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Beyond Rewards Inc.
  • B10-291 Woodlawn Rd W
  • N1H7L6

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541619  Other Management Consulting Services
541990  All Other Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services
611430  Professional and Management Development Training
611710  Educational Support Services
541612  Human Resources Consulting Services
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2017-08-04,  Industry Canada
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Beyond Rewards Inc.

Company Profile

From Human Resource Consulting to Personality Assessment Tools, Management Consulting, Recruitment and wellness programs, Beyond Rewards provides innovative processes and an enhanced multidiscipline team for your business needs. We service Southern Ontario from Grey/Bruce to London and SE to Toronto and Niagara Falls. Beyond Rewards goal is to assist you in becoming more productive in every aspect of your Business. Our Mission: To become the leading provider of Business solutions, initiating success for our clients through positive, productive, proactive solution focused initiatives. Aligning your workplace with your organizational strategies!


  • MBTI Through the use of assessment tools, individuals, groups and organizations can develop a better understanding of individuals in the organization, individuals in ones life, in the group or division or sector and about ones self. Assessment tools range from personality type testing to performance tools.

  • Human Resources Beyond Rewards Human Resources offers a wide array of Human Resource Services to meet all our clients needs, from policy development to staffing and coaching; government legislation (health and safety, pay equity, employment law) to employee liaison and other employee services (document keeping, payroll) and more. Taking care of your human resources is our number 1 priority!

  • Management Consulting At Beyond Rewards we will assist you in improving performance through analysis of existing business problems and development of future plans and strategies. Our services range from Disaster Recovery Planning, Pandemic Planning and Emergency Preparedness Planning to Retention Strategies, Succession Planning and Executive Coaching.

  • Career Development Coaching Whether returning to the workforce after a leave (maternity, stay @ home mom, illness), need a change of career direction, moving, want to progress in the company you are in, starting off in the job market (just out of school), going to university or college and unsure what path to take...we can assist you.

  • Training & Development From conception to completion, we design programs around our clients needs. From Team Building, Time Management - Balancing Personal and Work and Fitting it all into your day, Supervisory Skills, Coaching Skills, and many other development programs designed to meet your current and future needs.

  • Health & Wellness Employees who notice that their well-being is important to their employers take the company’s success to heart and are absent less often for health-related reasons. Health & Wellness goes beyond employee health, it needs to be the heartbeat of the company. This will create a healthy, wealthy workplace both financially, enviromentally and physically.

  • Health & Safety Beyond Rewards Health & Safety Program is designed to address all your Health & Safety needs, from Ergonomic Assessments and Design to Health & Safety Audits; Health & Safety Policies to Health & Safety Government Fact Sheet Binders and more. Call us today to discuss your Health & Safety concerns.

  • AODA Customer Service D.I.Y. Toolkit STOP spending sleepless nights worrying and hours going through legislative compliance and best practices......... Beyond Rewards has done that for you. We do the research in order to bring you tools and best practices to assist you in meeting and exceeding legislative requirements in Ontario. We have developed toolkits to assist you with your AODA requirements. The first standard to comply with is the Customer Service Standard: •The AODA- Customer Service [AODA-CS] D.I.Y. Toolkit ThisToolkit includes: 1.Guide Book and instructions 2.Step by Step Checklists 3.Gap Analysis Process 4.Sample forms 5.Policies, Procedures & Program Templates 6.Recommended Links and other Resources 7.Customizable Training Material for you to train your staff, subcontractors and volunteers. 8.1 hours of phone support 9.Reduced Rate for Ongoing Support and Human Resource Assistance relating to the AODA.

  • D.I.Y. Toolkits DIY Toolkits and Guides Beyond Rewards is a full service Human Resource, Safety and Training Consulting Company going beyond the basics; setting us apart in assisting you with Compliance in HR, Safety and Training. Beyond Rewards has developed several toolkits and guides to assist you in your day to day legislative and procedural operations of your business. These toolkits and guides will ease the burden of development of policies, procedures, processes, legislative requirements, and training; allowing you to focus on the day to day operations and growth of your business. Toolkits (include the guides, Policies, Procedures, Programs and Customizable training Modules) for your internal organizational needs: Hiring your First Employee –Responsibilities, Rights and Obligations (1+ Employees) Hiring Employees – The Recruitment Process Bill 168 - Violence & Harassment (1+ Employees) Conflict Management AODA – Customer Service (1+ Employees) AODA – Integrated Standards (1+ Employees) Building a Health & Safety Culture Business Continuity Emergency Management Planning Pandemic Planning Pre-Start Health and Safety Developing a Return To Work Program DIY Industry Specific Health and Safety Toolkit DIY Automotive Industry Health and Safety Toolkit Guides: Hiring your First Employee (1+ Employees) Hiring Employees – The Recruitment Process Bill 168- Violence & Harassment (1+ Employees) Conflict Management AODA – Customer Service (1+ Employees) AODA – Integrated Standards (1+ Employees) Building a Health & Safety Culture Business Continuity Emergency Management Planning Pandemic Planning Pre-Start Health and Safety Developing a Return To Work Program Home Inspections Safety Starts at Home We are continually adding to the toolkits and guides available. Visit our website at to find out NEW tools to assist you in safe and compliant operations of your organization. Call us at 519-821-7440 to inquire about custom training, custom tools and policies and procedures or go to our website at

  • Outplacement Services Corporate Overview of Beyond Rewards Outplacement Services: Beyond Rewards provides individual, one-on-one outplacement services at a price point below many group seminar outplacement options, enabling employers to make the benefits of personalized career transition services available to all displaced employees within their organization rather than limiting availability to the executive level. Our consultants work with all displaced workers, from executive-level employees, Directors of Operations, Sales Managers, Sales Representatives, Marketing Directors, Marketing Managers, Plant Managers, Project Managers, IT Directors, Software Engineers, Network Administrators, Consultants, Construction Project Managers, Auditors, Accounting Specialists, production personnel and administrative support staff in partnership with your Human Resources Specialists on staff and or Senior Management. Prices are geared to client needs or package options are available. Beyond Rewards Consultants are trained in Career Coaching, Assessments and one on one mentoring, have or are working towards our CHRP designation in Human Resources, Career Counseling, with Psychometrics Certification for Career Profiles and other Assessments. Organizations that provide outplacement services build a culture of inclusiveness and a feeling of valued importance amongst employees. The outplacement program instills: Morale and Corporate Well Being Corporations/Organizations that provide outplacement services to exiting employees create a warmth and holistic caring attitude not only to the exiting employee but also within the organization for those who remain within. Corporate Loyalty Corporate Loyalty is vital to the success of your business. A poorly handled termination not only affects the individual, it affects the morale and company loyalty of all other employees. It is critical to retain your employees (talent). Motivation Beyond Rewards can help you reassure, motivate and reward workers remaining in the workplace. Employees not leaving the organization will scrutinize decisions that management have made in navigating these difficult circumstances with consequences for employee productivity and motivation. Your Brand Exiting Employees may bad-mouth your organization. By providing an exit process that assists them often reduces or alleviates the negative impact. Your brand is important. Liabilities: Outplacement Services reduce the risk of legal action by ensuring a termination is handled with fairness and dignity to all. The Process: Beyond Rewards focuses on the outplaced workers – the employee leaving your organization that may have been with you their entire career or just a short time; either scenario is often difficult. Our Outplacement Service for Administrative Workers is very comprehensive. First steps will be a career profile. The career profile will identify their career preferences. This step often provides our clients with alternative career choices that they may not have considered otherwise. This step provides an opportunity to expand their choices. Next a self assessment will be completed. This step is provided in a workbook designed to assist the outplaced employee as they begin to plan for their career search or career change process. We understand this is a challenging time of transition and the workbook is designed to help plan next steps and decide what actions are right for your employees. Information and resources contained in this workbook will help conduct an effective job search. Job hunting is not a skill you engage on a frequent basis. Therefore, proficiency is not likely to be at the highest level. Success in this endeavor requires a degree of expertise and effort. The workbook will help build the needed job searching skills to be successful. While no one has all the answers, the correct use of this information can provide a competitive edge in conducting a job search. In addition to the workboo

  • Customized Training Programs Beyond Rewards development team will maximize the effectiveness of your training dollars with training programs designed to specifically address the issues and challenges you face in your organization, to address legislative compliance and beyond. Our development and design team will develop and deliver customized training solutions to support your business objectives and improve the knowledge, skills and performance of your team. Beyond Rewards Customized Training Programs are engaging, educational and interactive much dependant on the type of training your organization wishes to utilize. We offer customized designed and developed engaging and interactive training in a full spectrum of delivery methodologies, including: • e-Learning / Web-based Training • Classroom Training • Virtual Classroom / Distance Learning (Webinar Format) • Blended Training • Customized CD of Training – In Flash Format • Workshops • Conference Training Beyond Rewards training design specialists are passionate about creating custom-built learning solutions that will maximize your learning experience. Our training specialists will analyze your training requirements and design programs that are specific to your needs. Products and Services Instructor-Led Training Beyond Rewards will design and develop custom courses for your organization that includes all the materials you will need to facilitate a successful learning experience. Examples of materials we can develop are: • Facilitator Guide • Participant Workbook • PowerPoint Presentation • Quizzes, Exercises and Case Studies • Course Evaluations e-Learning Beyond Rewards will design and develop e-learning modules which can be placed on your organization’s server (i.e. Intranet) and users can participate in training presentations at their own pace. Beyond Rewards can also bring your current “hard-copy” curriculums and manuals to life by converting them to e-Learning format. We use a variety of multimedia options: • Music Audio • Custom and Royalty Free Graphics • Professional Voice-Over Narration • Flash Animation • Branched Scenarios/Games/Simulations • Video Clips Web-based Training (Webinars) Beyond Rewards always provides high quality and high value training, through Live Webinars allow for polling, PowerPoint presentations, surveys, chat, attachments and whiteboard notes area. Topics include but are not limited to: • Project Management • Conflict Resolution • Time Management • Customer Service Skills • Communication Skills • Anger and Conflict Management • AODA • Bill 168, Violence and Harassment • Developing an Health and Safety Culture Training Materials Training materials by Beyond Rewards are colorful, creative and user-friendly. Choose from a variety of styles. Sections such as Learning Objectives, Summaries, and Learning Activities can be included in your guide. Our materials include: • Color screenshots • Step-by-step instructions • Technical diagrams • Flowcharts • Table of contents • Index • Glossary Reference Cards / Job Aides Quick Reference cards, also known as job aides, are a brief one-page summary of common tasks that users can refer to frequently when “how to” questions arise. Under each reference topic the steps to complete each task will be listed. All cards come in color and are laminated. Prices vary by number of pages and if screen captures are required. Program Development for legislative requirements such as Bill 168 – Violence and Harassment; AODA, WHMIS, Your Organizations Health and Safety Programs and other legislative requirements are easily accommodated. Be sure to check out our online training programs and upcoming workshop.

  • Recruitment
  • Ergonomic Assessment

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