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  • 305 Mica Cres
  • K4K0E4

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541430  Graphic Design Services
541899  All Other Services Related to Advertising
541510  Computer Systems Design and Related Services
Total Sales ($CDN):
$100,000 to $199,999
Updated on:
2015-09-19,  Industry Canada
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ALLEA is a Canadian company specializing in providing interactive web and mobile marketing solutions such as: - Customer Loyalty and SMS Text-based Mobile Marketing platforms; - Mobile, Web Sites & Apps Development; - Social Media Integration and Management; - Search Engine Optimization Campaign Management; - Graphic Design Services – Graphic Design, Logo, Business Cards, Vinyl Signage, Printing Solutions, TV Advertisement and Portable Marketing Displays; - Enterprise System Integration and Development – Requirements Gathering, System Development, Implementation; - Consultation Services in all the above areas; We help businesses gain exposure, visibility and mobility. We’re innovative, dedicated and passionate.


  • INTERACTIVE MOBILE & WEB SITES Communication between people has taken different forms throughout history and today's technology has made this communication evolve greatly. Businesses with static web site content now have a new world of possibilities to use tools and different means of communicating and connecting directly with clients than ever before. Captivating client's interests in services and products is a must for a business. Blogs, online communities, photo sharing, videos are examples of getting client's attention to your website design. A satisfied and impressed client talks about your business. ALLEA website design and website social media bundles provide your business with these tools. We are your business partner and interactive web sites social media integrator to: - increase site traffic - improve client bounce rate - impress your clients with interactive content - implement a common brand across marketing material - increase client satisfaction - increase revenue

  • CUSTOMER LOYALTY PLATFORM ALLEA is the authorized reseller of Proximiant Digital Receipt & Customer Loyalty Platform solutions. Proximiant brings receipts to life by connecting Retailers with Smartphone Users through Proximiant’s patent-pending technology. Users can now easily manage their receipts while staying connected with their favorite stores and enjoy all the benefits and savings. It's an easy to implement, plug-and-play solution with minimal setup and support. Instantly convert customers into Loyal Customers, build trust by connecting with smartphone users, bringing them closer to your brand to drive interaction, and improve user’s buying experience via Proximiant’s platform. The benefits are: - differentiate your business from your competitors - increase the loyalty of customers and other stakeholders - increase client retention - increase client satisfaction - increase revenue - cut operation costs - no expensive plastic cards

  • TEXT MESSAGING PLATFORM Text Message Marketing is more prevalent in our culture and the effectiveness of text messaging makes Text Message Marketing a natural way to communicate with customers and clients. The growth of mobile devices in the last 5 years has propelled Mobile Marketing to become an increasingly profitable and lucrative medium. Mobile use increases significantly every year and has, according to a lot of experts across several industries, become a dependency for many people. What better medium to market to your audience than through a channel that they actually dependent on? We can help you integrate Mobile Marketing into your company’s overall marketing strategy. The benefits are: - communicate with customers, associates, partners more effectively - bring attention to your products and services - increase client retention - increase client satisfaction - increase revenue - cut operation cost

  • MOBILE & WEB ENTERPRISE SYSTEMS DEVELOPMENT ALLEA provides consultant services and IT solutions to both the public and private sector. We offer a range of services which can be tailored for small or for large scale web or mobile deployments or complex enterprise solutions. We are experts at: - tailoring each and every project to the Client's specific or individual needs as necessary or where required - design a custom environment or implement an "off the shelf "software solution - deliver all projects using industry recognized practices that are designed to deliver increased efficiency and reliability as well as - Return on Investment. ALLEA proudly has over twenty years (20) of experience in the delivery of effective IT Services and Managed Solutions. The following are some of the technologies we work with: - Microsoft .Net - Microsoft ASP .Net - Microsoft Dynamics CRM - Base CRM Cloud Software - Podio Cloud Software - Zero Accounting Cloud Software - Oracle SOA Suite - Oracle Policy Automation - Adobe Forms - SQL Server Database - Oracle Database - automate your enterprise - understand your business better - increase effectiveness - increase visibility - cut operating costs - increase revenue

  • SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING Social Media has changed dramatically into how we communicate, exchange and view information. It opens possibilities and opportunities for businesses to market their services and products but provides the ability to see how they are viewed by their clients in an instant. A business does not need to be on ALL social media networks but requires your business to select the most appropriate ones. ALLEA helps you with your social media decisions by targeting the best social media platforms that matches your business. We create your account, discuss the postings strategies of the network (days, nights, weekends postings), strategies around content (contests, running advertisements, create relationships with your customers, launching new products or services, photos, videos) and to save you time to let you focus on your business, we take care of the postings for you based on your approvals only. Here are some of the most popular social media networks any business should have a visible presence on: - Facebook - Google+ - Twitter - LinkedIn - YouTube - Pinterest - Instagram The benefits are: - reach new markets - go viral with your business - inform your clients with content on social media networks - increase site traffic - use to increase visibility - increase client satisfaction - increase revenue

  • SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION It's one thing to have a website, it's another to get your clients to find you! “It’s a numbers game” Where is the first place you look when you want to find something on the Internet? A search engine. Your position on search engines results page correlates directly with the number of people who find your website, and the number of sales you make through your website. If users cannot find your website, how can they purchase your product or use your service? If your potential customers do not find your website, they will find your competitors. It’s up to you to change that. What is SEO? Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of improving the volume and quality of visitors to your website from search engines. How is this achieved? Undertaking on-page, usability, off-page and source code optimisation techniques, our team of SEO experts can influence how your website is seen by the search engines. The result of this is that search engines rank your website in a better position for a selected group of strategically selected keywords. What are the benefits of SEO? - Increasing the volume and quality of visitors to your website - Long term positioning, means long term reach to new customers - Greater visibility of your brand on the search engines - Higher lead generation based on increased visitor volumes - Most credible form on online marketing as it is not paid advertising - Highest return on investment (ROI) than any other form of marketing - Targeted traffic has more conversions - More visitors = bigger audience = more potential sales

  • BRANDING, GRAPHIC DESIGN & PRINTING A brand is often defined as the most valuable asset a business can have because the company is strongly identified with a brand. Proper branding can result in higher sales of not only one product but with other products associated with that brand. ALLEA provides branding strategies and consultation in order to provide an end-to-end brand recognition across all of your marketing materials. From your logo, to your presence on social media networks to your website, ALLEA assures your branding is consistent across these mediums so customers recognize your business easily. ALLEA makes sure your customer's thoughts, feelings, perceptions, images, experiences, beliefs and attitudes are reflected in what your brand is supposed to provide. ALLEA includes your branding in all services we offer such as: graphics, logos, business cards, brochures, marketing displays, signage. The benefits are: - brand recognition - consistency across marketing materials - attract attention to your business identity - increase visibility - increase client retention with "top of mind" branding - increase revenue

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