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Athena Software
  • 33 Dupont St E
  • N2J2G8

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Australia, Bermuda, Cambodia, Fiji, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, South Africa, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States
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541510  Computer Systems Design and Related Services
Updated on:
2016-05-06,  Industry Canada
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Athena Software

Company Profile

Athena Software has been delivering innovative web-based case management software since 2001. We help human service agencies around the world develop greater capacity to transform the lives of their clients and communities by providing simple, smart and connected mobile, web-based case management software. To date, we have hundreds of clients on five continents and estimate that over 20,000 staff members at human services organizations around the globe are currently using our case management software each day, with those agencies helping an estimated one million-plus individuals each year.


  • Penelope, Case Management Solution Our product is Penelope, a modern, user-friendly case management software application for health and social services agencies that is secure, fully integrated and highly configurable. Penelope is a proven, web-based solution trusted by governments, police services, universities and a host of organizations of international, national and state-wide scope all around the world. Penelope helps human services organizations improve client service efficiency and coordination of care, while also helping to optimize worker productivity and mobilize new areas of business intelligence. Penelope is flexible and accommodates a broad range of information requirements, clinical documentation and service types without additional costs or customization fees. Custom demographics, treatment plans, assessments, form letters and service-specific information and business processes are easy to configure in Penelope. Penelope'’s clean, intuitive interface and design helps ensure efficient change management and rapid deployment with successful end-user adoption. As well, Penelope is an effective practice management tool that can assist in providing improved co-ordination of services, efficient allocation of agency resources and enhanced client outcomes. Penelope can reduce costs associated with service delivery, administration, intake, reporting, billing and documentation, and its comprehensiveness can help harmonize the various strands of data and variety of business processes into a coherent client information system that will assist in agency-wide research, planning and evaluation. Athena has a wealth of experience and a great track record in implementing Penelope at agencies small and large, operating single programs or a large number of programs with a diverse range of business process, data collection and user authorization requirements. Penelope is web-based and so provides the perfect platform for connecting staff wherever they may be. Penelope has an open “back-end” database model which encourages and empowers agencies to answer even the most complex research questions via a variety of reporting and data extraction tools. Penelope has been designed with maximum flexibility in mind so that organizations can adapt Penelope to meet any emerging needs. Adaptation can commonly be achieved within the out-of-the-box functionality. However, we are pleased to consider customization services to solve specific business challenges. As well, there is a low cost to deploy Penelope – there is nothing to install, and Penelope leverages existing IT investments and infrastructure, while being extremely low maintenance.

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