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Harte Studer Business Development Ltd.
  • 200 Markland Cres.
  • K2G6A9

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541510  Computer Systems Design and Related Services
541619  Other Management Consulting Services
541690  Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services
541820  Public Relations Agencies
561490  Other Business Support Services
541611  Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services
Updated on:
2016-02-10,  Industry Canada
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Harte Studer Business Development Ltd.

Company Profile

The Harte Studer offering enables clients to successfully assess, penetrate and exploit the Canadian market as a direct supplier to government and industry, or as a partner/collaborator with government, industry and academia. Let Harte Studer be your guide through the Canadian market in the areas of government procurement, government offsets, relevant industry sectors (including aerospace, defence, security and ocean technology) and public relations. We can also access a network of colleagues offering assistance in international business opportunities, including offshore energy. We will assist clients seeking an introduction to, or a better understanding of, Canadian government procurement practices with a focus on Canada’s Defence Procurement Strategy focusing on Industrial Technological Benefits and Value Propositions as well as the legacy Industrial & Regional Benefits (offset) policy. We also assist clients prospecting Canada for potential partners, or new and innovative technologies. Harte Studer is also positioned to assist Canadian companies hoping to work with international prime contractors entering the Canadian market, or seeking to establish or expand their unique Canadian presence internationally. Information, insight, business intelligence, news, data – Harte Studer has the knowledge you need to identify the opportunities, construct the bids and capture the contracts. Harte Studer is CGRP registered.


  • Advice and Assistance concerning Industrial Technological Benefits, Value Propositions and Industrial and Regional Benefits and Government Procurement Harte Studer provides knowledge, advice, and assistance to international and Canadian clients in the following disciplines: Canada’s Defence Procurement Strategy focused on: •Industrial Technological Benefits •Value Propositions •Canadian content policy Canada's Industrial and Regional Benefits (IRB) policy: • strategic introduction • introduction to federal government stakeholders • introduction to Canadian industry partners • supplier prospecting/development 1. identification 2. introduction 3. tour organization • introduction to other interested parties (industry associations, academia, provincial governments) • bid preparation 1. plans 2. transactions • contract management and reporting Government of Canada procurement opportunities and policies: • strategic introduction • introduction to federal government stakeholders • bid preparation • contract management Relevant industry sectors (including aerospace, defence, public safety/security and ocean technology): • strategic introduction • supplier prospecting/development 1. identification 2. business to business introductions 3. tour organization • introduction to other stakeholders (industry associations, academia, provincial governments Trade/Export: • identify strategic trade mission opportunities • support to mission activities Communications and Public Relations: • strategic and tactical Canadian specific messaging 1. press releases 2. web content 3. other products • introduction to service providers

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