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Icegate Solutions Inc.
  • 1590 Winterport Way
  • Ottawa, ON
  • K4A4C2

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Barbados, Bermuda, Bhutan, Botswana, Burundi, China, Dominica, Ethiopia, Gambia, Ghana, Grenada, Iraq, Jamaica, Kenya, Lesotho, Liberia, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Nepal, Nigeria, Papua New Guinea, Rwanda, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Swaziland, Tanzania, United Republic of, Trinidad and Tobago, Uganda, United States, Viet Nam, Yemen, Zambia, Zimbabwe
Number of Employees:
Year Established:
Industries Classification:
541510  Computer Systems Design and Related Services
541611  Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services
541619  Other Management Consulting Services
Total Sales ($CDN):
$500,000 to $999,999
Updated on:
2015-12-11,  Industry Canada
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Icegate Solutions Inc.

Company Profile

Icegate Solutions Inc. is a dynamic Professional Services company that resolves technology related challenges in the public (municipal and national) and private sectors. Operating since 2001 and incorporated in Canada since 2002, Icegate focuses on 6 core areas of expertise: Project Management; ICT (Information Communications Technologies) issues; Institutional and Change Management; Governance/Regulatory/Legislative Frameworks and Reform; GIS Solutions and IT Solutions.


  • Project Management We have specialized in Project Management of technology and policy related projects for over 30 years, and have certified PMP (Project Management Professionals) project managers on staff. Our extensive global experience includes managing projects for governments, public sector organizations and private sector corporations in North America, Africa, the Middle East and South East Asia. Our engagements apply industry recognized best practices and methodologies (Project Management Institute’s Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBoK), Canadian Government Enhanced Management Framework, and Prince II)

  • ICT (Information Communication Technologies) Issues Icegate Solutions’ has been engaged in all aspects of ICT issues on a Global basis for over 30 years and have been closely involved in the evolution of the sector throughout this period. We have participated and led the development of models and processes that have contributed to Canada’s reputation as a role model for connectivity and e-government. We provide strategic, regulatory, legislative framework, program evaluation, and technology expertise in ICT policy, strategy, planning and implementation; Universal Access; rural telecommunications; broadband; wireless; VOIP; and telecom carrier issues, as well as associated project management and strategic support. Icegate has been actively engaged in developing ICT Sector policies for the past 10 years. Our approach is to support a transparent and inclusive policy process, promoting fair and open competition, and strengthening institutional capacity to implement and enforce policies. Our efforts have enabled our clients to take advantage of new markets, enhance their business maturity, invest appropriately in research & development, address regional demand, cultivate foreign investment, and improve the ICT labor market. More specifically, we have developed a national ICT network cabling policy and regulations for wiring and cabling for commercial and government buildings that facilitated and encouraged development of the Botswana ICT sector, provided assistance with the creation of the Broadband for Rural Canada Program that provided incentives for the ICT Sector to become more engaged in providing ICT services in rural areas, developed a Universal Service Fund Program that provided policies and incentives to assist the further development of the ICT Sector and increase ICT access available in rural communities in Papua New Guinea, undertook a study of Canadian Telecom Equipment Manufactures Global Value Chain, represented the Government of Canada and transferred Canadian ICT Sector capacity building experiences at the Capacity-Building Workshop for National and Sectoral ICT Strategies and Planning, developed ICT Sector development policy, strategy and services (telecom and broadband) rollout plans for rural villages in Botswana that included an ICT policy for diffusion of ICT capacity, and undertook a final evaluation for CIDA/Industry Canada sponsored ePol-NET Program. Our extensive expertise in strategic and technology planning and business case development, has evolved into a business decision support process, model and software tool that is especially effective in determining the economic feasibility (costs and appropriate plan of action) for the deployment of Universal Service, broadband and rural community networks. We consider business case assessments, sustainability, community aggregation, market forces, market and revenue sizing, traffic sizing, transport network architectures, the full range of technologies and scalability from community to national levels. We have researched broadband service markets that deal with the fundamental elements and economics of broadband services and address how they apply relative to the delivery of high speed Internet service to residential and business customers in currently unserved rural and remote areas. We have also examined the ability of wireless spectrum alternatives to provide broadband (and narrowband where possible) services to unserved rural and remote communities. Our telecom consultants use their proven processes and procedures, as well as broad knowledge of existing and next generation network technology, to quickly and accurately assess network situations, effectively diagnose current problems, and anticipate future needs. We use a flexible, customized, engineering approach to meet customer's telecommunications and network needs. Our delivery and implementation services are structured and managed to focus on increasing the performance of processes, tools, technologies, and people. Our expertise in technology

  • Governance, Regulatory and Legislative Frameworks and Reform We are engaged with multinational companies and senior government officials on a variety of projects and programs in Africa, Asian Pacific and North America. We have experience at the most senior levels within government as executives and regulators and we regularly interact at the Deputy Minister/Permanent Secretary levels of various governments. We provide strategic, regulatory, legislative framework reform and technology expertise in ICT policy and strategies. We have international recognition for our experience and we have chaired several international conferences and presented speeches and technical papers at major industry events and workshops. Our team has: • Experience developing regulatory strategies, as well as evaluating and improving strategies; • Experience developing government-wide consultation policies, as well as identifying various methods for consultation and assessing what works well in a particular environment; • Experience developing advance notice mechanisms (e.g., regulatory calendars, regulatory agendas, and incorporation of regulatory plans in public ministry planning documents); • Experience bringing in outside parties to the consultation process, including community groups, potential consumers/users and small business users; • Prepared documents relating to regulatory management for OECD and APEC (e.g. “Regulatory Checklist: and regulatory portion of the APEC checklist); • Advised on the development of policies dealing with impact analyses, as well as performing analyses; • Broad familiarity with the international literature dealing with regulatory reform, impact analyses and methodologies (including strengths and shortcomings), instrument choice, alternatives to classic regulatory approaches, evaluation of regulatory management frameworks or policies, and the political economy of regulation; • Extensive expertise in the development and drafting of legislation, policies and expert papers dealing with regulatory issues; • Close familiarity and hands-on experience with the implementation of regulatory frameworks and policies at both the central agency (e.g., Cabinet Office) and Ministry level; • Familiarity with best practices in regulatory design and the structures of new regulatory institutions, including those that are operated at arm’s length from government or that operate under delegated authority; • Experience in the use of standards to complement regulatory systems; • Experience with risk assessment & risk framework development; • Developed performance measurement systems design and scorecards; • Experience with public sector ethics & ethics system design; • Experience evaluating regulatory institutions and programs, as well as designing evaluation frameworks, data collecting strategies and performance measures for subsequent evaluations; • Practical regulatory experience with economic regulators (transportation and telecommunications) and high level adjudicative experience with the Canadian Competition Tribunal; • Detailed familiarity with the general tenets of administrative law, including that of the European Community, and competition theory and law; • Detailed familiarity with consumer protection law and international models (e.g. ombudsmen, consumer mediation), as well as the role that consumers may play in the development or assessments of impact analyses; • Experience with corporate governance principles, including those that apply in parastatal bodies and bodies that work with regulated industries; • Experience assessing, developing and evaluating alternatives to regulation, including self-regulation, co-regulation, use of standards and codes; • Experience designing new regulatory institutions, including their legislation, their relationships to government, allocation of powers, and identification of skills required to fulfil the assigned roles; • Experience designing, developing and implementing compliance and enforcement systems that take into account the new best practices r

  • IT Solutions Our IT solutions practice provides specialized expertise in IT, ITIL, networking, security, web development, software development, wireless, and project management. Through our team of associates, we can provide IT technology and infrastructure management, networking and security technology design and implementation, wireless solutions, information resource management, application development and maintenance, IT planning and security, network audits, Oracle database development and administration, custom software development solutions, project lifecycle management, design of internet hosting solutions and client/server solutions, support for various operating systems, software/hardware installations, local area network configuration, and training. We have specific experience architecting and designing e-Government enterprise communications networks, developing and delivering e-government training (Enterprise Architecture Standards and Interoperability Frameworks), ITSM Governance models, recommendations for a common shared infrastructure for the provision of a Data Communications Network and Operational Support Services, development of an RFP to solicit bids for a national IP/MPLS telecommunications network, and development/implementation/ support of an on-line Web enabled e-submission and approval system based on Oracle 9I forms and reports. Our services, skills and capabilities are based on hands on engagements that provide the following expertise: • Specialized expertise in IT, ITIL, MIS, networking, security, system design and implementation, web design, development and renewal, system procurement, software development, wireless, and project management; • ITIL practitioners to participate in a wide range of strategic consulting activities such as ITSM Governance Model development, Process Improvements, implementing solutions including policies, assessment, requirements definition and solution design as related to key IT Service Management areas and describing the tasks of the new Common Process including the composition of the Change Advisory Board (CAB); • Through our team of associates, we can provide: o IT technology and infrastructure management; o Oracle database design, development and administration; o Networking and security technology design and implementation; o IT system design; o MIS strategies, plans and development; o Network storage solutions; o Project monitoring and evaluation; o Management of Information Systems (e-Governance, evaluation, architecture…); o Wireless solutions; o Information resource management; o Application development and maintenance; o IT planning and security; o Network audits; o Custom software development solutions; o Project lifecycle management; o Design of internet hosting solutions and client/server solutions; o Support for various operating systems; o Software/hardware installations; o Local area network configuration; and o ITIL and IT Training. • Stakeholder consultations and needs assessment are also part of our core strengths and are rigorously applied in these engagements.

  • GIS Solutions Icegate Solutions is engaged in utilising GIS solutions across multiple sectors. With Applications and Cartographic specialists on staff, we have the capacity to undertake the design and implementation of databases, the management and analysis of spatial data, web-GIS application creation, customization of GIS applications, quality cartographic output and GIS project management. We have experience in a variety of gis softwares including ArcMap, GeoMedia Professional and Autodesk MapGuide.

  • Institutional and Change Management Icegate Solutions has significant senior level experience in all aspects of institutional and change management best practices. This includes senior roles in mentoring, policy development, public sector capacity building, economic and financial analysis, professional services, software development, product and services development, project management, program and project development and reviews, R&D development and management, and quality management. Our team has: • Provided expert advice to governments in Botswana, Burundi, Canada, China, Ethiopia, Papua New Guinea, Nigeria, Yemen and Zimbabwe on technology, civil service modernization, organizational design, project management, policy, legislative, regulatory and procurement issues; • Experience with large-scale corporate and national information technology system development and deployment projects; • Expertise in institutional design and change; • Expertise in organizational analysis and transformation; • Significant experience with capacity development; • Expertise in stakeholder consultations and needs assessment; • Experience with various evaluation methodologies/results-based management; • Significant senior level experience in all aspects of business management and best practices; • A well established mentoring and Internship program; • Developed policy strategy, formulated useful and pragmatic policy advice, developed government policy, translated policy to legislation and the design of new institutions and practical experience of implementation of policy and legislation. • Experience undertaking economic and financial analysis; • Developed economic modelling and modelling tools including a modelling application that assesses the business case for the introduction of telecommunication networks in rural communities and estimated network infrastructure costs to provide voice and data services to rural communities. • Extensive experience in sales, marketing, international trade; • A strong understanding of quality management standards, design and implementation; • Expertise in strategic plan development; and • Undertaken R&D development and management;

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