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Cambium Aboriginal Inc.
  • 1109 Mississauga St
  • K0L1R0

Contact Information

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Year Established:
Industries Classification:
541330  Engineering Services
541611  Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services
541619  Other Management Consulting Services
541690  Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services
541620  Environmental Consulting Services
Total Sales ($CDN):
$500,000 to $999,999
Updated on:
2016-06-29,  Industry Canada
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Cambium Aboriginal Inc.

Company Profile

Cambium Aboriginal Inc. provides services in five key integrated service lines: •Environmental Services •Planning Services •Geotechnical Services •Construction Testing and Inspection Services •Building Sciences


  • Environmental Engineering and Consulting Our experienced engineers, hydrogeologists, ecologists, geographic information specialists, technologists, and technicians, are able to support your operations when environmental issues need to be considered or addressed.

  • Planning Our team are recognized leaders provincially and across North America for active transportation, urban design, stakeholder engagement, and natural playground development. We are dedicated to community building and placemaking

  • Geotechnical Services Before the construction starts it is important to understand the subsurface conditions at a site. The integrity of any structure depends on the strength of its foundations, and investigating soil, rock and groundwater conditions at a site is critical to identifying the challenges ahead. Cambium Aboriginal’s experts in geotechnical engineering perform geotechnical investigations using the latest technologies to determine the composition and properties of the soil and rock at a proposed building site. The results of the geotechnical investigations allow designers to produce plans and specifications that reflect the interaction between the structure’s requirements and the subsurface conditions at the site and that optimize the design of the structure. Geotechnical investigation methods utilized include borehole drilling, rock coring, test pit excavations, dynamic probe penetration tests, installation of groundwater monitors and geophysical surveys. Geotechnical projects have included bridges, culverts, roadways and underground services, dams, solar and wind farms, and commercial, residential, institutional and industrial buildings.

  • Construction Testing & Inspection Inspecting the construction process along the way, and testing the structural materials, such as concrete, steel, engineered fill and asphalt are key to ensuring that what’s being built… is built to last. Cambium Aboriginal’s Construction Testing and Inspection services consist of On-Site inspections and Laboratory Materials Testing. Cambium maintains and operates its own CCIL certified construction materials testing laboratory facility, which complements our geotechnical and field inspection services. With the recent addition of the laboratory our firm is able provide a complete service line in geotechnical engineering from the initial geotechnical investigation through to on-site construction inspections, including construction material testing on the various products employed at the project site.

  • Building Sciences Ranging from energy audits and LEED certification to indoor environmental quality and building envelope inspections, Cambium’s Building Sciences team works to ensure proper and sustainable building function including occupant comfort, health, and safety. We offer the technical support required to ensure the delivery of an envelope system that is functional and meets the client’s needs, carry out audits and failure analysis reviews, and provide practical solutions to performance and deterioration issues. Our Building Science services also include investigation and coordination of remediation for issues related to interior health and safety including indoor air quality, asbestos containing materials testing, designated substance surveys, and mould investigation.

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