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BCS Automation Ltd.
  • 105-121 Dundas St E
  • Belleville, ON
  • K8N1C3

Contact Information

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Year Established:
Industries Classification:
335311  Power, Distribution, and Specialty Transformer Manufacturing
335315  Switchgear and Switchboard, and Relay and Industrial Control Apparatus Manufacturing
541330  Engineering Services
541420  Industrial Design Services
541510  Computer Systems Design and Related Services
Total Sales ($CDN):
$1,000,000 to $4,999,999
Updated on:
2017-05-02,  Industry Canada
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BCS Automation Ltd.

Company Profile

Founded in 1981 and incorporated in 1989, BCS is located in Belleville, Ontario Canada. BCS automation ltd. is an electrical systems design and automation integration company with a focus on marine and offshore industries. BCS provides marine control and automation solutions engineered specifically for maximum efficiency in harsh marine environments. Offering quality, cost effective solutions for new-build or upgrade projects is our primary objective. BCS provides custom turn-key solutions, for automation systems, communication systems, power generation and distribution. Custom software development and configuration is a key component to most designs. Services include: project planning and scheduling, construction supervision, start-up assistance and commissioning. Our complete range of panel shop services include the supply of motor control centres, custom equipment and control panels.


  • VigilantSea™ Ship Security System VigilantSea™ is a Ship Security System consisting of two complimentary systems which together supply total intrusion protection. The VigilantSea 4000™ Surveillance System (VSS 4000™) provides a constant watch on deck and the area surrounding the ship. The VigilantSea 3000™ Controlled Access System (VSA 3000™) grants the right of entry only to those who are authorized in restricted areas of the ship. Both systems are easy to use, ruggedly designed for the shipping industry and fully compliant with the ISPS Code. The systems may be expanded to include additional cameras or controlled access points. VSS 4000™ and VSA 3000™ are designed to work together, but each may be installed as a stand-alone system. Either system may be integrated into a ship’s current automation or alarm systems. All components are industrial grade for long term reliability.

  • Gangway Call ™ - Request to Board System Description Gangway Call is a two component system designed to alert a ship’s crew of an on-shore request to board the vessel via the gangway. The first component is a Shore Call Station housing a call button in a rugged weatherproof bollard which is placed on shore. The call button is used by anyone requesting to board the vessel. The second component, the Deck Signal Unit hangs on the railing of the ship’s deck and consists of a strobe light as a visual alert and a horn as an audible signal to the crew. Application The Gangway Call System was developed specifically to enhance ship security. When gangways and ladders are not accessible, it allows personnel or visitors on the dock wanting to board to signal ship’s crew to request access to the vessel.

  • GPIC® - Ship Loading and Unloading Control System System Description The GPIC® System was developed specifically for gravity type self-unloading vessels with multiple gates. It is a remotely controlled Gate Position Indication and Control System that also monitors the cargo profile along the entire length of the tunnel belt conveyors. The GPIC® System is easily adapted to every type of hydraulically operated gate design used in the industry. Application Designed specifically for gravity self-unloading vessels, the GPIC® System is customizable to suit the gate requirements of new builds, conversions, and retrofits.

  • E.R. Guardian ™ - Engine Room Monitoring System Description The E.R. Guardian ™ is an engine room monitoring system that was engineered specifically for monitoring large diesel engines and generators. Analog and digital field devices are monitored and displayed in real time and alert operators of new alarms. The E.R. Guardian™ comes equipped with a large flat panel monitor that mounts easily into an existing or new console providing graphical at-a-glance monitoring. A trackball is used for configuring analog and digital instrumentation connected to the E.R. Guardian™ and for alarm management. Application The E.R. Guardian™ was designed specifically for new installations and to enhance or replace existing (outdated analog meters and discrete controls) engine monitoring systems. The E.R. Guardian™ is compatible with almost any type of analog or digital instrument used to monitor motors and generators. Therefore the E.R. Guardian™ integrates well with existing and new installations.

  • Ballast Commander ™ - Ballast Control and Monitoring System System Description Ballast Commander™ was engineered specifically for monitoring ballast tanks and controlling associated devices. Analog and digital field devices are monitored and displayed in real time, alerting crew of alarm conditions. Ballast Commander™ comes equipped with one or more, touch screen monitors that mount easily into an existing or new console providing graphical at-a-glance monitoring and intuitive, user friendly control of devices, and alarm management. Application Ballast Commander™ was designed specifically for marine new builds or to enhance or replace existing ballast monitoring and control systems. It is compatible with all types of analog or digital devices allowing easy integration into existing and new installations.

  • SPD3000™ Smart Power Distribution The SPD3000™ is our fully customizable low voltage product that fulfills an extensive range of marine applications. Our smart power distribution centres can be manufactured to satisfy a variety of conformance standards and marine approvals. Whether it is a requirement for power distribution, a motor control centre, a frequency drive system, generator control switchgear, or individual controllers, the SPD3000™ is custom designed and manufactured to provide comprehensive solutions to marine challenges. Features/Benefits ? Modular design ? Easily expandable ? Conformance to IEC 61439-1/2 ? Options for withdrawable modules, plug-in modules, or fixed modules ? Flexible and compact design allows for space saving considerations ? Control method using field bus or conventional wiring

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