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Spark Training and Coaching Associates Inc.
  • P.O. Box 85529
  • M5N0A2

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541612  Human Resources Consulting Services
541619  Other Management Consulting Services
611690  All Other Schools and Instruction
611430  Professional and Management Development Training
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2015-12-18,  Industry Canada
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Spark Training and Coaching Associates Inc.

Company Profile

Experience corporate change with Spark Training & Coaching Associates Incorporated. We are a women owned business that helps individuals and teams in organizations to discover, learn and achieve their potential so that they can become more effective with less stress. We provide e-learning solutions for compliance and corporate training. We partner with you and develop customized accelerated learning workshops, coaching programs and online training. Discover your potential and leverage your strengths with Spark's insightful psychometric leadership and personality assessments. Learn new skills and spark your talent with Spark's accelerated learning based corporate training programs that focus on leadership development, academic technology integration, personal effectiveness, compliance training, business and workplace etiquette. Whether you prefer classroom training or online learning, we have a solution for you. We develop customized corporate e-learning solutions to meet your business needs. Become your best with Spark's client focused executive business coaching, academic success and life coaching programs which deliver tangible results in a supportive learning environment. Benefit from Spark’s exclusive services which include the Open Hour™, virtual interactive training and your own personal web page and resource centre. Contact us now to learn how we can spark your talent.


  • Business/ Workplace Etiquette Research shows that customers will spend more money with a company whose employees demonstrate strong business manners. Business Etiquette is the hottest new proficiency that: - ensures a competitive edge with customers; - enhances employee loyalty; - diminishes levels of internal politics; - increases personal and corporate accountability and productivity; - reduces stress in the workplace; - encourages retention of top talent; and - helps deliver high levels of service and customer retention

  • Executive Coaching Executive coaching is the latest tool in the progressive corporation’s arsenal for attracting and retaining top talent in this competitive global marketplace. Top tier performance is critical and today’s leader is often without the support and objective feedback free of personal agenda and corporate politics. Develop fast-trackers and high performing leaders. Often executives need an objective, neutral sounding board to discuss challenges, opportunities and their perspective. Our coaches allow executives and managers to step away from their day-to-day routine and effectively strategize on how they can reach beyond where they are currently. Executive coaching is results oriented, completely confidential and can be customized to meet the unique needs of your corporation and industry.

  • Leadership Developement This complete and effective program builds upon the leadership skills of your organizations managers and supervisors. The modular curriculum is extremely flexible to meet your unique needs. The program is successful because it is current, fun and interesting. The use of accelerated learning techniques ensures all learning styles are appealed to in an environment where your managers, supervisors and team leaders are actively involved in their own learning The following are some of the leadership development workshops that we lead. We respect your time and can accommodate your schedule preference by customizing these workshops to be held over lunch, half days or full days.

  • Behavioural /Psychometric Assessments We offer the following assessments: - Thomas DISC - Myers Briggs Wiley DiSC - Work of Leaders Wiley Everything DiSC - Human Synergetics MEPS and Leadership Impact (360)

  • Public Presentations Our objective is to help you present a convincing case and persuade the decision-maker. Prior to the presentation, our experienced graphics professionals will consult with your team to create effective demonstratives that will connect with the decision-maker. Our graphics experts specialize in encapsulating complex evidence and presenting it in easy-to-understand concepts and images. Digitally preparing exhibits and rehearsing with your team allows us to ensure the presentation is accurate and convincing. We have done this successfully in many of North America’s largest cities in recent years. During the presentation, we'll provide support in the meeting room and work closely with your team. He will operate in the background, quietly running evidence presentation systems and displaying information on cue, so you can direct the audience’s attention to the details of the presentation.

  • Online Business Etiquette Training SparkTaC presents Online Business Etiquette Training! This easy, fast and effective interactive, web-based system, produced by Executive Mentoring and Coaching Inc. offers easily learned new workplace behaviours in an entertaining, rapid-learning format followed by testing for maximum retention and management accountability factors. Contact us at for a free 15 day trial! For a video preview go ""select "Product Tour Video Introduction"

  • Coporate Trainng Workshops Some of the workshop we offer include: Business Etiquette Collaboration to Drive Results Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making Coaching Up - How to manage your manager Business Networking Etiquette Effective Meeting Facilitation DISCover Your Working Style Goal Setting - The Crucial Skill Personal Branding Performance Management Conflict Resolution Stress Management The Versatile Leader Coaching Skills for Managers and Directors True Time Management We also provide customized workshops. We guarantee that our custom-built workshops to be enjoyable, informative and make a significant difference to your organization. Upon request, we provide our participants certificates of completion and ongoing support that they can always count on.

  • Corporate Coaching - Group Coaching SparkTaC provides coaching to corporate teams. Corporate Coaching and Group Coaching is more and more popular among all kinds of companies. Corporate coaching improves the cooperative working ability of employees, while working for their organizational goals. These coaching practices create shared experiences among the team members, which in turn can directly lead to improvements in the office. Team members are more likely to trust each other and are better ready to function together. Corporate coaching is a catalyst for team building that helps remove impediments in the corporation’s growth and ability to meet objectives. Public sector clients and corporate clients benefit from exclusive services like the Open Hour ™. Contact us for more details.

  • One on One Coaching SparkTaC Coaching Services provide objective and honest developmental feedback to benefit you and your organization. In collaboration with your coach, you will focus on your aspirations, address your development needs and gain the knowledge to position yourself for advancement.

  • Compliance Training - classroom or e-learning delivery It only takes one employee to create havoc. Why take the chance? If you want to ensure that your team members understand company policies, security processes, customer service procedures or manufacturing procedures then compliance training is the answer. Spark Training and Coaching Associates Inc. helps employers meet their due diligence by providing quality compliance and online training products for the workplace. Training programs can be customized to address specific needs, challenges and objectives within your workplace. Customized interactive web-based training that include assessments is also available. We build accountability into the e-learning (Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) compliant) compliance training courses so that your employees knowledge and skills will be tested The results can be transmitted to the appropriate designate to assist in the development of personal learning plans.

  • Lunch and Learn Seminars Lunch and learn seminars Organizations with healthy employees have a definite business advantage over their competition. The concept is easy. How to implement improved wellness within a company can be a challenge faced by your corporate wellness committee whenever they meet to discuss Health and Safety training and implementation. How can your Health and Safety Committee inform employees about healthy habits so that they can perform with energy and enthusiasm at work? How can you attract employees who struggle with wellness issues and workplace stress as well as those who are already health oriented? Lunch and learn sessions are a great way to provide workplace training and inform employees of healthy ways to work and live.

  • Talent_Ed(®) alent_Ed(®) from Spark Training and Coaching Associates is a supportive early intervention, designed to increase employee retention during the progressive discipline process. Our clients engage us to address poor performance or to correct bad behaviour. Talent_Ed(®)is a confidential one on one customized education, counselling and training program to support employee retention and cost containment for both unions and employers. We focus on helping employees to rebuild and maintain a viable and sustainable employment relationship with their employer.

  • Team Building Workshops ive Behaviours of a Cohesive Team? is the official training program based on the best-selling book, Five Dysfunctions of a Team and has a simple goal: To facilitate a learning experience that helps professionals and their organizations discover what it takes to build a truly cohesive and effective team. The central element of the training program is the DiSC-powered Five Behaviours personal profile, which guides teams towards better engagement and higher performance. The Five Behaviours profile, which provides both individual and team feedback, is grounded in the model described in The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, the internationally best-selling leadership fable by Patrick Lencioni. With this program, participants will learn how, as a team, they score on the key components of the model: trust, conflict, commitment, accountability, and results. Additionally, the program is powered by Everything DiSC®, a model that helps individuals to understand themselves and others better. Using these results, participants will be able to create a better, stronger team.

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