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Holis Associates Inc.
  • 13 Gould St
  • K1Y2P1

Contact Information

Alternate Telephone:
India, South Africa, United Kingdom, United States
Number of Employees:
Year Established:
Industries Classification:
541510  Computer Systems Design and Related Services
541619  Other Management Consulting Services
611430  Professional and Management Development Training
Total Sales ($CDN):
$1 to $99,999
Updated on:
2015-09-08,  Industry Canada
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Holis Associates Inc.

Company Profile

Sales & Influence Training and Consultancy. Using proven methodologies in Persuasion, NLP, Solution Selling and Facilitation, our Fearless Selling® students take away immediately usable skills of influence, persuasion and communication in commercial, private and public life.


  • Fearless Presenting™ Fearless Presenting™ is a very different and highly interactive skills training for everyone who: - wants to put their point across persuasively and memorably - needs to put clear arguments and information across at any time, any place - needs to deliver professional presentations that will change minds and add knowledge - would like to actually enjoy putting their message across powerfully - wants techniques and tricks that they can Take Away and use immediately

  • ABC Analysis™ Learn what TRULY influences people to buy from you... An ABC Analysis™ is one of two key components of the Fearless Selling® Certification. Once you can effectively and accurately understand, analyse and, most importantly of all, utilize what it is that makes people buy from you - you have a great influence base for strong business growth What you and your team will take away: - a basis for repeatable, accurate opportunity qualification - objective methods to match offering to market or client - a fabulous basis for a ‘needs elicitation’ at a prospect - products, services & propositions your market desires - a solid base for triggering larger, more strategic projects - a high ROI approach to new product or market launches - based on our ROI framework methodology Who should attend from your team? Everyone influencing product development and sales will benefit. The fastest financial return comes from: - front line sales and presales across the board - business unit leaders, sales heads, and entrepreneurs - channel, business development & partner managers - product management, development - customer facing analysts and developers - marketing, PR, and promotional staff How do we create so much change? Our energetic Associates deliver an enjoyable, practical ‘real life’ workshop where you learn & practice skills, and extend them for your situation, so that you can use them hands-on, the next day.

  • Fearless Selling® Workshop Fearless Selling® is for everyone: - the experienced seller who knows they’re not getting the success they merit - individuals who ‘don’t sell’ but in reality do it all the time and probably don’t enjoy it - managers who want deeper business penetration and larger sales - consultants who have unique access to their client’s motivations - marketers who need to create a supportive ‘environment for selling’ - business owners who want to grow their business - anyone raising capital or funding - finding partners, channels and distributors

  • Fearless Negotiation™ Fearless Negotiation™ is a very different, highly interactive skills training workshop for anyone and everyone who needs to: - influence groups of people to buy a solution or ‘buy into’ an idea - put clear and memorable information across at any time, any place - keep control over an energetic group of people - actually enjoy putting their message across powerfully - master techniques and insights that they can use immediately - deliver ‘briefings’ that are brief but amazingly memorable Attendees will learn and practice: - creating a ‘presenter state’ that put you in control - planning the structure of your ideas and your ‘route to influence’ - working up the structure of your presentation - matching a presentation to the learning style of all attendees - maintaining the energy in the room - how to lead ‘facilitative’ presentations - fun and entertainment for the audience - techniques for precision questioning and response - ‘anchoring’ and feedback techniques that really get your point across - the powerful use of metaphors, gestures, contrasts, postures and drama The standard course is 3 x œ days at the customer site or at one of our training locations.

  • Fearless Proposals™
  • Fearless Influence™

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