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Clear Drafting
  • 5-877 Shefford Rd
  • K1J8H9

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541310  Architectural Services
541330  Engineering Services
541340  Drafting Services
Total Sales ($CDN):
$1 to $99,999
Updated on:
2016-03-08,  Industry Canada
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Clear Drafting

Company Profile

Clear Drafting is an Ottawa based engineering and architectural design & drafting company that produces the highest standard of drawings and designs for civil engineering and architecture projects for various clients such as homeowners, builders, and the Canadian Government.


  • Engineering & Architectural Drafting Computer Assisted Drafting of As-Built & Proposed plans. Plans Include rehabilitation/repair drawings, details and sections. PWGSC CADD Standards compliant drawings as well.

  • Commercial Tenant Fit-Up & Industrial Building Permit Plans Business suite plans. Major occupancy change consulting. Fire resistance specifications. Zoning, site parking and landscaping reports.

  • Site Inspections & Compliance Reporting Inspections for proposed renovation of residential or commercial buildings to make sure proper building techniques are being followed. Inspections of existing structures and foundations for proposed additions and extensions to existing buildings must take place to deem the structure capable of handling more loads and taking on more square footage. Clear Drafting Inc. provides reports and on site inspections before, during and after construction to give the owner peace of mind and keep the project on schedule and on budget.

  • Conceptual 3D & Interior Design Plans Creating a conceptual design that meets your needs using 2D plans and 3D scenes. Production of walk-throughs of your space in 3D and rendering it photorealisticly to show you your existing layout and your proposed layout as seen fit. Using 3D software such as Autdesk Revit, Chief Architect, and Autodesk Maya, we can model any space with any furniture or interior elements and render it using photorealistic ray tracing technology to show you the space designed before proceeding with the building process.

  • Residential Renovation & New Construction Building Permit Plans Production a 'working set' of permit drawings to specify technical and legal aspects of a building's design. For the purpose of construction we produce a Bill 124 certified working drawings (“blue prints”).

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