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Corporate Renaissance Group

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Year Established:
Industries Classification:
541510  Computer Systems Design and Related Services
541619  Other Management Consulting Services
Total Sales ($CDN):
$1,000,000 to $4,999,999
Updated on:
2016-02-09,  Industry Canada
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Corporate Renaissance Group

Company Profile

Established in 1989, Corporate Renaissance Group (CRG) is a global provider of innovative solutions, software, and services that help companies improve their financial performance and operational effectiveness. CRG delivers realistic solutions using their expertise and technical knowledge of business management solutions, business intelligence, employee performance management, financial and costing principles, value-based management, knowledge creation, and shared services.


  • Consulting - Business Solutions Finding the solutions to the many challenges that face an organization can be difficult. The expert consultants at CRG have the technology background, practical experience, creative strategic thinking, and knowledge of corporate finance to help organizations improve efficiency, increase productivity, and create value. Activity-Based Costing/Management: CRG helps organizations accurately determine the profitability of products and services, allowing for informed and strategic decision making. Shared Services: CRG aids with the assessment, design, implementation, and operation of a shared services organization. Business Intelligence: CRG puts information into the hands of decision makers in order to make better, more informed decisions. Performance Measurement: CRG facilitates the discovery of the aspects of corporate performance that are vital to profitability, providing business-critical information and enabling effective management. Shareholder Value Creation: CRG provides customized benchmarking standards and financial reports that identify and isolate the value-creating dimensions that are unique to every organization.

  • Management Consulting and Software Development Based on years of experience in operational and financial management systems, a comprehensive knowledge base, and management expertise, CRG has developed a number of performance management software solutions. emPerform: A web-based employee performance management solution that integrates reviews, multi-rater feedback, surveys, and reporting. CRG Solutions: A suite of applications designed to make day-to-day adjustments, reconstruct a chart of accounts, or implement a business intelligence strategy. FlexABM: An Activity-Based Costing/Management (ABC/M) solution that identifies the true costs of all products, services, and activities. Shared Services Manager: A complete measurement and management solution that provides the software required to effectively manage a shared services organization. Enterprise Scorecard: A performance and management solution that measures the activities that improve efficiency and create value for an organization.

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