of packaging. Zero Landfill Services assist customers in various industries in finding innovative solutions to meet their zero landfill objectives.

  • Emergency Response Services We provide national 24/7 Emergency Response services for industry, transportation and government. We perform services in accordance with federal, provincial and local regulations regarding the removal, storage, handling and disposal of all released materials. We maintain a network of qualified responders, technicians, safety professionals, hazardous waste experts and other specialized resources as required. We are equipped with the latest clean up, spill containment and air monitoring equipment for reliable and safe handling of almost any type of incident.

  • WASTEWATER TREATMENT We work with regulators and industry to help protect and conserve this important natural resource. Through our facilities or directly on customer sites using mobile equipment, we develop innovative processes and employ the most advanced technologies to treat organic and inorganic wastewater to levels required for reuse or discharge. We also recover valuable by-products, including high-quality oil for recycling. We provide treatment solutions for wastewaters that include: Oil/hydrocarbon contamination Metals contamination High organics content Rich and lean liquids

  • LEAD ACID BATTERY RECYCLING Our Ville Ste-Catherine, Que. Facility is the only lead-acid automotive battery recycling operation in North America that employs long-body rotary kilns with a closed-loop, in-line, high temperature after-burner gas conditioning tower, and high efficiency bag houses. Recycling services include: Collection and processing of spent lead-acid batteries and other lead-bearing materials into 99.97% purity lead based on customers' exact specifications. Terrapure's Nova Pb brand lead is traded internationally through the London Metal Exchange. Processing of industrial wastes indigenous to the lead smelting process as substitutes for natural gas, oil, metallurgical coke or soda ash.

  • OIL RECYCLING Terrapure provides the industry's most advanced oil recycling services. Through our national, coast-to-coast network, we collect, process and recycle used motor oils and related wastes from automotive and other industrial applications. In certain markets, we also provide full-service parts washer and paint gun solutions. At our North Vancouver, BC Facility, our patented re-refining process transforms 70 million litres of waste oil each year into premium quality Advanta ECO Group II base oils and Advanta ECO industrial and automotive lubricants. Learn more about Advanta ECO products here: We collect, process and recycle: Used lubricating oils Oil and air filters Glycols and solvents Oily rags Paint gun fluids Parts washer fluids Where waste oil is not suitable for re-refining, we also provide treatment and recovery of BTU value for: Asphalt production Carrier for explosive production Cavern cap application and solutions

  • SOIL TREATMENT & REMEDIATION e collect and treat various forms of contaminated soil in accordance with applicable regulatory requirements. Our treatment and bioremediation services allow for safe disposal or reuse as clean fill, industrial fill or landfill cover and capping.

  • HOUSEHOLD HAZARDOUS WASTE MANAGEMENT Terrapure is uniquely qualified to partner with municipalities to properly manage municipal Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) to help municipal customers achieve waste diversion objectives and environmental stewardship. Our focus is on environmentally responsible product recovery and recycling as a first priority. From hosting community HHW days to managing municipal HHW depots, we collect, process and recycle household hazardous waste, including: Acids and solvents Aerosol cans Batteries Fluorescent lighting Oil and gasoline Paint, varnishes and stains Pesticides Pharmaceuticals

  • SECURE LANDFILL DISPOSAL Our Stoney Creek Landfill is permitted to receive non-hazardous solid industrial waste. Considered state-of-the-art in its design, it is equipped with a highly engineered liner containment system, leachate collection, groundwater monitoring, air monitoring, and surface water run-off controls. This provides maximum environmental protection for final disposal of non-hazardous industrial materials that have exhausted all recycling opportunities.

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