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AET Group Inc.
  • 531 Wellington St N
  • N2H5L6

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Industries Classification:
562920  Materials Recovery Facilities
562990  All Other Waste Management Services
541620  Environmental Consulting Services
Total Sales ($CDN):
$1,000,000 to $4,999,999
Updated on:
2016-02-24,  Industry Canada
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AET Group Inc.

Company Profile

AET Group is an environmental consultancy firm committed to our ecological, financial and social responsibilities, working together collaboratively to find innovative solutions that work and remembering that underneath it all, we?re human beings working with other human beings to make a difference both locally and globally. AET Group is an employee-owned multi-disciplinary environmental consulting, auditing and scientific services company providing professional services to the built and natural environments in the following core service areas: Solid Waste Management, Environmental Management & Compliance, Environmental Audits, Natural Sciences, GHG Reporting, Sustainability, Air Quality & Climate Change, Environmental Mitigation & Monitoring, Water Management, Energy Management, and Building Sciences. With over 1,000 projects completed across Canada and the United States, AET offers extensive experience, capabilities and a proven track record that, among other benefits, assures that our clients receive value-added services, credible results and effective solutions. We understand that each project undertaken requires a unique integrated approach and attention to project details to ensure that client?s needs are not only met, but also exceeded. Our diverse experience working with clients in many industries and sectors allows us to provide services and expertise specifically tailored to each project?s unique requirements.


  • Waste Audits & Analysis A waste audit is an inventory and composition analysis of an organizations waste stream. It can identify what types of materials an organization generates and how much of each type is recovered through diversion programs or discarded. AET?s waste auditors provide independent and unbiased audits that help organizations ranging from municipalities to industry plan and design more efficient waste programs, reduce air, ground and water pollution and conserve natural resources. AET?s waste auditing team has completed over 700 waste audit studies across Canada for a variety of sectors including all levels of government, manufacturing, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, school boards, commercial buildings and industrial facilities.

  • Regulatory Compliance AETs compliance experts provide a range of environmental compliance support services to all business sectors from industrial and manufacturing, through healthcare and institutional to printing and waste disposal. As part of AETs core environmental compliance services, AET auditors conduct regulatory environmental compliance audits to review an organization?s operations and conditions with a comparison to environmental regulatory requirements. Environmental compliance auditing is a valuable tool for reviewing and assessing an organization?s compliance against, often complex, federal, provincial and local environmental laws. With decades of experience, coupled with an extensive in-depth knowledge, AET professionals help organizations to effectively comply with complex regulations, such as EPA, NPRI, TRA, and more. We can help prepare the necessary documentation for permit and license applications including the verification of organizations documentation to verify requirements have been met. Expertise Compliance auditing Regulatory Liaison NPRI/TRA Reporting Regulatory awareness and auditor training TDGA training Assessment of Hazardous Substance Management Practices Halocarbon Containing Equipment Inventories Fuel Storage Tank Assessments Environmental Compliance Approvals Environmental Activity and Sector Registry Government Reporting & Permitting

  • Environmental Management Systems Management systems serve as the foundation for an organization?s environmental efforts. An environmental management system (EMS) is a structured system of policies and procedures designed to help organizations manage their environmental impacts and improve environmental performance caused by their products, services and activities. AET has extensive experience providing a complete range of EMS services to clients, including gap assessments, EMS implementation, training, and auditing. AET staff are trained to provide expertise in the updated version of ISO 14001 which was released in late 2015. In addition to our EMS expertise, AET also has experience in the implementation, training, and auditing of other types of management systems including health and safety (OHSAS 18001) and drinking water quality management systems. Expertise: ? Conducting gap assessments against management system requirements ? Developing and standardizing processes and documentation ? Implementation and optimization of management systems ? Development and delivery of customized training programs for various groups in an organization, including management to production staff ? Development of tools to assist organizations in the implementation of management systems ? Auditing of the management system to ensure readiness for certification ? Accreditation audits

  • Energy Audits & Assessments AET?s Energy professionals offer sustainable energy solutions for homes, communities, businesses and industry. Our services are used to evaluate and improve energy efficiency of new and existing residential, commercial, institutional and industrial buildings as well as to assess the feasibility for micro- and small-scale renewable energy installations and facilities. Our professional team of certified energy advisors and consultants work closely with our clients to help them achieve their project objectives while respecting project time lines and budgets. A thorough understanding of operational processes, energy usage and renewable energy technologies allows us to deliver valued services. Our extensive work experience permits us to effectively assist clients throughout the early phases of a project including site assessment; energy evaluation; feasibility analysis and modelling; and project retrofit and construction management. We have the capability to undertake energy efficiency or retrofit designs for construction projects in the residential and commercial building sector. We can also provide complete energy assessment services on existing buildings, perform detailed analyses of current energy usage and provide detailed recommendations on energy saving upgrades. Energy Audits An energy audit consists of a building evaluation, survey and analysis of energy flows. An energy audit or assessment will illustrate where building improvements can save energy and water consumption, reduce greenhouse gases and save money through more efficient energy use. From residential homes to commercial buildings and institutions, AET?s certified energy advisors will evaluate a building to establish an energy consumption baseline; quantify energy usage; and, identify existing energy cost reduction opportunities including return on investment. EXPERTISE ? Energy audits and analysis ? Utilities inventory (gas, hydro, water) ? Renewable energy feasibility studies ? Energy management programs ? Energy benchmarking and monitoring ? Energy conservation ? Energy retrofits ? Green Energy Act support ? Renewable energy approval process ? Project management

  • environmental/ecological consulting services AET?s Natural Sciences professionals are recognized for offering an in-depth understanding of natural heritage including terrestrial and aquatic environments in both pristine and culturally affected landscapes. We provide detailed analytical and problem-solving capabilities, scientifically credible reports and expertise in the application and requirements of the current environmental planning and regulatory framework of Ontario and other jurisdictions in Canada. We have project management and technical capabilities that enable us to effectively address the demands and requirements of any size of project within our areas of expertise. Our professional attention to our clients? needs enable them to achieve their project objectives economically, sustainably and within specified time lines. Expertise: Natural Heritage Assessment & Management Terrestrial, Aquatic, Birds & Bat Studies Environmental Planning Environmental Impact Studies Environmental Assessments Environmental Design/Landscape Architecture Green Infrastructure Recreational Systems

  • Sustainability Planning, Implementation & Reporting The proper planning, implementation and reporting of sustainability initiatives has become an essential and expected aspect of managing an organization. Sustainability refers to the interdependency between economic growth, environmental stewardship, and social considerations. Sustainability has emerged as one of the most important business concepts of our time, and is relevant to organizations of any type (for profit, non-profit, government), any size, and in any sector of the economy. From cost savings, innovative new products or services, increased employee retention, and strengthened brand and reputation, viewing your organization through a sustainability lens uncovers possibilities that have previously gone unnoticed. Do you have an idea of the true scope of sustainable possibilities available to your organization? Do you need help transforming these possibilities into reality? AET?s staff of certified sustainability professionals have extensive experience working with organizations at any phase of sustainability management, including: ? Planning and implementation of organizational sustainability strategies ? Benchmarking assessments ? Stakeholder engagement ? Development of customized products to improve sustainability management ? Preparation of sustainability reports according to leading frameworks (e.g. Global Reporting Initiative, Carbon Disclosure Project) ? Verification and assurance of sustainability data AET has expertise in various sustainability areas, including greenhouse gas management, waste reduction, energy and water assessments, green building design, corporate social responsibility and stakeholder engagement. Expertise ? Sustainability reporting ? Corporate Social Responsibility ? Corporate Sustainability Plans ? Benchmarking evaluations ? Sustainability program development ? GHG management ? Green building design ? Stakeholder engagement ? Verification and assurance of sustainability data

  • Air Quality & Climate Change AET has extensive experience providing compliance and non-compliance services in all aspects of air quality including greenhouse gas emissions, dispersion modeling, and indoor air quality. Greenhouse gases (GHG) are one of the most important performance metrics used to assess an organization's sustainability management. A robust and well-planned GHG inventory and management system will position your organization with a defensible set of data to effectively respond to requests for GHG information from your stakeholders. AET has developed GHG management systems for clients ranging in size from single-location facilities to major multi-national companies following the guidelines set forth in the leading global frameworks, including ISO 14064 and the WRI/WBCSD GHG Protocol. AET also has extensive experience in other aspects of GHG management including development of carbon offset projects, strategic planning pertaining to climate change, life cycle carbon footprint assessments, and third-party verification of GHG emissions and project reductions . In addition to our GHG expertise, AET manages and conducts both ambient and indoor air quality monitoring as part of environmental remediation projects. As part of ECA compliance monitoring, AET technicians deploy various types of monitoring equipment to assess discharges from mitigation equipment into the natural environment. Vapour intrusion and mitigation assessment is another aspect of AET?s expertise. AET has conducted indoor air sampling programs in commercial, industrial and residential properties to assess the efficacy of vapour intrusion mitigation equipment. Results of sampling undergo QA/QC and are communicated directly with property owners and with regulators, as appropriate. Expertise ? Greenhouse Gas Emission Inventory and Management System implementation ? Verification of GHG emissions and offset projects ? Carbon offset project development ? GHG target setting and reduction opportunities ? Life cycle carbon footprint assessments ? Strategic Planning pertaining to climate change risks and opportunities ? Indoor air monitoring programs ? Odour and noise assessments ? Dispersion modeling ? Environmental Compliance Approvals ? Government Reporting an Permits

  • Environmental Mitigation & Monitoring AET?s experience in environmental remediation includes operation and maintenance of groundwater pump and treat systems and in-situ oxidant injection systems. AET Consultants was also the Project Coordinator and Remediation Consultant for residential building retrofits and renovations for a community-wide indoor air remediation project. The project included the following: - Worked closely with indoor air specialist to develop feasible recommendations to mitigate vapour intrusion in over 100 residential homes, including design and install of subslab depressurization (SSD) systems. - Developed schedules for remediation based on construction requirements - Developed required drawings for permits and coordinated activities with the local municipality Expertise Indoor air monitoring programs Water pump and treat systems Soil vapour extraction systems Groundwater and surface water sampling programs Stakeholder engagement and public consultation Remedial project management Specialized Communications

  • Water Management AET assists clients with monitoring of storm and sanitary sewer effluent compliance with local regulations. Composite and grab samples are conducted as part of an organization?s overall due diligence program. Surface and ground water monitoring are also facets of AET?s services. Technicians organize and conduct shallow and bedrock ground water well sampling as well as surface water sampling to monitor various contaminant levels. As part of the remedial activities that AET performs, contaminated ground water is remediated through pump and treat systems. As part of AETs ongoing monitoring programs, AET conducts monitoring of storm water systems with a focus on water quality to assess impact of stormwater management system. Comprehensive environmental monitoring and inspection programs are completed during construction of creek sanitary sewer systems to help prevent potential adverse environmental impacts during construction and to evaluate effectiveness of environmental protection measures during and after construction. AET?s auditors have extensive experience and working knowledge of municipal drinking water systems and the Drinking Water Quality Management Standard to audit Operating Authorities of any size and complexity against the requirements of the Standard. Expertise Groundwater monitoring Surface water and sediment assessments Wastewater discharge monitoring Drinking Water Quality Management Systems Erosion and Sediment Control Stream Restoration Stormwater Management Wetland assessments and evaluations Aquatic habitat assessments Industrial water audits Water conservation

  • Waste Composition Studies
  • Site Recovery Optimization
  • Solid & Hazardous Waste Management
  • Waste Minimization
  • Waste Management Systems
  • Construction & Demolition Waste Management
  • Municipal Waste Services
  • Waste Management Training
  • Environmental Health & Safety
  • Government Reporting
  • Project Management
  • Green Building & Retrofits
  • LEED Design & Facilitation
  • Energy Feasibility Studies
  • Public Consultation & Facilitation

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