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Pleora Technologies Inc.
  • 300-340 Terry Fox Dr.
  • K2K3A2

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Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Republic of, Netherlands, Singapore, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Kingdom, United States, United States Minor Outlying Islands
Number of Employees:
Year Established:
Industries Classification:
334110  Computer and Peripheral Equipment Manufacturing
Total Sales ($CDN):
$5,000,000 to $9,999,999
Updated on:
2016-06-01,  Industry Canada
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Pleora Technologies Inc.

Company Profile

Pleora Technologies invented high-performance frame grabbers and embedded hardware for the delivery of video over Gigabit Ethernet, and leads the market in video interfaces for USB 3.0 and wireless. With this spirit of innovation, Pleora engineers reliable video interfaces for system manufacturers and camera companies serving the military, medical, and industrial automation sectors. Pleora provides end-to-end solutions that shorten time-to-market, reduce risk, and lower system cost. We partner with customers and tailor our products to individual needs. Find out more at


  • Embedded Video Interfaces Pleora's embedded video interface products allow designers of cameras and other imaging devices to integrate video interfaces with core sensor electronics quickly, with minimal risk. With Pleora's embedded video interfaces, designers of cameras, x-ray detectors, and other imaging devices can shorten time-to-market, lower system cost, and ensure engineering resources stay focused on the primary business. Pleora's embedded video interface family is extensive. Pleora invented embedded video interfaces for the delivery of video over GigE and 10 GigE, and leads the industry in embedded video interfaces for USB 3.0 and IEEE 802.11 wireless. Pleora is a trusted design partner with a proven track record. Our embedded video interfaces are offered as compact, high-performance boards or comprehensive reference designs packages. Pleora also builds custom video interfaces based on our field-proven technology to accommodate individual requirements. Pleora's embedded video interfaces include the eBUS™ SDK, a feature-rich application development toolkit for manufacturers to rebrand and distribute with their end-products. The eBUS SDK uses a single set of functions to control different video interfaces, which simplifies software design and reduces the support costs of portfolios with multiple interface offerings. Pleora's embedded video interfaces and eBUS SDK comply with the GigE Vision®, USB3 Vision™, and GenICam™ standards. All iPORT IP Engines are supported by the iPORT Vision Suite, which resides on a standard PC and allows users to quickly and easily enable third-party applications. Pleora's solution also includes the award-winning eBUS Driver Suite. The eBUS drivers allow GigE NIC (network interface card/chip) hardware to emulate direct, bus-like transactions with PC subsystems at the kernel level. As a result, video streams with bit-rates up to 1 Gb/s can be transferred directly to PC memory using very few CPU resources. The available CPU resources can thus be used by the vision application for image processing and other tasks.

  • External Frame Grabbers Pleora's unique family of frame grabbers allows manufacturers to integrate any camera into any type of system with plug-and-play simplicity. Unlike traditional frame grabbers, Pleora's frame grabbers are external to PCs and do not require a peripheral card slot. Manufacturers can integrate Pleora's external frame grabbers where they fit best – beside the camera, beside the PC, inside the system, or out. They are ideal for systems where control and analysis is handled by computing platforms with no space for traditional PCI frame grabbers, such as embedded processors, laptops, and tablets. Pleora can also provide custom features and offerings to meet unique system requirements. All Pleora's external frame grabber products include eBUS™ SDK, a feature-rich application development toolkit for Windows and Linux. The eBUS SDK treats all camera interfaces the same way, simplifying multi-camera integration projects irrespective of which camera interface is employed or whether GigE, wireless or USB is used for video transport. Plug almost any camera – including Camera Link™, LVDS, analog, Sony block – directly into one of Pleora's compact, field-proven external frame grabbers. With a few commands from the eBUS SDK the frame grabber will begin delivering video over GigE or USB 3.0 to almost any computing platform for processing and display. Pleora's external frame grabbers and eBUS SDK comply with the GigE Vision®, USB3 Vision™, and GenICam™ standards.

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