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Netmon Inc.
  • 200-55 Edinborough St
  • N8X3C3

Contact Information

Alternate Telephone:
United Kingdom, United States
Number of Employees:
Year Established:
Industries Classification:
334110  Computer and Peripheral Equipment Manufacturing
Total Sales ($CDN):
$1,000,000 to $4,999,999
Updated on:
2016-12-13,  Industry Canada
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Netmon Inc.

Company Profile

Netmon Inc. was founded in Windsor, Ontario in 2002, specializing in the development and deployment of network monitoring and environmental monitoring solutions. It is the only product that offers an all inclusive, full-featured network monitoring system all in one package. Netmon has steadily grown to become a global leader, certified and used by government agencies, large corporations and small to medium businesses alike. Netmon also has a Professional Services Division that focuses on providing Managed IT Services in Southwestern Ontario. We serve both local and remote companies within Southwestern Ontario that either don't have their own dedicated IT staff or companies that simply want and need an experienced and dedicated team of IT professionals to manage and monitor their network environments, maximize uptime and meet operational needs, plan future expansions, provide help desk support or simply be there on call for when they need us the most.


  • Netmon Appliances & Software Edition Netmon appliances are an all-in-one network monitoring appliance, which is designed to keep network administrators informed of important events and conditions. It also provides real-time traffic analysis of Network traffic. * Real-time Network traffic analysis and activity monitoring * Bandwidth monitoring * Service monitoring * Protocol activity monitoring * Device monitoring and device management * Web activity monitoring * SYSLOG monitoring and event log monitoring * Performance monitoring and reporting * Cisco Netflow analysis and reporting * Email and pager notification / alerts * Environmental monitoring

  • Netmon Enviro Appliances Netmon Sensorhawk & Securityhawk Appliances are used to monitor temperature, humidity and many other associated environmental conditions. Monitor Temperature - The number one environmental threat in any server room or wiring closet is heat. A broken air conditioning unit can cause system failures and data loss, literally cooking all of your precious equipment. Detect critical rises (or drops) in temperature, and receive email or pager notifications when heating problems occur. Monitor Humidity - Detect abnormal humidity conditions with the included temperature/humidity combo sensor. You define the humidity levels that are appropriate for each sensor’s environment. Detect the Presence of Water - A server room or wiring closet is just about the last place you want to see water. Whether it’s a tripped sprinkler system or a flash flood, you want to know as soon as possible when water makes an appearance. Monitor Physical Security - Monitor “dry-contact” devices including motion sensors, door sensors, vibration/movement sensors and even smoke sensors. Accepts standard wiring connections from most commonly available security products.

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