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  • 600-180 Attwell Dr.
  • Etobicoke, ON
  • M9W6A9

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484229  Other Specialized Freight (except Used Goods) Trucking, Local
484239  Other Specialized Freight (except Used Goods) Trucking, Long Distance
488990  Other Support Activities for Transportation
492110  Couriers and Express Delivery Services
493190  Other Warehousing and Storage
488519  Other Freight Transportation Arrangement
Total Sales ($CDN):
$50,000,000 +
Updated on:
2017-07-05,  Industry Canada
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For over 30 years, SCI has been making its clients? businesses even better by expertly planning & managing their supply chain & logistics requirements. SCI manages over 1 billion in inventory every day for Retail, Technology & Healthcare customers. Whether you are a growing mid-market company or a big business enterprise, SCI will provide the perfect supply chain service solution: the broadest range of logistics services, such as order fulfillment & inventory management, technical services & much more; the most expansive coast-to-coast Canadian warehouse & distribution network; a wide range of transportation management solutions; a team of dedicated supply chain experts to help plan, build and operate the right logistics solution to propel your business far into the future. SCI?s outstanding reputation among omni-channel retailers, technology companies, healthcare organizations and manufacturers is living proof of the teams? operational excellence, which includes: continuous improvement & quality management projects; streamlining supply chain processes; reducing costs, risk and complexity. Ask how we can help your business.


  • 3PL, logistics services SCI helps companies reduce costs, improve service levels and customer experience through the design, implementation and operation of a more effective supply chain. The solutions cover the end-to-end product lifecycle by providing both finished goods distribution and post-sales logistics supported by same-day transportation. SCI is a Canadian leader in specialized ?white glove? transportation for high value products.

  • "White Glove" specialized transportation SCI is a National leader in specialized ?white glove? transportation for high value products. SCI White Glove offers high value transportation services through its National network of fleet and drivers reaching all of Canada ? of which 90% is serviced directly from SCI?s own transportation centres. Clients in the technology, health care, retail, and financial sectors turn to SCI Logistics for safe and secure transportation of high-value products such as medical imaging equipment, photocopier and printing equipment, communications equipment and computers, robotics and electronics, lottery and gaming equipment, automated kiosks and banking machines (ATMs). Services also include the recovery of obsolete equipment. To further support your supply chain, SCI will manage your shipments requiring dock-to-dock and beyond service across Canada, North America and internationally. We accommodate all LTL and truckload shipping requirements and utilize dry vans, flatbeds, temperature controlled equipment types. Time sensitive deliveries, pick-ups and appointment sensitive freight are a specialty. All goods are shipped with white glove care and late model air-ride equipment.

  • Logistics solutions for the technology industry SCI keeps pace with the dynamically changing marketplace of technology, and provides a broad range of services allowing technology clients to reduce inventory levels, lower distribution costs and introduce new products sooner to the market. SCI?s solutions increase the velocity and visibility of your supply chain. SCI also covers the logistics needs after the product is sold, including critical parts distribution, repair, return, and disposal. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), value-added resellers, and service providers turn to SCI to support their office equipment, banking machines, data storage, point-of-sale equipment, digital signage, and automated kiosks logistics needs. The portfolio of services includes finished goods distribution; critical parts distribution supported by sameday courier; technician services in configuration centres and in the field, integrated with transportation services; "white glove? high value product transportation services; returns; diagnostic; repair; disposal. SCI supports new equipment deployments, staged roll-outs, technology refresh projects, and also break-fix to keep businesses up and running. SCI also provides reverse logistics services that may include asset verification and data erasure tracking, disinfection and inspection in configuration centres. Furthermore, depending on client?s direction and the product condition, it can be repaired, salvaged for parts, recycled, or scrapped.

  • Logistics solutions for retail and e-commerce SCI?s experience dates back more than a decade ago when the company started a dedicated operation in Canada for one of the world?s largest ecommerce companies. Years of experience and a proven track record in retail and ecommerce logistics has positioned SCI to respond quickly to the dynamic market changes. SCI processes over 300,000 SKUs, ships over 28,000,000 items to consumers and 7,000,000 cases to stores per year nationally. With space and labour flexibility, SCI can effectively scale up the operations to accommodate spikes in volume which are particularly heightened during seasonal peaks, such as during Black Friday, Cyber Monday or Boxing Week. SCI will set up conventional or automated operations to cost efficiently support retailer?s growing volumes. SCI?s most comprehensive National network of Distribution Centres from coast to coast enables optimal inventory deployment and supports rapid store and e-commerce fulfillment to meet retailers? next day and same day delivery requirements. For mid-size operations SCI is able to offer regional multi-client facilities throughout Canada. In this model, different retailers and channels share resources within the same facility, getting access to technology and a national distribution centre network to bring inventory closer to their markets. Today?s consumer expects a seamless experience across any of the retail sales channels, driving retailers to attain omni-channel functionality of their supply chains. SCI Logistics services are core to the back end of these efforts. By ensuring complete inventory visibility, optimizing product flows, accommodating volatile consumer demand, employing flexible distribution strategies SCI will help you improve customer experience regardless of channel. The services include: ? Omni-channel distribution incorporating multiple channels of purchasing and order delivery methods ? Value-added warehousing and fulfillment ? Kitting, packaging, and light assembly ? from promotional kits to gift baskets, and shrink-wrapping ? Transportation services ? Store fixtures delivery and installation ? Point-of-sale equipment installation and repair ? Product returns including cross-border e-commerce returns and disposition

  • Logistics solutions for healthcare Many health care providers are turning to new business strategies that boost productivity and increase service levels, while complying with Canadian regulations on Good Manufacturing Practices. SCI helps health care organizations drive supply chain efficiencies by providing innovative logistics outsourcing models to the health care sector. These solutions offer opportunities to health care organizations to leverage aggregate procurement practices and drive further savings resulting from off-site consolidation of warehousing and distribution operations, IT investments, demand planning, deferred inventory ownership, home and hospital delivery services and customer-billing solutions. These solutions reduce costs and improve business processes. SCI?s portfolio for health care providers includes the following: ? Hospital logistics ? off-site storage and consolidation of deliveries to hospitals ? Material management ? warehouse stock demand planning and replenishment services ? Warehousing and distribution ? order fulfillment of care-ward orders, recall management ? Pharmacy by mail ? Cross-docking services ? Delivery services ? consolidated deliveries of hospital carts ? Quality Management System compliant to Part C, Division II of the Food and Drugs Regulations, ?SOR 98-282 Canadian Medical Device Regulations, and SOR 2003-196 Natural Health Products Regulations ? On-site dedicated Quality Assurance employees The company also offers a direct-to-market model to medical device manufacturers, and helps shared services organizations realize the efficiencies of centralized off-site warehousing and distribution through the following set of services: ? Warehousing and distribution ? Temperature and Humidity controlled environments ? Transportation services including dedicated fleet, ?white glove?, and customized delivery services for hospital and ambulatory care environments ? Demand planning and procurement services of medical supplies and devices on behalf of hospitals, shared service and group procurement organizations ? Product recall management ? Quality Management System compliant to Part C, Division II of the Food and Drugs Regulations, ?SOR 98-282 Canadian Medical Device Regulations, and SOR 2003-196 Natural Health Products Regulations ? On-site dedicated Quality Assurance employees

  • Sameday or expedited delivery services When it?s urgent that your shipment gets to its destination, SCI offers a delivery option that meets your speed requirements. Within the city limits of most Canadian metropolitan cities, SCI offers a range of delivery options including the following: ? 30-Minute ? pickup and delivery within a half-hour; ? 60-Minute ? pickup and delivery within an hour; ? 90-Minute ? pickup and delivery within an hour and a half; ? 2-Hour ? pickup and delivery within 2 hours; ? 4-Hour ? pickup and delivery within 4 hours; ? Next Flight Out

  • Transportation management solutions We provide service procurement support, as well as shipment planning, management, track and trace, billing and audit, and performance reporting. SCI leverages a pre-established network of carriers that are integrated into our TMS, and can be connected to procurement tools. ? Strategic Transportation Network Planning - Our team of experienced Solution Engineers and Transportation Operators analyze your network to find areas of value. We can tell you the best location of stock to meet customer service level requirements while meeting cost goals. We also asses an array of options and solutions to reduce transportation spend. ? Procurement - Our eProcurement web portal can manage freight tender processes that get you the best price by leveraging our benchmarking and buying power. ? Shipment Management and Track & Trace - SCI runs 24/7 bilingual national control centers, linked to our carriers, to manage our clients? freight while offering you the visibility you need and want. ? Freight Settlement - Specific Match and Force pay carrier programs are available with auditing services. Our billing can be exceptionally tailored and has integration with common fuel programs such as FCAC and MJ Erving. Accruals management is a part our program ? Performance Reporting - Your own secure client portal with the reports you asked for, complete, timely and tailored?that?s information you can act on ? Analytics - SCI can analyze shipment history to determine trends in service/costs and opportunities for cost reduction and service enhancement.

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