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Social Solutions Canada
  • 228 Sunny Meadow Crt
  • N2N3R3
  • 2900-550 Burrard St
  • V6C0A3

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Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, United States
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541510  Computer Systems Design and Related Services
Updated on:
2013-12-01,  Industry Canada
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Social Solutions Canada

Company Profile

The first software created by case managers for case managers. ETO Impact was designed to help you measure the incremental progress of your participants, understand the effectiveness of your programs, and demonstrate impact to funders and key stakeholders both quickly and easily. In addition to meeting the daily case management needs of direct service staff, ETO Impact is the leading performance management software solution for the human services sector. ETO Impact empowers users with the tools they need to translate data into knowledge about program performance, actively monitor progress toward outcomes, and continuously improve service delivery. What’s more, ETO Impact as human services software empowers organizations to save time while sharing participant information, referrals and other crucial resources among programs and even across community partners to improve the effectiveness of service delivery. ETO Impact also comes with an intuitive and full-featured reporting engine giving you more power to analyze, report, and share your data with unparalleled flexibility and speed. ETO Impact serves as a sophisticated social services software solution and human services software application. It delivers flexible configuration options and a robust menu of features to meet organizational needs for case management software, program performance management, and reporting to funders and stakeholders. The features utilized by this non profit software allow social service entities to coordinate organizational efforts, improve service delivery, and allocate resources to the benefit of the community. ETO Impact possesses a number of specialized elements intended to expand on case management


  • ETO Impact Created for Case Managers by Case Managers ETO Impact is an advanced suite of performance management tools. Referral management Deeper participant & demographic analysis Organization-wide coordination & data sharing Incremental participant & program progress alerts Intuitive, dynamic multi-funder reporting capabilitie Features of ETO Impact Non Profit Software Track and analyze participant demographic data Manage referrals Assess participant needs and progress Maintain comprehensive history of participant information Monitor participant attendance Identify and track key trends Measure program and staff efforts and effectiveness Identify which of your efforts, services, staff and programs are most effective at achieving desired outcomes Address multi-funder reporting obligations with dynamic reporting capabilities – in mere minutes The flexibility of this non profit software is ideal for use in a number of sectors, including Youth Services, Workforce Development, Family Services, Housing, Education, Disabilities, Domestic Violence, Emergency Services, Senior Services and Prisoner Reentry

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