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DLS Technology Corporation
  • 306-1376 Bank St
  • K1H7Y3

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Year Established:
Industries Classification:
541510  Computer Systems Design and Related Services
Total Sales ($CDN):
$1,000,000 to $4,999,999
Updated on:
2015-12-11,  Industry Canada
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DLS Technology Corporation

Company Profile

Founded in 2000, DLS Technology Corporation (DLS) is an IT system integration service and product development organization based in Ottawa, Canada. Through 15 years of business growth, DLS has become a value-adding technology sales and service organization that fulfills market needs for SMBs, large enterprises, and public sector clients. DLS focuses on secure virtualization and integration with the end-to-end design, deployment, and support for: - Mobility - BYOD - Cloud computing, and - Business continuity Vision: To be recognized as one of Canada?s leading IT solutions and services providers. Mission: To deliver secure, trusted IT solutions and services.


  • vKey solution The secure office desktop you can fit in your pocket. vKey® is a software-based solution stored on a portable media that can be booted from any computer to create a secure and independent Linux and/or Microsoft operating system (OS) environment. vKey®'s bootable OS runs independently from the hard disk of the hosting computer in a zero-footprint environment. Almost any modern Intel-based computer (PC or Mac) can be used as the host computer. With vKey®, users can use any host computer to access their organization's network and workplace applications without changing how they work or compromising corporate network security. vKey® is ideal for BYOD users, for mobile workers, for enterprise cybersecurity protection, and for business continuity.

  • SecureConnectivity DLS SecureConnectivity™ provides a centralized web portal to securely access enterprise resources at any time, and from any location through a web browser. The features offered with SecureConnectivity can be bundled or used separately, depending on client requirements. The SecureConnectivity™ product suite includes the following: DLS SecureLink™: This solution is designed to enable web-based secure access for enterprise applications. The feature combines the strong user authentication from Entrust TruePass and the enterprise web portal from BEA Weblogic and Citrix Web Interface. The feature further enables the user to access any enterprise resource as a thin client application so that users consume minimum bandwidth and gain better performance from any remote location. DLS SecureSingleSign-On™ This function simplifies the normal double TruePass and Active Directory (or NT domain, Novell NDS) login steps by providing a single login page to collect all necessary information required by TruePass and the Web Interface. Users will have seamless access to a Web Interface-enabled web portal after a single sign-on to TruePass, without having to re-login to Active Directory (or NT domain, Novell NDS). DLS SecureLogAdmin™ This feature provides a powerful GUI tool for administrators to easily review user login activity with detailed audit information such as username, login time and machine IP. Administrators can also get statistical data such as weekly or montly successful/ failed logins, or other customized features.

  • Managed Services Due to rapid technology advance, many organizations lack the time or resources to manage their IT infrastructure. With DLS Managed Services, our team will focus on delivering high performance, secure and scalable services, so that customers can focus on their business operations, and drive more sales towards revenues and better services. One of the key competencies we offer is Citrix Managed Services which includes (but is not limited to): Operational maintenance service Corrective maintenance service Preventative maintenance service Citrix project based service

  • Architecture Services DLS helps customers identify business and technical requirements, develop strategic plan from concept planning to solution architecture, development and ultimately deployment. DLS ensures that new architecture solution greatly reduce Total Cost of Ownership, and increase Return on Investment in overall projects. Our architecture service includes (but is not limited to) the following areas: Application virtualization Desktop virtualization Data centre virtualization Enterprise mobility management Enterprise network security End point security Cloud computing

  • Professional Consulting DLS specializes in advising enterprise customers who require complex, mission-critical, and large-scale project deployments related to secure virtualization integration. Over years of experience in delivering complex solutions for our clients, DLS has used its insight, knowledge and experience in providing technical advice to address customer needs. DLS also partners with certified technical consultants and industry specialists when required. Combined with our breadth of services, our key and strategic network of partners, DLS remains the preferred service provider to all its clients.

  • Infrastructure Services DLS covers the full spectrum of infrastructure services and support to keep customers business operational. Our hardware and software expertise in network appliances, servers, firewalls, SANs, and a large range of advanced application, provide design, deployment, implementation and long-term support and maintenance of all components in data centres, and deliver high performance, secure and reliable IT services. DLS expertise can assist to build and maintain an on-premise data centre, or support cost-effective infrastructure in the cloud. Our expertise in infrastructure services include: Network assessment and optimization Cloud hosting services Secure remote access Virtualization Enterprise mobility management Converged infrastructure

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