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ECO-H Technologies Inc.
  • 243 Queen St N
  • L8R3N6

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333130  Mining and Oil and Gas Field Machinery Manufacturing
335990  All Other Electrical Equipment and Component Manufacturing
Updated on:
2015-10-27,  Industry Canada
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ECO-H Technologies Inc.

Company Profile

ECO-H? is a Hybrid Power Management System that load levels the generator(s) by analyzing the site load. ECO-H processes the information through proprietary algorithms and either discharges to the AC bus bar or absorbs the excess power. This process happens instantaneous 24/7 and allows the system to run more efficiently. The sharp peaks and valley power spikes become smoother rolling hills. Micro-grid applications & Natural Gas gensets can now operate at higher load efficiency and reduced operating costs, without having to react to high and low transient loads. The combination of ECO-H and Natural Gas gensets produce a high level of energy stability by providing energy security during peak demand periods. At the same time, harmful environmental emissions are minimized, increasing fuel efficiency and reducing nonproductive time.


  • Hybrid Power Managment System The ECO-H™ System provides power and/or stores energy through the use of lithium-ion batteries, offering immediate on-demand power and genset load leveling for onshore and offshore drilling rigs. Through the combination of alternative and fuel power generation methods the high level of energy stability provides energy security to rigs during peak demand periods. Simultaneously this reduces the environmental emissions & increases fuel efficiency.

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