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RapidEye Consulting
  • 515-1285 Lakeshore Rd E
  • L5E1G4

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Year Established:
Industries Classification:
443120  Computer and Software Stores
518210  Data Processing, Hosting, and Related Services
541510  Computer Systems Design and Related Services
Total Sales ($CDN):
$1 to $99,999
Updated on:
2017-11-01,  Industry Canada
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RapidEye Consulting

Company Profile

***** IT Solutions Toronto & Mississauga, Ontario - IT Consulting for Business ****** Since 2013, RapidEye Consulting has helped people who work all over the Greater Toronto Area with all things computer and network related. We help businesses and other corporations purchase, install, configure and troubleshoot their computers, computer networks and servers. If you have questions concerning your business technology and/or require on-premise technical support, get in touch with us right away ****** A Dedicated Network Technology Professional From the Greater Toronto Area At Your Service ****** RapidEye Consulting is a computer network consulting business owned by Paul G. Latour, a career-long computer network and Windows IT support professional who establishes connections with others by helping them, and their businesses from Toronto or Mississauga, reach their technology goals. We have mitigated risk, and eradicated computer and computer network problems, for many small to medium businesses and not-for-profit organizations all over the Greater Toronto Area. From web sites to the sales and support of business computers and information technology services, we have you covered. ******* Core Competencies and Specialties ******* +|+ Network Technology +|+ Businesses need help taking their out-of-the-box, or factory default settings, and designing it in such a way where every business technology objective is met and then exceeded. If you require help defining exactly what you need with firewalls, routers, switches and other network appliances, view our networks page to learn more about our computer network consultancy services. +|+ Server Technology +|+ Whether you store and run everything off of one computer or require expertise in the management of all your network servers, view our servers page to find out whether we're an ideal fit for your business or organization, or not. Our focus is on network and server infrastructure services, such as DNS, Active Directory, Mail, Anti-virus, Anti-spam, Backup, Data, Access Control and much more. +|+ Coding and Scripting +|+ If you are looking for raw scripting expertise for the purposes of creating fresh interfaces to server components or simply require a customized web-based front-end in HTML or JavaScript, check out our web development page. If you require a script for the purposes of automating tasks or to process data along with crontab / Task Scheduler or want to make IT administration less tedious, visit our servers page. +|+ Computer Hardware +|+ We have an established partnership with multiple vendors to help you obtain the latest and greatest in computer hardware and peripherals. If you do not want to be alone when deciding which products are right for you, visit our computer sales page . +|+ Microsoft Windows and Linux Operating Systems +|+ We sell, install and maintain Microsoft Windows servers and servers that operate using Red Hat and derivative systems, such as Fedora and CentOS Linux. We provide network systems management of technology across both Windows and Linux operating systems. +|+ General IT Support & IT Service +|+ If you require technical support and have no IT representation for your office needs and simply need something fixed, visit our technical support page. We would be pleased to meet you and help your entire staff with what ails your IT system(s). Think about your desktops, laptops, WiFi, servers or any IT task you have postponed. NOTE: We kindly request that principals or managers contact us directly to address their needs, and be willing to provide required usernames / passwords to have work successfully completed. ****** On-premise Information Technology Services at Your Location ****** We work primarily in Mississauga, Etobicoke and the west end areas of Toronto. Our primary target service locations are in Mississauga South, Etobicoke South, Oakville & near the QEW within the GTA. If your office is located within the Toronto


  • Toronto IT Solutions , Sales, Computer Support and Web Development RapidEye Consulting seeks to help businesses and organizations in Toronto & Mississauga with all of their computer challenges. Computer and IT Sales, Network Administration and management, computer firewall solutions, desktops, notebooks, servers, PHP web development services, Windows and Linux platforms.

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