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Fleetway Inc.
  • 800-141 Laurier Ave W
  • K1P5J3
  • Fleetway (Ottawa)
  • K1P5J3

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Year Established:
Industries Classification:
541310  Architectural Services
541340  Drafting Services
541430  Graphic Design Services
541690  Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services
541990  All Other Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services
541330  Engineering Services
Quality Certifications:
ISO 14001, ISO 9001
Updated on:
2016-08-09,  Industry Canada
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Fleetway Inc.

Company Profile

Fleetway is an Engineering, Integrated Logistics Support and Technical Services company, providing services to Government and Industry customers since 1983. Fleetway offers Project Management, Ship Design (Concept and Functional), Engineering (Naval Architecture, Mechanical and Electrical), 3-D Modelling and Drafting, Configuration and Data Management, Technical Publications, Integrated Logistics Support, Supply Chain Management, Warehousing, Repair and Overhaul and Maintenance Management, and In-Service Support (ISS) services. We have built an outstanding team of people, invested in the tools and earned an exemplary track record servicing our customers. Fleetway?s customers include the Royal Canadian Navy, the Canadian Coast Guard, the offshore oil and gas industry, ferry operators, shipyards, ship owners, and commercial marine enterprises. Fleetway upholds the highest standards of quality, safety and security, and are registered to the ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001: 2004 designations. Fleetway Inc. is a proud member of the J.D. Irving Group of companies, a family-owned corporation for more than 130 years, committed to uncompromising quality and customer service, as well as environmental, social and economic sustainability. Fleetway has full service offices in Halifax, Ottawa, Victoria and St. John's.


  • Marine Engineering Fleetway employs Mechanical and Marine engineers and technologists that specialize in system design changes (HVAC, piping, fuel oil and cooling systems), systems analysis, operational and maintenance studies, option analysis and performance validation. Our engineers have provided preliminary and functional system designs, modification data, and conversion specifications for Navy and Coast Guard ships, for Government and commercial ferries and for vessels that service the off-shore oil industry.

  • 3D Modelling & Drafting Fleetway provides 3D modelling and 2D drafting services for all marine applications. Fleetway developed the 3D models depicting the major compartments during the Frigate Modernization Project.

  • Integrated Logistics Support Fleetway has maintained and grown its ILS skills base and support services. We offer a comprehensive set of reliability prediction analysis and modeling tools (Reliability Block Diagram (RBD)), Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA or FMECA), Fault Tree Analysis, Human Factors Risk Analysis, Failure Reporting, Analysis, and Corrective Action System (FRACAS). Fleetway is providing ILS services to the AOPS project.

  • Technical Publications Fleetway maintains a staff of technical writers and publication specialist skilled in the development, formatting, update and management of operating, maintenance and training documentation. Fleetway provides publications in paper or electronic format and in both official languages of Canada.

  • Configuration & Data Management Fleetway manages large quantities of Government technical data electronically and provides current versions, historical records, status accounting, and disaster recovery services. The technical information, while managed by Fleetway, remains available to our customers through direct web-access to Fleetway?s electronic storage vault.

  • Maintenance Management Fleetway has maintenance management specialists whose credentials include the development of maintenance plans, schedules, and specifications and the provision of preventive and corrective maintenance management services.

  • Naval Architecture Fleetway naval architects have provided concept, functional and in-service designs to the Navy, Coast Guard, the oil & gas industry and commercial ships. Fleetway naval architects undertook the numerous design changes for the Halifax Class modernization (HCM/FELEX), the Maritime Helicopter and the Halifax Class Combat Systems. Our people designed the new 80 meter ferry for the Government of Newfoundland (MV Veteran and MV Legionnaire) and have recently completed several concept designs.

  • Electrical Engineering (Marine Related) Fleetway Electrical Engineers and technologists designed and managed the cabling changes during the Frigate Modernization Project. This Cable Management Plan work scope included cable tray usage determination, cable routing and cable pulls, cable separation requirements and upgraded deck/bulkhead transits. The Cable Management Plan prided the information for the removal of 75 kilometers of cabling and the installation of 45 kilometers.

  • Repair and Overhaul Management Fleetway manages two Repair and Overhaul Contracts for the Canadian Armed Forces and was the Sable Offshore Energy (SOEI) General Services (Maintenance) and Supply Chain (Material) provider.

  • In-Service Support Fleetway has been providing In-Service Support Services (Design Agent and Technical Data Agent) for the Halifax Class frigates and Iroquois Class destroyers for over 20 years. As the Design Agent, Fleetway has completed over 250 design change (EC) specifications. Fleetway has also managed and provided the refit specifications and drawings for all Docking Work Periods and the Modernization refits.

  • 3D Virtual Reality Fleetway has an installed virtual reality system (2 œ meters X 3 Ÿ meters) that is used to take 3D engineering models and convert them to 3D virtual reality interactive displays. These exact engineering VR models are then used for design verification, design reviews and training.

  • Warship Design (Concept, Preliminary, Functional)
  • Vessel Design (Ferry, Barges, Work Boats)
  • Vessel Design (Ferry, Barges, Work Boats)
  • Analysis, Seakeeping & Manoeuvering
  • Analysis, Stability, Inclining
  • Finite Element Analysis, Ship Structures
  • Development of General Arrangements (CAD)
  • Development of Ship Lines and Hull Form (CAD)
  • Drawings, Accommodation & Structural (CAD)
  • Systems, Propulsion, Powering and Ancillary (CAD)
  • Systems, Machinery & Auxiliary (CAD)
  • Cabling, Hanger Routing, Run Sheets
  • Electrical Load Analysis, Voltage Drop
  • Degaussing Analysis
  • Technical Writing Services (Marine related)
  • Naval Material Assurance (NMA)
  • Project Management (Marine related)
  • Systems Integration (Marine related)

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