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Inertia Engineering + Design Inc.
  • 3-34 Kern Rd
  • M3B1T1

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United States
Number of Employees:
Year Established:
Industries Classification:
541340  Drafting Services
541420  Industrial Design Services
541330  Engineering Services
Total Sales ($CDN):
$1,000,000 to $4,999,999
Updated on:
2015-12-18,  Industry Canada
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Inertia Engineering + Design Inc.

Company Profile

Inertia Engineering + Design provides mechanical and electrical engineering, consulting and product development services that deliver exceptional customer experiences and results. IE+D is a trusted product development engineering partner who understands the importance of getting our clients' products from initial concept to final production quickly and cost effectively. Our creative, collaborative and practical approach coupled with our concurrent engineering and quality-driven design process results in value-focused, common-sense solutions that help shorten product development time and increase client bottom line - what we call Real World Thinking. Inertia provides manufacturers and start-ups with turn-key engineering teams (and solutions) helping them to significantly and quickly grow their businesses. Inertia is not a staffing firm nor does it "rent out" its people for resource. We believe we can bring more value to our clients by taking care of their challenges using our professional, efficient and collaborative product development engineering methods.


  • 10 Vehicle Testing - Test research and planning - Vehicle instrumentation and data acquisition - Test data reduction, analysis, and documentation - Ride and handling testing - Competitor benchmarking research and evaluation - Static and dynamic stability testing (ISO double lane change, SAE J266 constant radius, etc.) - Energy / fuel consumption measurement - Duty cycle monitoring - Durability track test setup - Road load measurement - Component strain gauge and load measurement - Strength and impact testing of seating systems (CMVSS 207, 210, 213) - Aerodynamics testing and development

  • 01 Product Development Turn-key product development (responsible from concept through to production launch) Market research Technology review Patentability / intellectual property evaluation Engineering feasibility studies Product development planning Concept design Detailed component and assembly design Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Ergonomics evaluation and development Electronics, controls, network + internet connectivity Prototype build and evaluation Design Validation Planning and Reporting Product Validation and Compliance Design for Manufacture and Assembly Quality Engineering (DFMEA, PFMEA, Control Plans) PPAP (pre-production approval process) management

  • 02 Mechanical + Electrical Engineering Services - Mechanical Design - Structural Analysis - Vehicle Engineering - Concept Generation + Evaluation - Engineering Feasibility / Market Research / Technology Review - Prototyping - Product Validation Testing - Electrical Engineering - Product / Assembly Process Documentation - Full-Service Product Development - Product Manufacturing - Ergonomics / Human Factors Evaluation

  • 03 Vehicle Engineering - Vehicle architecture and layout - Suspension systems - Steering systems - Brake systems - Powertrain integration - Vehicle structures - NVH isolation - Thermal management - Ergonomics / occupant package layout - Seating systems - Closures (doors, lift-gates, windows, hinges, etc.) - Interior trim (plastic panels, consoles, instrument panels) - Aerodynamics development - Quality engineering (DFMEA/PFMEA/PPAP)

  • 04 Electric Vehicle Engineering - Traction drive system layout, packaging and integration - Battery system layout, packaging and integration - Vehicle instrumentation + data acquisition - Energy consumption testing - Duty cycle analysis - Electrically driven ancillary systems (power steering, brake pumps, etc.) - Hybrid powertrain system integration

  • 05 Vehicle Design Simulation Methods - Finite element analysis (FEA) of vehicle structures to evaluate static + dynamic stiffness, and strength - Optimization of mechanical structures - Suspension kinematic analysis and optimization - Vehicle dynamics simulation and optimization (CarSim/TruckSim) - Closures kinematic and dynamic simulation and optimization - Ergonomics simulation

  • 06 Seating Systems - Design of seat structures - Ergonomics analysis - Design of energy absorption systems for seat systems (for vehicle impact) - Design of linkages for adjustable seating - Design of seat foam and fabrics - Prototype build of seating systems - Testing of seating and safety systems (CMVSS/FMVSS 207, 210, 213)

  • 07 Vehicle Suspension + Steering Systems - Suspension kinematic design and analysis - Vehicle dynamics simulation setup and analysis - Spring and damper sizing and optimization - Steering geometry design, analysis and optimization - Steering load calculation and system sizing - Suspension and steering linkage mechanical design - Component structural FEA and design optimization - NVH isolation analysis and optimization (bushing development) - Installation stiffness / compliance analysis and optimization

  • 08 Vehicle Brake Systems - Brake system sizing and calculations - Electric / hydraulic power brake control systems setup - Brake pedal and linkage mechanical design - Brake system thermal management - Brake system testing (CMVSS 105, 135,121) - Brake dyno testing

  • 09 Vehicle Compliance Consulting / Testing (CMVSS/FMVSS) - Regulatory requirements research and documentation - Test plan development and management - Test facilities research and management - Test activities co-ordination, logistics, and monitoring - Vehicle crash testing management - Subsystem impact/sled testing management - Strength and impact testing of seating systems (CMVSS 207, 210, 213) - Data reduction, analysis, and documentation

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