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  • 3 Iber Rd
  • K2S1E6

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Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States
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Industries Classification:
336410  Aerospace Product and Parts Manufacturing
Total Sales ($CDN):
$10,000,000 to $24,999,999
Updated on:
2016-02-11,  Industry Canada
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Mist Mobility Integrated Systems Technology Inc. (MMIST) is a world leader in the development, production and support of precision aerial delivery systems. MMIST systems enable the safe and accurate delivery of critical supplies and aerial services in support of search and rescue, humanitarian relief, and military operations in hostile environments. The Sherpa is the most widely used and mature GPS guided parachute delivery system available. This proven technology accurately delivers up to one ton of supplies from cargo aircraft under adverse real-world conditions. The SnowGoose Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) is an organically deployable system that delivers unmatched payload, endurance and operational flexibility and is the world's first fielded cargo UAV.


  • CQ-10A SNOWGOOSE MULTI-ROLE CARGO UAV The SnowGoose cargo UAV is a multipurpose aerial platform which autonomously delivers up to 575lbs of cargo to up to six individual locations, including medical aid, food and water, or PSYOP leaflets. This UAV can be ground-launched from a truck or trailer, or air-launched directly from a C-130 or C-17 aircraft. Each cargo bay accepts modular electronic payloads, including mobile phones, radio relay, FM / TV broadcasts, EO / IR video, loudspeakers, meteorological sensors, UGS dispensers, SIGINT, and EW payloads.

  • SHERPA GPS-GUIDED PARAFOIL PAD SYSTEMS Sherpa PADS enable safe, accurate and cost-effective delivery of cargo from a variety of fixed / rotary-wing aircraft. Sherpa systems achieve high accuracy without dangerous low-level flight, enabling cargo delivery in mountainous terrain, zero visibility, or outside the reach of MANPADS. PAD is also an IED-proof cargo delivery method. All Sherpa variants are fully autonomous and GPS guided; SAASM GPS and remote manual control, with the unique ability to reprogramme the target point in-flight with the push of a button, is also available. All variants feature fully guided ram-air parafoils which maintain positive control of the load throughout the entire flight, with a final soft landing at approximately half the rate of descent of round parachutes. Sherpa variants feature a robust ability to overcome adverse winds, and offers significant flexibility with respect to dispatch scenarios. The Sherpa Ranger and Navigator are HAHO and HALO capable, thanks to a uniquely programmable drogue delay. Sherpa systems are supported by the US Department of Defense's Joint Precision Aerial Delivery System (JPADS) mission planner, which forms part of the standard C-130J training programme. SHERPA RANGER GPS-GUIDED PARAFOIL The compact, lightweight Sherpa Ranger is ideally suited to deliver small cargo bundles of 50lbs to 700lbs to re-supply special or conventional forces working in a Distributed Operation (DO) environment. The Sherpa Ranger exceeds JPADS ultra lightweight requirements and is sold with / without a ram-air parachute, with some customers choosing to furnish time-expired personnel parachutes like the MC-5 or MP360. The Sherpa Ranger is designed to work with a variety of cargo containers, including cargo nets, A-21 and customer containers. SHERPA NAVIGATOR PAD SYSTEM This workhorse of the PAD world, capable of carrying loads of up to 2,200lbs, replaces the G-12 Container Delivery System (CDS) parachute. It interfaces directly with the A-22 container or the Low-Cost Container System (LCCS) and other custom containers and payloads, and can be used in dual-row (DRAS) mode. Replacing unguided round parachutes with a precision system reduces the amount of cargo which does not reach its destination potentially falling into enemy hands. When total lifecycle costs are considered, the Sherpa Navigator provides high-end accuracy and standoff more cheaply than throw-away Low Cost Delivery System (LCDS) or Improved Container Delivery System (ICDS) alternatives. SHERPA PROVIDER GRAVITY EXTRACTED SYSTEM The largest of our gravity extracted systems, the Sherpa Provider can support 2,200lbs to 10,000lbs of cargo and offers the lowest cost per pound of cargo delivered compared to any other aerial delivery system available, including AGAS, LCADS and ICDS. It interfaces with 463L, Type-5 platforms or Enhanced Container Delivery Systems (ECDS), and customer payloads or containers. In commercial applications, the Sherpa Provider can be used with large fixed-wing aircraft to speed up delivery times, lower transportation costs and reduce transportation greenhouse gas emissions by up to 60%. SHERPA MANPACK – AUTOPILOT FOR PARACHUTISTS Much more than a navigation aid, the Sherpa Manpack actually controls the steering lines of any standard personnel rig. The system enables search and rescue teams and military personnel to reach their intended target despite challenging wind and / or poor visibility.

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