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Brains II Solutions, Inc.,
  • 165 Konrad Cres
  • L3R9T9

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334110  Computer and Peripheral Equipment Manufacturing
417310  Computer, Computer Peripheral and Pre-Packaged Software Wholesaler-Distributors
811210  Electronic and Precision Equipment Repair and Maintenance
541510  Computer Systems Design and Related Services
Updated on:
2016-05-25,  Industry Canada
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Brains II Solutions, Inc.,

Company Profile

For over 30 years, Brains II has been a trusted name in the Canadian IT Industry, providing mission-critical service for many of Canada’s largest companies resellers, outsourcers and government agencies. From the desk-top to the enterprise data floor, Brains II provides Canada-wide break-fix service and support, regardless of equipment age or manufacturer. Whether it is DELL, HP, SUN or IBM all are supported with equal proficiency. Brains II Service Consolidation offers streamlined administration with ONE contract, ONE renewal date, ONE invoice, ONE number to call and ONE partner who sees it the way you do.


  • Service Consolidation Consolidation improves performance, manageability and efficiency. It should be considered every time technology is refreshed. While much is understood about Server and Storage Consolidation, Service Consolidation offers more benefits and provides the proper foundation for hardware consolidation. Manufacturers are not necessarily the best source for service and are often the most expensive. Further, having each service their own piece in the network is laced with inefficiencies and many other complications. Just as server consolidation helps balance bottlenecks and excess capabilities, so does service consolidation. And since service and support cost more than the systems, the gains are significant. When you sign up for Brains II's Service Consolidation, you'll immediately cut your maintenance cost and complexity. Brains II will service your entire network and you can expect savings of 30-40% with: ONE Contract ONE Renewal Date ONE Invoice ONE Number to call ONE Partner Brains II has been providing multi-vendor support to thousands of mission-critical installations for thirty years. Our expertise in service and support for hardware and operating systems can cover your entire IT Infrastructure. Brains II has service plans to meet your budget and IT upkeep needs. We offer full coverage via our Silver, Gold and Platinum plans. We also provide remote monitoring to prevent problems, and problem escalation procedures that can be customized to meet your needs. We even provide upgrade and removal services and data center relocation. For equipment not under a service contract, Brains II performs Time and Materials services, and we provide Depot Service for easy-to-transport items

  • Computer and Printer Repair and Service Brains II has partnerships with the leading hardware and software providers, including IBM, to provide complete service solutions. We provide service for the necessary components for your business applications regardless of manufacturer. Wrap all that with a professional services organization to help design, architect, configure, implement and manage the solution.

  • Data Protection and Disaster Recovery Information is the lifeblood of most companies, which is why they need fast, uninterrupted access to it at all times to maintain their competitive edge. That’s why Brains II has become trusted partner to companies all across Canada for protecting data. Our solutions include data backup and recovery, disaster recovery and high-availability computing. In fact, Brains II also provides managed data protection services. Our fixed-cost online data vaulting costs only a fraction ofwhat customers would pay to install and manage their own solutions. We’ll store your data on our equipment in our facilities, where our expert professionals maintain everything. Furthermore, Brains II guarantees that we’ll meet your service levels. That means you get all of the data access and data protection you need to keep your business moving forward—without the huge up-front capital investment. Whether purchasing your own technology or using our managed services, we’ll make your company more productive, more secure, and moreflexible. Data Replication Straight forward, affordable data protection and recovery solutions that protects your data and applications, eliminates planned downtime and reduces risk from unplanned interruptions. Features a low-overhead solution that is easy to implement and maintain. Protects what’s needed in one place, ready to restore 2-4 hour data recovery points; 4-12 hour recovery times Fast recovery from disk – minimal data loss Easy to set up, fast time to value High Availability High availability solutions offer uninterrupted access to enterprise information. They eliminate downtime and meet strict recovery point and recovery time objectives. No matter how small or large your organization is, or whether you’re running System i, Windows, Linux or UNIX, there is a high availability solution for you. With either solution, in only minutes a day, you can keep your critical data and applications protected and available. Multi-threaded approach and adaptive caches to ensure that replication always keeps up with journal entry delivery, even during peak volume times Technology ensures quick, easy installation, use and maintenance Data Vaulting Data vaulting keeps your data, applications, networks and servers up and running no matter what happens, at Brains II secure facilities, managed by our expert professionals. Off-site storage and management of a backup version of your production environment ensures that your data and applications are protected and available for recovery if your systems are down. No new hardware. No daily tape backups. No extra IT staff required to handle backups. Scalable, enterprise-wide protection Completely automated solution Cross-platform vaulting capabilities (IBM i5/OS, Windows, Linux, UNIX)

  • Placement Services Providing technincal resources to customers for Deskside support , image services, software testing , quality contol, Field Service , Help Desk Services , Adds, moves , changes , warehousing and distribution,special events and conferences , Afterhours support.

  • PRINT SERVICES Copiers, Printers , Faxes and Scanners Mulit-Function Black and White and Color Service and repairs of many OEM.

  • Environmental Disposal Environmental Disposal - Green Soultions for IT Asset Disposal , CRTS , CPPUS,LAPTOPS,PRINTERS and SUPPLIES, COPIERS, Memory/Storage/media, scanners, UPS and more.

  • Help Desk Service Help Desk Service assiting companys with their IT helpdesk needs

  • Computer and Printer repair Computer and Printer repair

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