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Whitecap Canada Inc.
  • 920-200 Yorkland Blvd
  • M2J5C1

Contact Information

Alternate Telephone:
United States
Number of Employees:
Year Established:
Industries Classification:
511210  Software Publishers
541510  Computer Systems Design and Related Services
Total Sales ($CDN):
$1,000,000 to $4,999,999
Updated on:
2014-11-21,  Industry Canada
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Whitecap Canada Inc.

Company Profile

Whitecap is a software designer, software developer, systems integrator and a full service software management company. We are dedicated to assisting our customers maximize their profit potential by applying Internet strategies, business practices and technologies to create significantly higher levels of customer satisfaction, reduce operating costs, and/or increase sales and market share.


  • Custom Web site / software development We design and develop new websites or custom software solutions for our clients where "off-the-shelf" software solutions do not exist. We do this in order to assist our clients to enhance productivity and create new efficiencies in the way in which they operate their business or serve their customers. Whitecap will also take platform software from Microsoft such as BizTalk Server or SharePoint Portal Server that does exist and customize it to a client's specific requirements if this in fact represents a more efficient and economical way to meet our client's objectives. From the development of a strategic plan for e-business through the design, development, implementation and ongoing operation of professional e-business environments, Whitecap has the experience to make your business more competitive. Whitecap, as a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, has considerable experience working with Microsoft and related technologies technologies to develop advanced B2B and B2C Internet applications, corporate portals and Web services.

  • Systems Integration / business solutions development Significant up front planning and an excellent design and discovery process are the keys to any successful software or website development project. Today there are a lot of "off-the-shelf" software and/or platform tools to assist clients to get the software solution they are looking for, in the most economical and time efficient way possible. It is always Whitecap's priority to take the path that is most beneficial to the client. If we can deliver to you a business solution that meets your needs by taking an existing software platform and adapting it for your specific company requirements, and in addition it represents the most economical and timely course of action, then that is the way in which we will proceed to build your application. Microsoft, as an example, has some excellent off-the-shelf platform tools on which to base your software application today. Many of these tools can get you as much as 80% of the way there, right "out-of-the-box", so to speak. Whitecap will then customize the remaining 20% to ensure that your needs and requirements are met exactly as you require them to do the job. Microsoft Platform Tools include: BizTalk, SharePoint and Web Services.

  • Software management services Many companies, both large and small, have developed important if not mission critical legacy software and systems over the years. In some cases the software developed is less than optimal in terms of performance, security, stability and scalability. In other cases the software has been developed by an individual or perhaps a number of individuals over the years. As a result the company has become vulnerable to these individuals, who may not even be with the company any longer. Never-the-less, the software is important to these companies and helps them manage critical aspects of their business. To address all of these issues, and to minimize a company's vulnerable position, a recent and growing trend has been for these companies to look to Whitecap to assume responsibility for these important legacy applications. Depending on the situation Whitecap’s Managed Application Services could include a complete study and analysis of the situation with a detailed plan developed for a go forward strategy to stabilize, enhance and support the software on an ongoing basis. In other cases it could simply mean signing a support contract to be there for the company when, and if, problems do arise. Every situation is unique and different. The end result of hiring Whitecap as a Managed Application partner is an excellent, well articulated strategy and plan for moving forward, significantly reduced vulnerability and most important of all, peace of mind.

  • Web site creative design As much as the technical foundations of an e-business database and application must be solid, the design of the "user interface", or website, is also critically important. From a design perspective, the "look and feel" of the site must reflect and support our client's desired or established image and brand. Most importantly, look and feel must be extremely appealing to the most important target user of your website. In addition, navigation of the site must be intuitive and geared to the level of sophistication of your target users. Over the past ten years Whitecap has developed a significant number of highly successful Intranets, Extranets as well as e-business websites for both B2C and B2B clients, where image and brand consistency were of utmost importance to our clients. In some cases, our clients have advertising agencies of record that are ultimately responsible for brand and image development. In these instances the key to our success was our ability to work cooperatively and in unison with these agencies to develop a winning formula for our mutual client. Image and brand are very important considerations and fundamental considerations in website, or even application design. Whitecap understands this very well and will develop an online presence for you that represents your brand as it was intended to be represented.

  • Software design / functional requirements definition Significant up front planning and an excellent design and discovery process are the keys to any successful software or website development project. Since its inception in 1997, Whitecap has developed well over 100 complex and sophisticated software applications on behalf of our clients. The background of our development team, together with the wealth of experience gained from multiple projects as referenced above, has enabled our company to refine its design, discovery and planning process to the point where today it is recognized as one of the company's key differentiators, representing significant value to our clients. We call this our e-RAD process, which stands for e-Business Requirements Analysis & Design. e-RAD is both the process of design and discovery, as well as the documented output from that process - the plan. e-RAD is the process by which we assist our clients to translate their desired outcomes into technology solutions tied directly back to their business goals and objectives. The documented output from the e-RAD defines and clearly articulates the functional requirements of the application, the technology strategy, the solution architecture, the implementation plan, and includes a fixed price quotation to build out the project. In many cases our e-RAD deliverable includes Use Case Models, screen shot mock ups, or in some cases proof of concept or working prototypes. e-RAD is a working document. It is the well-defined specification for what will be delivered. It is the equivalent of a "blue print" in the construction industry. Some of our clients have even used Whitecap's e-RAD process and the resulting documentation as the basis of their tendering process - the document they use to tender the job to the street. A professionally developed e-RAD is a roadmap to success. It is a key requirement for ensuring that you will indeed take delivery of what you have contracted your developer to design and build for you, on time and on budget!

  • Wireless application development There is a wireless revolution under way, and many businesses are taking advantage of the technological advances that enable communication and access using today's mobile devices. It has been predicted that mobile phone users will spend more time on the wireless Internet than making wireless phone calls by 2010. Wireless Internet applications now enable your customers to conduct secure transactions from practically anywhere. Wireless solutions can also significantly enhance the productivity of your mobile employees. Whitecap has been working in the area of wireless application development for almost five years now, and has developed significant expertise in this area. In fact Whitecap was selected by Woodbine Entertainment Group to design and develop Canada's first and only Government approved wireless wagering system, for horse racing in Canada. Highly integrated with WEG's various mainframe systems, the system was designed both for Pocket PC's, as well as most wireless PDA devices and cell phones. As you might imagine a system of this nature must be optimized for speed and performance in order to perform these transactions in "near real-time". More importantly, Internet Security must be of the highest order and of the highest priority. To be selected to design and develop these systems for Woodbine is a great testament to Whitecap's capabilities and expertise as it pertains to wireless expertise and Internet Security. The bottom line is that Whitecap truly understands what it takes to develop as well as host and manage your wireless Internet-based applications on an ongoing basis. With our experience and expertise, we can help your company apply wireless technology where it makes sense for you.

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