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Artex Environmental Corporation
  • 94 Brockport Dr.
  • M9W5C5

Contact Information

Alternate Telephone:
Year Established:
Industries Classification:
418190  Other Recyclable Material Wholesaler-Distributors
541620  Environmental Consulting Services
811210  Electronic and Precision Equipment Repair and Maintenance
562990  All Other Waste Management Services
Total Sales ($CDN):
$500,000 to $999,999
Updated on:
2014-01-30,  Industry Canada
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Artex Environmental Corporation

Company Profile

ARTEX Environmental Corporation owns and operates industry-leading "electronics recycling facilities". ARTEX provides governments and corporations with best-in-class environmental solutions for safely and securely destroying obsolete computers and other electronic waste (e-waste). ARTEX certifies in writing that any customer data (HR records, financial information, etc) is completely destroyed within our facility - and that the electronic waste is processed to the highest environmental standards. At ARTEX, 100% of e-waste entering our facility is diverted from landfill, and zero e-waste is sent to developing countries. Instead, ARTEX maximizes recycling through the recovery of the plastic, base metals and precious metals that were used to manufacture the electronic device. ARTEX is owned and managed by former professional from both the environmental technologies industry and the information technology industry. Our roots ensure that ARTEX will never compromise the environment - or our customer's needs - as we continually embrace environmental best practices in the delivery of the industry's highest customer service.


  • Recycling of end-of life electronics Artex's "state of the art" electronic waste recycling facility is designed to process "end of life" electronic products and is designed to optimize the recovery of recyclable components such as plastic, ferrous, non ferrous and precious metals

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