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Superna Business Consulting Inc.
  • 104 Schneider Rd
  • K2K1Y2

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511210  Software Publishers
541370  Surveying and Mapping (except Geophysical) Services
541510  Computer Systems Design and Related Services
Updated on:
2014-12-03,  Industry Canada
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Superna Business Consulting Inc.

Company Profile

Superna is a world class software solutions and data center certification provider. Superna Software delivers orchestration, security and analytics for disaster recovery and converged infrastructure. Superna Certification is designed for organizations that need to validate that their solutions will interoperate with EMC, VCE, HP, VMware and Brocade systems. Superna operates a unique certification center fully endorsed by our partners to their standards.


  • Business Technology and Planning Superna has pushed the limits of network planning, tools development and technology business planning since 2002. Our customers have existing networks and need help with business cases, architectures and evolution to new technology. A deep understanding of the underlying technologies is critical in assessing opportunities that will provide a positive ROI. The upfront planning stages of technology shifts to UC, VOIP, or network upgrades must start with a solid business case.

  • Custome Software Development and Implementation Superna has developed expertise in business planning, network planning, software product development, OEM products, and custom developed applications. Depending on customer needs, we offer a portfolio of products and components to support your application requirements, and we can support commercial arrangements such as licensing, royalties, design for fee, and OEM.

  • Geospatial Services and Development Available online mapping technology from Google, Microsoft, and others provides opportunities to integrate map and location-aware technology into your line of business applications to enhance and differentiate the offering. As an Autodesk development partner, Superna knows how to integrate mapping technology into custom applications, such as network planning tools, eCommerce web sites, tracking applications, advertising applications, and mobile applications. If you want to expand into this new area of application development, leverage Superna’s knowledge and expertise with licensable solutions

  • OEM and ODM Solutions The effort required to integrate OEM or ODM products into an existing GUI or EMS increases costs and management complexity in many ways, reducing market responsiveness and supplier flexibility while incurring maintenance and design expenses. Superna’s Network Discovery Engine (NDE) provides an efficient abstraction layer between OEM/ODM devices and upper-layer management GUI or EMS. NDE can rapidly integrate SNMP or TL-1 devices into a Common Information Model (CIM) object model with the flexibility to adapt optical, switching, and routing devices. Northbound interface to a GUI or EMS are simplified to align to your existing interface requirements and minimizes recurring costs for release over release integration. Leverage Superna’s off-the-shelf applications that plug in to the CIM data and allow the addition of Java apps to your existing GUI and EMS.

  • VSPEX Qualification Superna offers a full range of VSPEX design services consulting including design, test and will submit results for certification. We can assist with partner components requried to complete the solution including CNA, HBA, server, and network components. Our services typically include all necessary hardware to design build and test the complete solution including test automation, OS, hypervisor, server, HBA/CNA, network and storage.

  • Physical to Virtual Migration (P2V) Superna has the expertise and design services along with embeded vApp OS independent agents to complete your software transition to virtualized environments. The life cycle of design > package/deployment > manage > upgrade/patch > retire. How do you test performance of your vApp? How do you test DR HA inside the data center or between data centers? We offer the complete life cycle from design test to certification, solution testing or proof of concept and technical marketing of your vApp solutions. Our world class data center offers the best possible test bed for real world application testing on EMC storage, VCE Vblock converged infrastructure, and data center connectivity solutions from the leading optical DWDM network vendors. We don’t simulate your applications environment we build the same environment your customers use in production from fiber spools to fiber impairment test sets and packet loss delay test sets.

  • VCE Vblock Ready Certification To accelerate ISV and HSV migration to a converged infrastructure, Superna offers certification testing services to assess ISV/HSV solutions ability to meet VCE’s criteria for entrance into the VCE Technology Alliance Partner Program. ISV/HSV’s can submit their product for certification testing and logo program usage as part of the Technology Alliance Program offered by VCE as part of the VCE Technology Alliance Program.

  • Storage Networking Interoperability Qualification Superna has many years of combined domain knowledge in testing and designing wide area fiber channel networks for disaster recovery. Superna offers a unique service to design, execute and streamline pre-qualification testing requirements for EMC eLab (eLab Entrance Criteria Testing). For Brocade, we offer Data Center Ready testing. Superna has built a world-class independent testing facility to undertake quali-fication work and has a consultative partnership with EMC and Brocade. We have successfully completed SAN Interoperability testing with several Tier 1 and Tier 2 network equipment providers.

  • Network Security Portal - Web based Key Management Solution While they face increasing regulatory pressures for robust data protection, many businesses also recognize the innate cost-effectiveness of network security. The cost to encrypt data incurs significant capex on equipment, software and processes. Superna’s flexible Network Security Portal enables enterprises to leverage opex spending and service provider relationships, leasing encryption equipment, but retaining visibility and control of encryption keys. The solution can also integrate enterprise-wide key management products to enable end-to-end solutions from data at rest to data in flight.

  • Eyeglass Isilon Edition File based storage is growing faster than any other data type in the Enterprise, meaning that business critical data needs to be protected with a complete High Availability and Disaster Recovery solution. The Isilon SyncIQ feature allows data from one cluster to be replicated to one or more target clusters to protect the data. Replicating the data is only part of the DR solution to achieve full RTO and RPO targets.

  • Eyeglass Vblock Edition As customers rapidly adopt the VblockTM System from VCE, management tools need to keep pace to ensure that the converged infrastructure is managed as whole and not on the basis of the individual components. Superna’s Eyeglass vApp leverages VCE VisionTM Intelligent Operations software and VMware vCenterTM software to provide a single integration point for VCETM Vblock System management. With Eyeglass, VCE Vblock fault monitoring, root cause failure analysis, capacity planning, configuration management database (CMDB) integration and SLA monitoring of critical applications are dramatically simplified. Eyeglass offers visualization of all Vblock System components and virtual machines with real-time health status, alarm aggregation and component alarm tagging.

  • Eyeglass Disaster Recovery Orchestrator A key issue with site to site disaster recovery is keeping track of the replication in a heterogeneous device and software environment. It is typical that there is poor visibility between these different devices from storage through the switching network and into the transport network. Issues in one device will have a direct impact on the interconnected devices and it can be very difficult to trouble shoot and isolate these problems. Superna has built an extensive practice in collaboration with our storage, storage networking and transport networking partners to build a complete environment to test end-to-end interoperability. Based on these learnings and experiences, we have developed the Eyeglass Disaster Recovery Orchestrator. This works with block storage systems, storage networking and a variety of transport types.

  • Eyeglass Vblock Connect CA Nimsoft As customers rapidly adopt the VblockTM Systems from VCE, management tools need to keep pace ensuring that this converged infrastructure is managed as whole and not on the basis of the individual components. The Superna Connector for CA Nimsoft leverages VCE VisionTM Intelligent Operations software and VMware vCenterTM software to provide a single integration point for VCETM Vblock System management. With the Superna Connector and CA Nimsoft, VCE Vblock fault monitoring, root cause failure analysis and SLA monitoring of critical applications are dramatically simplified. CA Nimsoft with the Superna Nimsoft Conenctor offers visualization of all Vblock System components and virtual machines with real-time health status, alarm aggregation and component alarm tagging.

  • Eyeglass Vblock Connect BMC Atrium With Superna Eyeglass Connect and BMC Atrium, customers can focus on managing applications and Business Services and not the underlying infrastructure. The connector discovers Vblock System components, relationships, physical topology and creates the CI objects to represent the Vblock System in the CMDB. In addition to physical CI discovery and synchronization, the Connector retrieves virtual machine, ESX host and datastore objects from vCenter and maps the logical resources to the physical by creating CI objects and relationships dynamically.

  • Compliance Content Engine Superna has offers an Content Engine product that allows customers and vendors to generate technical content based on compliance controls by product, vendor or standard. The library has been developed for HIPPA, PCI, FEDRAMP (US Federal) and ITSG (Canada). The library is updated and maintained quarterly with new vendors and partner solutions added to the library immediately available to subscribers to select products and technologies for use in virtualized compliance deployments. A searchable content library of technical snippets from VMware ecosystem partners targeting compliance solutions.

  • CloudSim for Network Simulation Cloudsim is a multi-tenant portal that allows per use virtual Simulators of data center devices to enable rapid simulation of complex and expensive data center products to enable software development, product training or try and buy demo’s for customers. The solution provides a portal to manage running simulators, view billing and usage data, start stop or create more simulators. The simulators themselves support various modes of operation to allow fault and failure scenario’s to be created easily. CloudSim has been designed for use in a broad range of potential users including network equipment providers, VCE and EMC software partners, and training groups offering hands on training courses.

  • Eyeglass Mobile for Vblock As customers rapidly adopt the VblockTM System from VCE, management tools should keep pace with a mobile IT work force. To meet this challenge, Superna has released a Mobile solution for Vblocks that is built with VCE VisionTM Intelligent Operations software. If you are an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) and need assistance building mobile applications to simplify monitoring converged infrastructure, check out our sample mobile app for browsing a Vblock and getting Real Time health for each component in the Vblock. We offer advanced design services to build complete solutions from mobile to portal solutions available as licensed libraries to meet your needs.

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