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Digital Boundary Group
  • 4226 Raney Cres
  • N6L1C3

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Australia, Greenland, Mexico, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States
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Year Established:
Industries Classification:
541690  Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services
541510  Computer Systems Design and Related Services
Updated on:
2016-10-14,  Industry Canada
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Digital Boundary Group

Company Profile

Digital Boundary Group is a provider of information technology security assurance services including auditing, assessment and network and social engineering training.


  • Information Security Assessment Full information security assessment to support compliance, interoperability and interagency connectivity requirements.

  • External Penetration Testing The process used to exploit vulnerabilities found during an external network vulnerability assessment. External Penetration Testing provides independent verification of the security status of an organization?s internet presence. Social engineering is included in order to identify the extent to which internal users may represent an exploitable vulnerability to the organization?s security.

  • Web Application Penetration Testing Determining if vulnerabilities exist in an application by testing each interface to the application including server operating system, application platform and database.

  • Vulnerability Scanning Scheduled vulnerability scans checking for known vulnerabilities, unnecessary shares, missing OS security patches, services and open ports.

  • Network Traffic Assessment Assessment of network traffic, including local area, wide area and Internet to detect malicious activity

  • Social Engineering Training Delivered at client's location, this half-day training session for non-IT employees introduces the methods used by social engineering attackers. The training session provides practical advice on pro-active steps employees can take in their day-to-day work and home lives to protect their identity and sensitive information.

  • Mobile Application Penetration Testing The Mobile Application Penetration Testing methodology provides independent verification of the security status of mobile applications, the host device, and supporting infrastructure. Mobile client application testing includes OWASP Mobile Top 10 2016.

  • Network Security Assessment Security assessment of 18 components critical to proper network operation; Benefits include, independent verification of the operational security status of the digital information and communication technology infrastructure, verification of policy compliance, identification and evaluation of risks and the prioritization of recommended remediation tasks.

  • Wireless Security Review & Assessment A review of the wireless network infrastructure is conducted, which includes: infrastructure security, authentication and authorization, encryption and overall design.

  • SCADA Security Assessment Assessment of SCADA network includes PLC?s/process controls, remote access to SCADA systems, both electronic and physical and recommendations for enhanced security measures.

  • Hardening Windows Networks Training Based on more than 13 years of security assessment and penetration testing experience, our Hardening Windows Networks Training Program goes beyond theory and best practices and delivers proven, field-tested solutions for hardening, monitoring and protecting Microsoft Windows based networks.

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