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NetCentric Technologies Inc.
  • 602-320 March Rd
  • K2K2E3

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United States
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611420  Computer Training
541510  Computer Systems Design and Related Services
Updated on:
2015-06-21,  Industry Canada
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NetCentric Technologies Inc.

Company Profile

NetCentric Technologies is a leading document compliance management company that provides products and services specifically designed to enable government and corporations to ensure the accessibility of electronic documents and their compliance with a variety of standards. The company’s CommonLook® product family enables organizations to create significant time and cost savings through the authoring, testing and repair of PDF documents. NetCentric’s customers include many U.S. and Canadian government departments and leading corporations. NetCentric is also a leading provider of secure document print technologies that provide overt and covert protection for both paper-based documents and cards against scanning, copying, and alteration. Our CommonLook™ family of products is designed to greatly simplify the process of verifying the compliance of websites with accessibility and a wide variety of other standards. NetCentric is also a successful outsourced developer of major software systems. Our philosophy is to deploy the very best skills for the products we develop for Government, service providers and systems integrators and also for the projects we develop for our outsourcing customers. NetCentric Technologies has delivered, on-time and on-budget, substantial software systems to commercial organizations and governments, including national secure document issuance systems for major North American and European governments and organizations.


  • CommonLook PDF Global Access CommonLook PDF Global Access is a plug-in for Adobe Acrobat version 6.0 Standard and above. This software allows a user to methodically test, verify, remediate and report for compliance against a variety of standards including Section 508, WCAG 2.0AA and PDF UA.

  • Double Take Personalization System (DPS) DoubleTake™ is a new and patented method for protecting images. The DoubleTake™ Personalization System (DPS) is an application of that method for creating personalized ID graphics that are extremely resistant to scanning, copying, and alteration.

  • CommonLook Professional Services NetCentric can provide expert professional services to assess the accessibility of your HTML or PDF holdings against W3C Priority 1 and 2 standards, or Government of Canada CommonLook and Feel standards.

  • CommonLook Office Professional Designed for the content author using Microsoft Word and or Microsoft PowerPoint. One of largest benefits of this product is that no prior knowledge of PDF or of any accessibility standard is required. CommonLook Office presents simple instructions to guide the user through every accessibility checkpoint relevant to the document. This is an add in Microsoft Word and Power Point 2007 and above that allows the user to create accessible PDFs.

  • CommonLook Clarity CommonLook Clarity provides tools and methodology to effectively measure the accessibility of PDF electronic documents and track performance towards achieving great accessibility. Capabilities for enterprise-wide scanning, assessment and progress-tracking of electronic document accessibility efforts.

  • Accessibility Training NetCentric offers a number of training courses on accessibility for different document formats. For a complete list of programs please visit:

  • PDF Verification and Remediation Services Verification and remediation services is NetCentric?s version of the easy button. Our service provides organizations with a highly-accurate, comprehensive and cost-effective way to achieve accessibility to a variety of accessibility standards including WCAG 2.0AA and PDF UA and compliance for their PDF holdings without doing to work internally.

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