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Guelph Solar
  • 163 Inkerman St
  • N1H3E1
  • 39 Hearn Ave
  • N1H5Y3

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561990  All Other Support Services
238299  All Other Building Equipment Contractors
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2016-06-27,  Industry Canada
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Guelph Solar

Company Profile

Guelph Solar specializes in solar energy investment opportunities which allow our clients to produce a sustainable form of energy while making money. Our systems include Solar MicroFIT, FIT, Solar water heating for restaurants, homes and pools, and solar pool pumps.


  • Solar MicroFIT Turnkey Projects Guelph Solar will install your solar microFIT system for you, guiding you through the application process and secure all necessary permits.

  • Solar FIT Turnkey Projects If you have a rooftop space with at least 15,000 sq ft available, you can benefit from participating in the Solar Feed In Tariff (FIT) program with the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO). Guelph Solar is working with local renewable energy co-operatives to complete large rooftop solar projects.

  • Solar Battery Back-up Guelph solar has been talking to many people recently about the opportunity to live independently, with solar, off the grid. A small battery back-up system can be a great way to be prepared should the grid go down for any length of time.

  • Solar Indoor Water Heating You can put this power to work for you, and help save energy and money. Solar thermal is particularly valuable if you currently heat your water with electricity or propane. Solar hot water systems last for decades with little or no maintenance. The best part is that they have zero fuel cost. We offer solar water heating solutions for the following applications: commercial, dairy, residential

  • Solar Pool Heating Systems Extend your summer with a solar pool heater! Save money: stop using gas and save between $700 to $1000 per year. Guelph Solar will install and commission your solar pool heater.

  • Solar Pool Pumps Installing a solar pool pumping system is a great way to save money, add value to your home, and clean your pool with a renewable energy source. Solar pool pumps exceed all pool pumping requirements while eliminating the electrical costs.

  • Solar Radiant Floor Heating Effectively using the sun for space heating requires the right way to distribute the suns heat in your home. Hydronic or in floor heating provides a large surface area to radiate the sun energy into your home, and delivers the heat to keep your feet warm. This allows the solar thermal heating system to operate at temperatures just above room temperature making them more efficient.

  • Solar System Operation and Maintenance We provide operation and maintenance services for FIT, MicroFIT, Net Metering, Battery Back-up, Solar Thermal, and Solar Pool Heating and pumping systems. Solar project maintenance can help maximize uptime and extend the life of solar systems. The delivery of solar power without any disruption maintains the stream of economic value generated by each kilowatt hour of production, and proper service is a critical component to ensuring optimal performance while minimizing the risks of downtime. As a good operations and maintenance firm, Guelph Solar has a dedicated team of field-service technicians and engineers who will ensure a high quality of results. If you have a solar related system which needs maintenance, please contact us and we would be happy to discuss your requirements.

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