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Geotech Ltd.
  • 245 Industrial Pky N
  • L4G4C4

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Argentina, Australia, Botswana, Brazil, Congo, The Democratic Republic of the, Finland, Ghana, Indonesia, Madagascar, Malawi, Mauritania, Mexico, Mongolia, Montenegro, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Serbia, South Africa, Suriname, Sweden, Tanzania, United Republic of, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States, Zambia
Number of Employees:
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Industries Classification:
541360  Geophysical Surveying and Mapping Services
Total Sales ($CDN):
$50,000,000 +
Updated on:
2017-03-28,  Industry Canada
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Geotech Ltd.

Company Profile

Geotech specializes in airborne geophysical survey mapping, data processing and data interpretation. As the exclusive provider of VTEM? and ZTEM? systems, Geotech offers client services in magnetics, radiometrics, gravity and GIS. Industry clients include minerals and mining, groundwater, oil and gas, government and environment.


  • Airborne geophysical surveys - VTEM? Geotech?s proprietary Versatile Time Domain Electromagnetic (VTEM?) design is the leading time domain electromagnetic system in the industry. VTEM? is the system of choice for airborne geophysical surveys with over 2,000,000 line-kilometers flown over a variety of different host geologies. Features include the best signal-to-noise levels, three diameter options for depth and terrain, adjustable dipole moments of 250,000 NIA over 2.5 Million NIA, single mag or horizontal mag options and adjustable pulse width. In addition to VTEM, Geotech now offers a new next-generation system. This new survey system incorporates AFMAG (Audio Frequency electroMAGnetics), Magnetics and Gravity instrumentation on a fixed-wing platform. This unique system is ideal for large regional surveys, whether for deeply seated ore bodies or hydrocarbon exploration.

  • Airborne geophysical surveys - ZTEM? Geotech?s proprietary ZTEM? design is an innovative time domain electromagnetic system z-tipper axis electromagnetic system. The unique ZTEM? system leverages the earth?s natural or passive fields from thunderstorm activity as a source of transmitted energy. The receiver design, advanced digital electronics and signal processing allow for lower noise levels, exceptional resolution and unparalleled depth penetration up to 2 kilometers. ZTEM? is well suited for mapping deeply buried, porphyry hosted and structurally controlled target types.

  • Airborne Geophysical Data Interpretation
  • Airborne geophysical surveys - magnetics

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