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RTS Consulting - Automation
  • 11 Dansk Crt
  • Etobicoke, ON
  • M9W5N6

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333299  All Other Industrial Machinery Manufacturing
335315  Switchgear and Switchboard, and Relay and Industrial Control Apparatus Manufacturing
541510  Computer Systems Design and Related Services
541619  Other Management Consulting Services
541330  Engineering Services
Updated on:
2016-12-14,  Industry Canada
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RTS Consulting - Automation

Company Profile

Founded in 1992, RTS Consulting Inc. has over 20 years of experience in the manufacturing sector. Our background and expertise in Manufacturing Execution System (MES) implementations, shop floor automation (PLC’s, SCADA and Historians), control systems integration and control panel design/build, gives RTS a strategic advantage when developing industrial and specifically SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (SAP MII) solutions. We help our clients achieve Manufacturing Operational Excellence. RTS is a certified SAP MII Services Partner. We have developed many MES solutions (OEE, Downtime Tracking, Track and Trace, Energy Mgmt, etc) that are tightly integrated to the business system, allowing real time visibility to enterprise KPI’s. RTS is also SAP’s Co-Innovation Partner for Energy Management and a SAP Pinnacle Awards Finalist for Sustainability. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Mission Providing our clients “best in class” Manufacturing Execution Systems and Automation Systems Integration, to achieve their manufacturing business strategy with minimal organizational resources. RTS provides our clients with a “Competitive Advantage” by providing leading edge solutions which drive high quality, lowest cost manufacturing in an environmentally conscious manner, fostering “Manufacturing Excellence”. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Vision To be the number one SAP “Manufacturing Execution System”(MES) turn-key solutions provider within this decade. RTS will realize its vision by being trusted advisers and delivering exceptional value to our customers as they strive to achieve "Global Manufacturing Excellence". Developing our clients' “Road Map to Success” by leveraging documented best practices and flawless implementation has made RTS the partner of choice for many fortune 500 clients in numerous countries.


  • RTS Energy Management Information System (RTS EMIS) The RTS Energy Management Information System (EMIS) is a software solution application based on SAP MII that enables organizations to improve energy performance and reduce energy intensity and cost in less than 12 weeks. Because it is based on SAP MII, the RTS EMIS can uniquely link disparate production energy data sources (meters, historians) AND financial data to provide a real-time energy monitoring system. You will see immediate savings once the project is live (~12 weeks implementation time, with <1 year return on investment). Why RTS EMIS? • Cumulative data aggregation & integration across all operational data sources and energy types. • Real-time visibility into energy consumption, intensity, & costs down to a unit or line level. • Ability to compare energy usage across diverse plants/regions/divisions and disparate data sets. • Real-time feedback via alerts or notifications when metrics are out of tolerance with dynamic energy targets. • Ability to quickly identify costs or profitability impacts of current Energy Consumption versus what/if scenarios (Minimize TOU and Peak Demand charges). • Connectivity to enterprise business systems ensuring that data can easily be shared & consumed throughout your organization. • Identify immediate savings opportunities as soon as system is live via real time data visibility and preconfigured and user- defined layouts. • Analyze current capabilities and data gaps to quickly identify energy savings opportunities and understand key drivers of energy consumption. • Integrate energy management, business processes, and financial data to drive strategic changes that increase efficiency, decrease environmental impacts, and lower costs. • Track results of improvement initiatives/programs - ISO 50001, SEP & SEN Leader.

  • Manufacturing Execution System Consulting In business, information is power. Statistical and process shop floor information has the potential to save manufacturers enormous amounts of money. We believe that “Manufacturing Operational Excellence” can only be achieved by having real time visibility from a complete perspective, from ERP to Manufacturing Operations to the Shop Floor. As a result of our industry expertise, prebuilt templates, and shop floor experience we provide rapid ROI solution implementations that bind disparate automation systems, enterprise systems, processes, and people to enable operational excellence initiatives. Our solutions enable you to gain a competitive advantage in a global economy through the following methodologies: 1) Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) These pre-built application templates are used to take corporate goals and turn them into specific actions at various levels, managing and optimizing production activities with the least amount of resources. 2) SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (MII) A composite development framework which solves the disconnect between plant floor operations and the rest of the enterprise. It enables you to become an adaptive manufacturer, ensuring that all data that affects manufacturing is visible in real-time.

  • Industrial Automation RTS’ extensive manufacturing experience across a wide range of industries has positioned us well to help our customers identify opportunities for improvements in all areas of their operations. Whether you want to reduce operating costs, improve efficiency, add capacity, or improve your competitive position in the market, RTS is your single source solution provider for all of your manufacturing operational excellence requirements. 1) Shop Floor Software Programming: • Allen Bradley (Panelbuilder, RSView SE/ME, RSView 32), • GE (Panelmate Power Pro, FIX32, iFIX, & Cimplicity), • Siemens (WinCC & WinCC Flexible), • Wonderware, • Iconics (Genesis), • Omron (CX Supervisor), • Mitsubishi (GT Works), • Koyo (Direct Touch, Think & Do), • Telemecanique(Magelis), • Toyopuc, • Bristol Babcock, • SCADAPack, and • Panasonic (a brand name of Matsushita) 2) Electrical Design Complete drawing packages which include: • Single Line & Power Distribution Drawings • Schematics and I/O Drawings • Protection Relay Drawings • Control Panel Layouts • Process & Instrument Drawings • Safety Circuit Drawings • Networking Diagrams & Architecture • Logic Flow Diagrams 3) Instrumentation Specification Adopting the International Society for Measurement and Controls (ISA) rules and procedures, the RTS Instrumentation team selects, provides, installs, calibrates, trains, and maintains instrumentation and control systems designed specifically for the customer's needs.

  • Custom Control Panel Fabrication Custom control panels are application-specific control modules that are designed and built to exact customer specifications. These panels are used in a wide variety of industrial manufacturing and process control applications. Part of the key to our success is that we maintain a CSA and UL self-certifying control panel fabrication facility in-house to ensure high quality panel fabrication and supply. From material procurement through final assembly & testing, our highly trained panel shop technicians and engineers will make certain your control panels are built to specification and on time. RTS has experience designing and building many types of custom control panels across a wide range of industries. These include: Industrial PLC control panels Process control panels Motor control panels Protection Relay panels E-House Substation systems

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