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Aspin Kemp & Associates
  • 299 9th St E
  • N4K1N8

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541420  Industrial Design Services
333299  All Other Industrial Machinery Manufacturing
Updated on:
2014-03-05,  Industry Canada
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Aspin Kemp & Associates

Company Profile

Aspin Kemp & Associates ('AKA') is an industrial and marine systems integration engineering company designing, building and servicing engineering solutions, particularly in the area of Automation and Control systems. AKA delivers industry 'firsts' such as our hybrid propulsion system and Advanced Generator Protection system.


  • Advanced Generator Protection system; Hybrid Propulsion system Our Hybrid Propulsion system incorporates a combination of diesel engines, electric motors, generators, electrical storage, modern power conversion techniques and control technology to produce a system capable of significantly reducing emissions and fuel costs. The system chooses the most efficient combination of power inputs to match the required propulsion and auxiliary needs at a given point in time. Our Advanced Generator Protection system, developed with TransOcean International, detects fault conditions in generators and takes pre-emptive action to bring additional generators online, identifies and reports on the source of a fault, and clears the fault prior to it affecting the rest of the plant. Generator protection is carried out in the context of the plant as a whole. The AGP system is becoming the default power plant protection system on Dynamically Positioned drilling rigs where continuity of power is absolutely essential.

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