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AxSource Consulting Inc.
  • 336 Bronte St S
  • L9T7W6

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541510  Computer Systems Design and Related Services
561990  All Other Support Services
541619  Other Management Consulting Services
Updated on:
2015-07-31,  Industry Canada
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AxSource Consulting Inc.

Company Profile

Based in Canada, AxSource Consulting Inc. provides global clinical, regulatory, GMP compliance and quality assurance/control business solutions to the pharmaceuticals, biologics, natural health products, cosmetics, medical devices, healthcare, information technology and allied industries. AxSource provides clients with expert regulatory and quality experience to insure solutions are implemented with a methodical approach. Both customized and generally accepted industry solutions are implemented with ease at AxSource. We are committed to delivering practical and professional solutions to our clients.


  • RQBI Based on our expertise, RQBI will focus on your business operations using a multi-disciplinary approach to analyze your regulatory, quality and compliance from a cost-optimization point of view to enable continued and sustained value while maintaining compliance.

  • GxP - GMP/GLP/GCP Consulting When you choose GxP consulting, you are a start-up client wishing to cost-effectively and with appropriate expertise, implement processes to meet stringent governmental regulations governing non-clinical (GLP), clinical (GCP), and manufacturing (GMP) practices including testing, packaging, labeling and importation & distribution. Give us your insight into your services, products, prospective market, global or local partners and we will establish your robust business process framework that will stand the test of time and scrutiny of intense regulatory inspections. AxSource’s experienced consultants will support the development of your business process framework with formal policies, procedures, documents and required tools.

  • Compliance Gap Analysis When you choose, Compliance Gap Analysis, you are a very mature organization with new products to add to your portfolio thru mergers and acquisitions, have become a very large organization with complex processes or have simply the need to improve and benchmark your existing quality already working regulatory framework. You will be interested in ensuring compliance, independence and maintenance of compliance at a very low SG&A level. AxSource experts will provide a comprehensive evaluation and list of measures to improve prior to a Corporate audit or governmental inspection. While we do not provide SG&A impact during this consulting effort, we guarantee that there is a positive impact on your financials from our review and implementation of our recommendations. Our Compliance Gap Analysis provides estimated compliance ratings for determination of the total compliance gap and complete set of recommendations.

  • Regulatory Affairs Support with all types of product and facility licensing and registration activities with Health Canada, FDA, MHRA, EMA for drugs, medical devices, cosmetics, biologics, natural health products and alike regulated products.

  • Healthcare Computer System Applications and Validation Design, development, implementation and validation of computer system applications for healthcare industry in accordance to compliance requirements recognized in Canada, USA, Europe.

  • Product & Facility Validations As required per Health Canada and FDA, process validation studies and facility validation prior of commericalization of drugs and medical devices. Support with Quality system application and analytical validations. Full range of engineering support services.

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