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Trillium Measurement and Control
  • 12-2800 John St
  • L3R0E2

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417220  Mining and Oil and Gas Well Machinery, Equipment and Supplies Wholesaler-Distributors
417930  Professional Machinery, Equipment and Supplies Wholesaler-Distributors
541380  Testing Laboratories
541690  Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services
611690  All Other Schools and Instruction
417230  Industrial Machinery, Equipment and Supplies Wholesaler-Distributors
Quality Certifications:
ISO 9001
Updated on:
2017-08-23,  Industry Canada
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Trillium Measurement and Control

Company Profile

Founded in 1992, Trillium Measurement and Control serves the needs of the process control and flow measurement industry throughout Canada. As an integrated measurement company, Trillium can accurately size, specify, supply, calibrate, and service the equipment needed for your flow measurement and process control application. With sales and service offices in Calgary, AB and Toronto, ON, Trillium Measurement and Control is able to responsively serve the needs of our customers.


  • Liquid & Gas Calibration Trillium Measurement & Control provides Liquid Flow and Gas Flow meter calibrations, covering a wide range of measurement principles and manufacturers. Our mobile Compact Prover is capable of field calibrations (load rack, truck terminals, LPG bulk delivery terminal and/or trucks). Our in-house calibration facility is equipped for both Liquid and Gas flow measuring devices, with an average turn-around time of 5 working days. All of our equipment is traceable to NIST and/or Weights & Measures of Canada, and our technical staff are factory trained and certified, many with 20 or more years of experience. Meter Types Calibrated: Positive Displacement Meters Turbine Coriolis (Mass Flow) Ultrasonic Vortex Magnetic Meter Rotameter (Variable Area) Thermal Mass

  • Service & Training Trillium Measurement and Control provides On Site product Training and Service support including start-up assistance, and product set-up and programming. We also will train your operators and maintenance personnel on proper use and maintenance requirements. We offer a wide range of custom technical services for your particular needs, including new installations, modernization of older facilities, and a full range of services for Bulk Terminal Facilities. Compact and Master Meter proving operators/technicians are trained to solve or recommend changes to any metering problems you may have, and are familiar with most metering and electronic devices/systems. Scheduled maintenance on Daniel Compact Provers (typically 4-5 years), has our certified technicians rebuild your Prover, replacing all seals, providing a water-draw and re-certifying it with equipment traceable to Industry Canada (Weights & Measures). Measurement Canada Accreditation ?Trillium Measurement and Control is certified by Measurement Canada to perform initial inspections pursuant to the Weights and Measures Act ?Extensive knowledge base of Custody Transfer and Measurement Canada regulated applications ?Continuous Measurement Canada ASP training and technician development ?Multiple trained ASP's on staff to ensure regulatory compliance with Measurement Canada

  • Flow Instrumentation BROOKS INSTRUMENT - Variable Area (Rotameter) Glass, Plastic or Metal Tube - Thermal Mass Flow - Quantim Precision Mass Flow - Pressure Transmitters / Gauges & Switches - Vacuum Manometers BRODIE INTERNATIONAL - Positive Displacement Flow Meters - Custody Transfer - Control Valve - Strainer / Air Eliminator - Custom Metering Skids DANIEL MEASUREMENT AND CONTROL - Turbine Meters - Control Valves - Compact & Pipe Provers - Ultrasonic Meters - Flow Computers - Electronic Presets - Custom Metering Skids DELTA CONTROLS - Level and Flow Sensing MESA LABORATORIES - DryCal Primary Gas Flow Calibrators ELDRIDGE PRODUCTS - Inline and Insertion Thermal Mass Flow Meters - Thermal Mass Flow Switches PRECISION DIGITAL - Digital Indicators and Controllers TUTHILL TRANSFER - Positive Displacement Flow Meters - Valves and Accessories WINTERS - Pressure Gauges - Pressure Switches - Thermometers - Diaphragm Seals NEWSON GALE - Hazardous Area Static Control - Grounding and Bonding Systems VAREC - Level Measurement - Float & Tape Tank Gauging - Radar Tank Gauging - Servo Tank Gauging - Temperature Measurement - Data Collection & Transmission - Software & Systems

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