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Softpal Inc.
  • 83 Euclid Ave
  • M1C1J8

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541510  Computer Systems Design and Related Services
Updated on:
2015-07-02,  Industry Canada
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Softpal Inc.

Company Profile

Courier , Logistics software Hosting Services Software Product Development Custom Software Development Customized Software Design, Development and Implementation E-Business, E-Commerce Solutions (B2B, B2C) Consultancy Services in Software Design, Development Mobile Application Smart Card Reusable single Ticket for multiple services like issuing consolidated ticket for Entry, Recreation, Restaurants, Shopping etc., Internet / Intranet / Extra-net / VPN / Client-Server based Solutions. POLICY: Build quality products right from inception, through various stages to the final product Business Models for Clients Share the Savings Accrued through Computerization, Software Application Rental, Product Development on Revenue Share Basis


  • Courier Management Software 1) This software can be configured for • local courier companies like the courier companies can book local deliveries • multiple locations - the courier company could send from one location to another location and then from second location to third location and finally delivery to the end Consignee This software being web based, the same can be used from any of your branch or franchise round the clock 24 X 7 and 365 days. Your customers can login and view the tracking details of each POD. And view scanned signature details of the receivers. Additionally we give full freedom for any kind of customization and provide technical support. 2) Medical : Soft Health - Soft-Blood - Blood Bank Data System Soft-Diag – Diagnostic Centre Pharmacy Software 3) Survey / Analysis : e-Exam - Soft Market - OLAP Tool - Query Builder - Web based Testing - Mystry Survey Shop - Market Information Management - Brands. 4) HR : Smart Card - Shift Management - Web based Testing -Online Payroll - Soft TA - Time Attendance - Web based Personal Information System - Recruitment management Software - Training Management. 5) Computer Telephony [ IVRS] : IVRS Interactive Voice Response System - Appointment Call Center, Event Calendar - Fax Broad-Cast, Fax on Demand - Fax E-mail (e-fax) System - Internet based greetings - Pay-per-call and Subscription Services - Phone based talking e-mail - Talking E-mail, Voice Mail Box - Voice E-mail System Auto Attendant - SoftCBMS PowCall Broad casting software - Be Your Own Broker - No More Dialing - Talking Email - Music Mall - Talking Yellow Pages - Better Banking - Sports Quote Center -Ticker Talk - Use Your Mouth...Not Your Fingers -Directory Assistance/Call Completion -Prison Pays - Where's My Beer? - Home Incarceration - Name and Address Capture - One Number Service - Ace the SATs - Where's My Repairman? - Off Track Betting 6) Finance : SoftHyper - Power Lynk - Deal Mgmt - Loans and deposits - easing System for APSEB - Mortgage Management System - Soft POS - Point of Sale Software PowerLynk – Leasing, Financing Data Management & Information System - Share Transfer System - Soft-Deal - Venture Capital Management - Shares - Soft Accounting System 7) Back Office management : DogPrint - SoftDesk - SoftCatIt - SoftDMS - Dashboard - Contact Tracking - Chairman In Touch Issue tracker - Visitor Gate pass - Time Tracking - Customer Relationship Management - Registry Maintenance System - Web based Personal Information System -Asset Management System 8) ERP : Soft Cargo - SoftMMS - E-Commerce site for consumer product -Enterprise Resource Planning – Internet / Intranet based Software - Enterprise Wide Reporting System - Integrated Financial Accounting - Order Management & Inventory - Sales & Distribution System - Soft-Account - Soft-Approval Management System -Material Management Module Production Planning Control Module -for manufacturing Departments -Process Sheet Tracking - ERP 9) Parking Management System : Soft Parcim - Soft Office - Soft Rateman - Soft LRE 10) Tech Solutions : SMS Parking - SMS Parking PDA - SMS Parking User - SoftPDA - ComputerTelephony - DogPrint - Smart Card - Automatic Vehicle Location Tracking & Monitoring - Defense Equipment Maintenance Information System - Defense vehicle recovery system - Device driver and communication protocol for Data-loggers - Electronic ID & Coding using Barcode - In-House Automated Paging system with man-machine interface - Process Control System, Furnace Monitoring & Control - System Quick Fault Diagnosis for Helicopters -Thermal Stress Monitoring & Control - PC Lock for Desktops and Servers - Smart Cards Based Applications - Web Services and SMS Application (for Cell phone) 11) Library Soft Library - Library Information - System Soft-Video 12) Others Soft Insurance - Soft School - Soft Hotel - Soft Cargo MLM (Multi Level Marketing Software)

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