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Aversan Inc.
  • 500-30 Eglinton Ave W
  • L5R3E7

Contact Information

Alternate Telephone:
Year Established:
Industries Classification:
541510  Computer Systems Design and Related Services
Quality Certifications:
AS/EN 9100, ISO 9001
Total Sales ($CDN):
$10,000,000 to $24,999,999
Updated on:
2014-08-14,  Industry Canada
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Aversan Inc.

Company Profile

Aversan is an AS9100C certified global engineering company offering project based solutions and staff augmentation services both on and off site. Headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, we are leaders in the in the DO-178C and DO-254 engineering design, development, and verification of mission and safety-critical systems. Our product offering consists of: • Embedded Systems Design, Build, Qualification, Certification (DO-178, DO-254) o Controllers for Aircraft, Rail, Naval, and Land Vehicle Applications • Automated Test Equipment (ATE) • System Integration Labs (SIL) • Independent Verification & Validation (IV&V) Services • Certification Support Services (Transport Canada, FAA, EASA) • Simulators and Flight Training Equipment Our skilled team of experts have the in-depth industry knowledge and experience to be at the forefront of leading edge technology. With a passionate drive for innovation, our people develop value-added solutions that meet customers’ needs with products and services that range across engineering disciplines including hardware, software, systems, test, project, and mechanical. Aversan focuses on building long-term relationships with our customers by meeting their unique needs for high value, complex projects. By understanding their requirements, we provide complete solutions to their problems, on time and on budget. Aversan has worked on several major aircraft programs including the Lockheed Martin F-35, COMAC C919, General Dynamics F-16, Boeing C-17, 747, 777, Airbus A350 XWB and many others.


  • Aversan Test Facility The Aversan Test Facility (ATF) is a modular, fully automated test environment, which can be used for software or systems verification activities. The purpose of the ATF is to provide an efficient, fully customizable platform upon which clients can conduct software; and/or systems testing. Customization is accomplished through use of a wide variety of I/O modules which can be added in any configuration to suit the needs of the Unit Under Test (UUT) or the System Under Test (SUT).

  • Software Engineering Aversan is a leading software engineering organization specialized in vendor-neutral solutions for mission critical applications. We bring advanced and the latest Information Technologies to help facilitate Embedded Systems solutions. By leveraging our extensive experience in Software and Information Technology, we provide clients with more pragmatic choices and greater control than our competitors. Aversan designs and builds software applications that add value to businesses by streamlining processes, improving productivity, increasing quality, and reducing errors, while reducing costs and time. Mechanical and electronic devices in automobiles, airplanes, communication equipment and manufacturing systems are constantly being replaced or enhanced by software components to provide more adaptability and enhanced functionality. Our dedicated Software engineering team focuses on the analysis, design, development and manufacture of software systems and computer networks. Aversan’s Capabilities: •Certification Consultation (DO-178B/C, DO-254, ARP 4754) •Embedded Hardware/Software Systems Design, Development and Verification •Verification and Validation •Software Engineering •Hardware Engineering •Systems Engineering •Mechanical Engineering •Test Engineering •Project Management •Standard SDLC Methodology

  • Automated Test Equipment (ATE) Automated testing during the product development lifecycle is becoming an increasingly crucial element as embedded systems become more complex and require a higher sophistication in testing. Aversan’s test equipment performs automated test execution, logging and report generation for both closed-loop and open-loop testing applications. All Aversan test stands are based on a proven modular and expandable platform so that they can quickly be tailored for a variety of systems. Benefits: Designed for expandability (with data layer) and integration with simulation models, graphing and tabular interfaces, data logging, sharing, and analysis Configurable and scalable based on equipment requirements Regression testing made easy Test reports can be custom defined (e.g. XML for use in data analysis) Real time reporting of data for offline data analysis Versatile – Can be used in both engineering development and production level testing Cost savings due to reduced test cycle duration and manual labor Features: Automated test capability – single or batch Test scripts are developed in XML using high level constructs HTML test report files showing start date/time, end date/time, expected, actual, individual pass/fail and overall pass/fail coloured in red/green Command line or GUI modes Hardware abstraction enables the addition or re-configuration of test hardware to be transparent to the higher level test script and test procedure Supports test interruption for user interaction Powerful signal definition (e.g. define individual boolean signals within a CAN bus message) Supported interfaces: NI DAQmx (digital I/O, analog I/O, counter, switch) IVI over RS-232 (e.g. for Agilent power supply control) RS-422 Deva quadrature generator AIMS Client (Aversan Integrated Monitor Software) ARINC 664 ARINC 825 28 and 5 VDC discreet I/O PWM

  • System Integration Lab (SIL) There has been enormous growth in both the capability and complexity of aircraft embedded electronics as systems collect and share more data to obtain greater operational awareness. In order to meet the challenges in testing these complex systems, the System integration Lab (SIL) has become a key component in the development process. The SIL is a risk-reduction facility where all systems of an aircraft can be integrated, tested and evaluated for both stand alone functionality and interoperability prior to installation on the aircraft. As system integration on a highly complex aircraft is a very costly activity with great potential for schedule and cost overruns, the SIL provides a means to integrate one or many disparate aircraft systems into an environment that is representative of the actual aircraft by using both real and simulated aircraft components. This facilitates system integration testing early in the development process.

  • Batch Execution System (BES) The BES is an Aversan product that is used to maximize the utilization of one or more test resources amongst a large team of users. The BES handles remote test submission as well as results collection, with configurable priority levels. As Aversan’s testing activities span different platforms and industries, the BES was developed with flexibility in mind so that it can be used effectively in virtually all software testing engagements. The BES can be purchased as a standalone product, or integrated within a test environment.

  • Aversan Reporting License (ARE)

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