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Dyplex Communications Ltd.
  • 107 Woodbine Downs Blvd
  • M9W6Y1

Contact Information

Alternate Telephone:
Denmark, Hong Kong, Mexico, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States
Number of Employees:
Year Established:
Industries Classification:
334310  Audio and Video Equipment Manufacturing
417320  Electronic Components, Navigational and Communications Equipment and Supplies Wholesaler-Distributors
333310  Commercial and Service Industry Machinery Manufacturing
Total Sales ($CDN):
$5,000,000 to $9,999,999
Updated on:
2016-06-20,  Industry Canada
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Dyplex Communications Ltd.

Company Profile

DYPLEX is a both a distributor and manufacturer of products in Canada, we have the exclusive distribution rights for several product lines in North America. In Canada we market directly through our own sales staff. In the USA our products are marketed through a focused dealer network and Motorola 2 way accessories division. Our customer base is comprised of approximately 90% public safety, federal agency groups. military and the balance is a mix of UAV, OEM, movie and sound processing labs. Over the years we have established a very good and respected reputation with our customers. One of the key points of our success has been in the quality of the products we distribute and the support that we offer after the sale. Our primary fields of expertise are in, video transmission, specialized audio accessories for two way radios and covert audio recording.


  • Phonak Phonak Communication Systems concentrates on developing, manufacturing and marketing ultra miniaturized wireless communication devices. Comprehensive expertise, years of experience and the utilisation of synergies between the two divisions, allow the Company to provide innovative technology, Worldwide. The products and services of Phonak Communication Systems are outstanding in their quality and performance. A worldwide distribution network ensures optimum service and competent technical support.

  • Adaptive Digital Systems (ADS) We provide the law enforcement community with high quality surveillance products. For over twenty-five years now, we worked together with numerous Federal, State and Local agencies to develop the world's smallest and safest covert recording devices.

  • Advanced Microwave Products (AMP) Our standard product lines include miniature video/audio transmitters and receivers for surveillance applications, lightweight video/data transmitters and receivers for UAV and UGV applications, and low cost, RoHS-compliant synthesizers for SATCOM applications. All products are available in a selection of package sizes and frequency bands, meet or exceed industry specifications, and offer many innovative features as standard equipment.

  • COMMESH Our products implements latest digital techniques and are specially designed for intelligence, law enforcement, military agencies and other authorized government organizations. 10 years of work experience and over 80 people worldwide doing research and development allow to offer unique and leading products. COMMESH also offers individual solutions according to customer’s requirements. Some products and technologies can be supplied on OEM basis.

  • Datong A leading international provider of advanced covert tracking and location systems to Governments and their agencies allowing vital intelligence to be gathered to support their operations in combating terrorism and organized crime.

  • David Clark we have the capability to design and manufacture products having the most demanding specifications. Our accomplishments in aerospace crew protective equipment attest to these capabilities. We have advanced the art of joining material, from stitching and cementing to the most demanding process specifications, including RF (radio frequency) and ultrasonic sealing. Our machining and stamping operations utilize the very latest manufacturing equipment, incorporating advanced computer technology to guarantee exact tolerances. We have been molding and vacuum forming plastic materials for over 40 years, making parts ranging from connectors and switches to earcups and helmet visors. Similarly, we have developed a high level of expertise in electronics and electroacoustics with state-of-the-art design and engineering resources.

  • J-ALERT The J-ALERT is an RF signal analyzer that monitors Cellular Radio Frequencies, GPS and Lojack to determine if the target is actively jamming these signals. When the J-ALERT detects jamming in the cellular bands a corresponding LED will light to indicate the Received Signal Strength (RSSI) of the Jammer and which band is being jammed. When GPS L1 frequency and a cellular band or Lojack is being jammed a bar graph indication of jammer received signal strength (RSSI) from the Jammer is displayed enabling tracking. If both a cellular band and GPS L1 are being jammed simultaneously or if Lojack is being jammed a beep will sound every 3 sec. to alert the operator a jammer is in use. The J-ALERT also has a stereo jack on the back of the unit with both N/O and N/C contacts for triggering an external device on alerts.

  • OTTO OTTO specializes in accessories for the two-way radio market including surveillance kits, wireless accessories, lightweight and heavy-duty headsets, speaker microphones, tactical, fire & HAZMAT communications equipment.

  • Peltor Developing and manufacturing hearing protectors has put us at the forefront of safety, comfort and aesthetics.

  • Seartech Design and manufacture of tactical surveillance equipment. Our equipment offers wireless covert audio monitoring for sensitive operations where information security is critical. Communities such as law enforcement agencies, special investigation units and the military will benefit from our reliable, high integrity products.

  • SEQTOR/ITAS design and build small agile tactical systems solving your most challenging installations and system requirements.

  • Seven Technologies Optimized surveillance systems designed from the user's perspective.

  • Squarehead Advanced microphone array systems for audio capture and acoustical zoom. A microphone array combines a large number of individual microphones to create a highly directional audio output.

  • STI-CO Develops, manufactures, and supplies antennas customized for a variety of applications. •Covert/Concealed •Interoperable Antenna Systems •Public Safety •Tactical •Low Profile

  • Tieline Covert audio surveillance and video and audio surveillance management solutions, working exclusively with top level Intelligence agencies, Defense, and Law Enforcement from around the globe.

  • Timespace Technology Design, development and manufacture of mobile / covert digital video recorders for Transport Vehicles (Coach, Bus, Trucks, Train) and Police/Military forces.

  • VideoLAtitude Live, Low-Cost, Wireless, Video-Audio-Telemetry Security Systems. Leader in mobile live video surveillance, VideoLAtitude offers turn-key solutions for public and private security. Our fully integrated systems are the brainchild of a highly qualified team of software developer’s and engineers.

  • Covidence We serve Police, Intelligence, Agencies, Special Forces and other Government approved Organizations fighting major crime and terror by supplying high quality miniature video surveillance solutions.

  • Rimage Evidence Disc Systems; Industrial grade robotics, innovative printing technology and professional recording technologies—all in one solution. Rimage Digital Evidence solutions feature robust software, all metal frames, durable single-plane robotics and end user interfaces that have been perfected over years of serving the law enforcement community. The systems below offer two levels of capacity and speed to service single user applications or large departments and agencies.

  • Digital Barriers Digital Barriers provides advanced surveillance technologies to the international homeland security and defense markets, specializing in edge-intelligent wireless solutions to deliver real-time video and analysis from remote, hostile and complex operating environments.

  • Silvus Silvus leads the Mobile Networked MIMO (MN-MIMO) waveform revolution with a product specifically designed to address the growing demand for distributing video and other high bandwidth data in demanding tactical environments. StreamCaster radios, featuring MN-MIMO at the core, join together to form a self-healing, self-forming fluid mesh network. From underground tunnels to Unmanned Surface Vehicles, to Airborne ISR, and everywhere in-between, StreamCaster provides high bandwidth, reliable wireless video and data communications where traditional radios fail. Silvus Technologies, bringing you the world's first wireless MIMO radio optimized for demanding tactical applications.

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