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Mobile Business Communications Ltd.
  • 24 Mallard Rd
  • M3B1S1

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417320  Electronic Components, Navigational and Communications Equipment and Supplies Wholesaler-Distributors
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2016-03-30,  Industry Canada
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Mobile Business Communications Ltd.

Company Profile

Mobile Business Communications Ltd. has been operating for 30 Years providing wireless solutions to thousands of customers. We are a leading Canadian wireless communications company operating our two distinct Trunked Radio Dispatch Networks as well as specializing in Customer Owned Private Systems. We represent all major manufacturer's including Motorola and Kenwood. Founded in 1976 and managed by a team of industry professionals, Mobile Business Communications Ltd. has grown to encompass a service territory, which currently includes Ontario’s largest population centres; Greater Toronto, Hamilton and the Golden Horseshoe area. In March 2000, we successfully launched our new 900 LTR System located on the CN Tower. This system provides optimum penetration throughout the downtown core and surpasses the GTA boundaries with exceptional coverage. Expansion of our networks is our future focus, especially now that our product line has expanded with many enhanced dispatch services such as Status Messaging, sophisticated Emergency Alerts and GPS/ AVL Tracking Systems. As an industry leader in Radio Dispatch Services and Customer Owned Private System Solutions, Mobile Business Communications recognizes that no two customers have identical needs. Some require real time access to mission critical information. Others are seeking a productivity tool. And some simply face a geography problem. We have the consulting expertise to deliver turnkey solutions. We can provide a needs analysis that evaluates the applications you require the area you cover, system response times, data quality and security, and optimal system performance. Our in-depth expertise allows us to translate this analysis into an optimal wireless solution. At Mobile, Customer Satisfaction is more than a slogan. It's a way of life that demands constant improvement and a close working relationship with our customers. By involving customers in the problem-solving process, we've discovered innovative ways to improve both product and service quality, and to reduce cycle time. We can work with you to define your needs, the challenges your operation faces, and the budget required. There's no better investment in network performance or peace of mind than putting the powerful resources of Mobile Business Communications on your team.


  • Kenwood NEXEDGE Digital Trunking Radio Kenwood has announced (2008) the introduction of the newest technology available to commerical two-way radio users. The new NEXEDGE system incorporates all traditional trunked radio qualities with the addition of multi-site networking via IP; auto-site registration and roaming; Secure Digital Voice; 6.25 Khz Capable to name a few features.

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