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SlipStream Data Inc.
  • 2220 University Ave E
  • N2K0A8

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541510  Computer Systems Design and Related Services
Updated on:
2014-10-02,  Industry Canada
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SlipStream Data Inc.

Company Profile

Founded in 2000 and acquired by Research In Motion in 2006, SlipStream Data Inc. (SlipStream) has pioneered the fastest, most reliable Web multimedia acceleration and optimization technology for delivery on broadband, wireless and dial-up networks - using patented acceleration, compression and network optimization - resulting in increased profits, reduced churn and high QoS for Internet Service Providers. Leading-Edge Technology Using advancements in data compression technology, SlipStream is able to provide unparalleled access speeds over existing communication networks.


  • SlipStream SP SlipStream Data's content acceleration products employ data compression and caching techniques as well as content and network optimizations to increase the end-user's effective bandwidth. Our Content-Acceleration Servers: -Integrate easily within your existing network infrastructure (similar to configuring a proxy server). -Have no single point of failure. -Are highly scalable. -Support external caching products. -Can be configured for both upstream and downstream server communication. Our Client Software: -Runs on all major Windows platforms including Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP and WinCE devices. -Has a small memory footprint and installation file. -Provides one-click Internet access with integrated support for Microsoft Internet Explorer. -Co-exists with all consumer hardware and software.

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