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Builder Lynx
  • 64 Donlea Dr.
  • M4G2M4
  • 713B-18 Wynford Dr.
  • M3C3S2

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Industries Classification:
541510  Computer Systems Design and Related Services
Total Sales ($CDN):
$200,000 to $499,999
Updated on:
2016-07-07,  Industry Canada
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Builder Lynx

Company Profile

Information Management Software and Professional Services for Residential Construction


  • Suite of Services Home builders come to Builder Lynx for software tools which: * enable them to construct homes in less time, with fewer errors and higher profits * communicate all construction information effortlessly and securely to their people wherever and whenever they need it * provide a complete turn-key solution requiring minimal builder effort Our complete system will empower you to track, manage and report on: * prospect registration * customer relationship management (CRM) * project marketing * sales contracts * colour-charts * materials purchasing * purchase orders * change orders * deposit cheques * PDIs * trades scheduling * work orders * warranty tracking This is done using mobile and internet technologies, giving you the ultimate in communication and accessibility to your construction information.

  • Home Buyer Marketing Service - Suite of Services Capture home buyer information on a Kiosk in your sales centre. Then utilize it for marketing campaigns by fax, email, or print. Track appointments and send automatic notification and reminders to those involved

  • Sales Agreement Service - Suite of Services Generate Agreements of Purchase and Sale for new home purchases on computer to create professional contracts easily, with no messy handwriting.

  • Colour Charts Service - Suite of Services This service provides the new home builder with an automatic, efficient, and reliable way to: * Offer more items to customize within the home (e.g. customize wall colour, baseboards, and ceiling mouldings, instead of just wall colour) * Offer more ways to customize each item (e.g. a broader range of wall colours, baseboard styles, and ceiling moulding patterns). Builders can do this without the administrative overhead and frustrations normally associated with building highly personalized homes. The home buyer benefits by having the flexibility to choose their finishing options over a longer time period, from almost anywhere. This service can also be used by the builder's decor consultants.

  • Supplies Ordering Service - Suite of Services The Supplies Ordering Service provides new home builders with a simple tool to track and manage the invoices, purchase orders, and receipts generated during a new home construction project. Through simple and effective scheduling and purchase order interface, builders quickly reduce the amount of time and effort spent worrying about these details. Supplies tracking and ordering can be done using a Palm Pilot while on the construction site.

  • Options Installation Service - Suite of Services The Options Installation Service for new home builders is specifically focussed on reducing errors in communication between the builder and trades. Using proven internet and mobile technologies, it assists builders in managing hundreds of people, ensuring they have up-to-date and accurate information when they need it.

  • Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) Service - Suite of Services The PDI Service for new home builders streamlines the management of the PDI process. It reduces the time, effort, and money spent by the builder on all the final details of home construction. Inspections are done on a Palm Pilot and the PDI report is printed on a portable printer on-site, in the home. Purchase and work orders are then generated automatically to remedy any issues. The PDI Service easily handles any problems found from start to finish by providing an easy method for identifying the problem, generating purchase and work orders, re-inspection, and closure.

  • Warranty Tracking Service - Suite of Services The Warranty Tracking Service enables quick and easy management of deficiencies during the warranty period. The Service reduces the amount of time, effort, and money spent on after-sales service by automatically communicating information to people who need it, and generating purchase and work orders. It ensures deficiencies are handled quickly, incurring a minimal cost to the new home builder.

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