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Lineman's Testing Laboratories of Canada Limited
  • 46 Meridian Rd
  • M9W4Z7

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238210  Electrical Contractors and Other Wiring Installation Contractors
541330  Engineering Services
541690  Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services
541380  Testing Laboratories
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2016-01-11,  Industry Canada
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Lineman's Testing Laboratories of Canada Limited

Company Profile

Trusted since 1958, Lineman's Testing Laboratories of Canada (LTL) has promoted worker safety by offering brand name personal protective equipment, utility tools and related equipment, specialized electrical services, and specialized technical training to the industrial and utility sectors nationwide. From full service NAIL-accredited high voltage testing laboratories to industry-experienced staff, and a dedication to customer satisfaction, LTL is committed to providing superior products and services. Products and service offerings include insulated protective equipment, i.e., rubber insulating gloves, cover-up, blankets, brand name utility tools, hardware and related equipment, personal and fixed gas detection, electrical metering, substation installation, repair, and maintenance, mobile transformer oil regeneration, arc flash studies and equipment supply, and high voltage testing and calibration.


  • Rubber Insulating Gloves Government legislation mandates the use of personal protective equipment for anyone working with or near electrical power or live apparatus. Staying apprised of current standards and regulations, LTL's knowledgeable sales representatives recommend application-specific personal protective equipment to ensure safety and compliance. LTL is the largest stocking Canadian distributor of PPE including rubber insulating gloves, arc flash clothing and related equipment. Training on provincial legislation as to proper product selection, care, and usage is available.

  • Gas Detection Lineman's Testing Laboratories offers a range of easy-to-use, high quality single and multi-gas personal flammable and toxic gas detectors made for maximum mobility and use in confined space. LTL also supplies multi- and single point, exotic and draw systems with the ability to mix and match. These systems can be programmed to set off alarms, turn on fans, and hook up to PLC's and SCADAS. With a dedicated crew of expert technicians, LTL installs, maintains, upgrades, and repairs most systems. Regardless of your gas detection requirement, whether portable or fixed, LTL has a product to meet your needs and your budget.

  • Substation Construction Lineman's Testing Laboratories has performed custom installations since 1967 and has supplied and installed turnkey main power electrical systems from traditional H-frame substation projects to tamperproof designs. LTL upgrades or retrofits an existing facility, or designs and builds for new substations. LTL provides cost-effective solutions for your power supply needs while providing expedient delivery of products and services with minimal production interruption during installations. Stocking new, surplus, and quality used high and low voltage equipment, as well as having access to a broad supplier network, ensures availability of required equipment and materials for all projects.

  • Infrared Scanning Infrared Scanning is the most cost-beneficial element to your preventative maintenance program. It accurately identifies potential equipment problems and areas requiring immediate attention, allowing for repairs before failure or damage occurs, thereby avoiding production line shutdowns and the high costs of emergency repairs. Our skilled technicians use a state-of-the-art infrared camera to diagnose your electrical system and/or equipment. From the data collected, a detailed report including colour photos is prepared.

  • Emergency Service LTL provides 24-hour emergency service for all commercial, industrial, and utility sites. Professional troubleshooting and round-the-clock services in conjunction with a well planned inventory supply ensures timely recovery and reduced incidence of downtime. Inventory includes new pole/tower disconnect switches of all sizes and configurations, fuse assemblies, fuses, cables, terminators, poles, line hardware, HV switchgear, and a vast selection of transformers and other related equipment.

  • PCB Management Lineman's Testing Laboratories offers a full PCB management and decontamination program, which includes: > the safe disposal of the decontaminated mineral oil in accordance with provincial regulations; > the use of high grade mineral oil when refilling any electrical equipment for re-use, i.e., transformers, circuit breakers; > no flushing of any electrical equipment with chemical reagent; > a guaranteed final PCB concentration of less than 50 ppm for equipment proposed for re-use; and, > a 90 day follow-up for sampling of equipment PCB content.

  • Engineering Services Installing a new electrical system or simply upgrading? Lineman's Testing Laboratories' professional engineering services provide: >complete electrical high voltage substation specification, design and installation >transmission line specification, supply, and installation >capacitor bank specification and installation >power quality (transients) and power factor studies >co-ordination studies >grounding studies >design and drawing >complete commissioning and testing services

  • High Voltage Testing & Calibration Laboratory Lineman's Testing Laboratories is home to Canada's largest NAIL-accredited high voltage testing facilities. With two full-service labs located in Toronto and Edmonton, many companies within the industrial, oil and gas, forestry, and mining sectors, and most Canadian utilities rely on LTL for certification of rubber insulating gloves and PPE, calibration of gas detection products, and hot stick repairs. Experienced lab technicians ensure proper handling of equipment at all times while in LTL facilities.

  • Substation Maintenance Performed and directed by skilled technicians, LTL offers comprehensive customized substation maintenance programs. These extensive programs include testing and calibration, inspection, adjustment, cleaning and repair as required of high and low voltage electrical and mechanical components, and analysis of electrical insulating fluids. Early detection of electrical equipment weakness or potential hazard through regular substation maintenance helps to reduce production downtime and associated costs, as well as improves safety conditions for system operating personnel. Avoid loss of insurance coverage by performing regular substation maintenance. LTL recommends regular infrared scanning as part of an annual substation maintenance program to identify potential problem areas before they occur.

  • Arc Flash Hazard Studies Lineman's Testing Laboratories helps facilities create safer working environments for those who use or operate electrical systems by providing detailed arc flash hazard studies in accordance with CSA Z462. Electrical dangers such as shock, arc flash, and arc blast will always be present on the job, but safety strategies and proper training can minimize the likelihood of injuries and fatalities. LTL determines the risk levels in your facility, educates your staff with respect to proper protective item selection, use and storage, and provides superior quality products designed to match the physical demands of your job.

  • Transformer Oil Services/Regeneration With a commitment to personnel safety and environmental protection, LTL provides a cost-effective method for on- or off-line oil recycling using a state-of-the-art mobile transformer oil regeneration system. LTL's proprietary process produces oil that equals or surpasses new oil quality.

  • Custom Ground Assemblies, Live Line Tools & Metering LTL builds and inventories an assortment of basic distribution grounding assembly kits including required ASTM F2249 compliant testing in LTL's high voltage testing laboratories, as well as a variety of hot sticks used for grounding and switching applications. All grounding assembly components are tested to ASTM F855 by the manufacturer. LTL also manufactures potential indicators, and supplies quality metering and instrumentation equipment.

  • Utility Supply Division LTL has commanded the rubber insulating glove industry for over 50 years as the largest stocking distributor in Canada, and is positioned to offer the same for the stock and supply of brand name utility tools and related equipment. LTL is Canada's best value for utility supply.

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