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Empowered Networks Inc.
  • 200-1 Hines Rd
  • K2K3C7

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Year Established:
Industries Classification:
334110  Computer and Peripheral Equipment Manufacturing
541490  Other Specialized Design Services
611710  Educational Support Services
541510  Computer Systems Design and Related Services
Total Sales ($CDN):
$50,000,000 +
Updated on:
2016-09-08,  Industry Canada
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Empowered Networks Inc.

Company Profile

Empowered Networks accelerates innovation for our customers by optimizing change, managing risk and improving customer experience. Our team specializes in carefully chosen areas that have huge impacts on your business agility and drive positive business outcomes that translate directly to your bottom line.


  • EmpoweredCare Management services provider for Network and IT infrastructure, providing flexible combinations of testing and management tools & equipment, combined with expert professional services, and robust methodologies.

  • EmpoweredAssessment EmpoweredAssessment™ Services help you enhance your understanding of your environment and your path from knowing you have a business problem, to understanding the steps you should take to resolve that problem. We use leading tools, experienced teams, results-oriented processes and our E4 Methodology™ to quickly understand how you manage your IT & IP infrastructure environment today, the evident problems - both real and perceived, and the issues and root causes that need to be resolved. From there, we develop a series of specific actionable recommendations that you can implement now, and the information you need to make informed decisions. Empowered offers independent Assessment Services in several broad areas: Testing, Management, Network, Systems, Applications Operations, Performance, Security People, Processes, Tools We know your network and your business issues are unique. We start with Envision, our structured review of your technical and organizational environment with your key stakeholders. Envision permits us to develop a detailed firm-price proposal, tuned to match your specific goals, objectives and scope.

  • EmpoweredDeploy EmpoweredDeploy™ Services are focused engagements where Empowered's team deploys a solution into your environment, using our E4 Methodology™. The Enhance step of E4 maps out a detailed action plan, in a formal Statement of Work. The SOW defines exactly what we will deliver and when, our processes for managing the project, and how we will demonstrate success - to your complete satisfaction. EmpoweredDeploy is how Empowered's team will Execute that action plan. Here's details of an EmpoweredDeploy engagement: Project Management Our disciplined approach to project management includes effective, regular reports on progress and issues so that decisions are informed and success is ensured. Our process is simple, transparent and optimized. Empowered's project manager will track and analyze project status and issues, and provide a regular status report to interested parties as required. Where required, Empowered's project manager will administer our formal Change Request process. Documentation To complement Vendor supplied manuals provided, Empowered will document the customizations and configurations created as part of EmpoweredDeploy, to provide a record of our work, and a starting point for solid on-going configuration control. Documentation will range from simple commented scripts to detailed procedures documents on how to effectively maintain and utilize the solution. After a formal review process, All documentation will be delivered upon project completion, and become the property of the customer. Knowledge Transfer EmpoweredDeploy includes knowledge transfer training. This typically consists of Empowered's team working with the system administrators responsible for ongoing maintenance of the solution, and working from sample rules, integrations and automations to create customized versions. Empowered prefers to actively involve system administrators in the project, to maximize opportunity for knowledge transfer. Acceptance Testing Formal Acceptance Tests are defined in the Statement of Work, and will be performed jointly by Empowered and the Project Manager to formally validate that we have delivered everything we were engaged to deliver, to the satisfaction of our customer. With completion of the project, the final step in E4, Endorse, begins. We will conduct a debriefing session to review all deliverables, respond to questions, and solicit feedback on the quality of our work and our performance against defined metrics for success. E4 Methodology™ is our means to ensure we make productive use of your time and attention, to meet and exceed your expectations, and to deliver concrete business value throughout the lifecycle of your investment in our solutions.

  • EmpoweredTraining EmpoweredTraining™ features partner-certified instructors, using course materials and techniques that leverage our years of experience in training and supporting our customers. We are fully equipped to train users at all levels of experience in using the testing and management solutions we provide, as well as independent technology training. Training can be provided at Empowered's facilities, at your site, or at our partners' training centres in North America. We can develop a customized course curriculum for your team to meet your unique requirements, involving direct training to all users, 'Train-the-Trainer' training, or customized course content. It is our practice to work with our customers to tailor training to meet your needs and preferences.

  • Microsemi (formerly Symmetricom) Microsemi Corporation, with the acquisition of Symmetricom, is the world's leading source of highly precise timekeeping technologies, instruments and solutions. We serve communications, enterprise IT, power utilities, financial services, aerospace, defense, and national labs. In collaboration with international standards groups, we help set the world's timekeeping standards. Empowered is Canada?s Primary Reference for Synchronization products and systems, and the trusted and exclusive Canadian partner for Microsemi's Frequency and Time Division. We offer a range of specialized network synchronization professional services and solutions, from network audits, consulting, training, sync network design, and turn-key installation. We also provide first and second-level 24/7 support through our Technical Assistance Centre, deliver packaged and custom training and professional services, and bring unparalleled value to Synchronization customers in Canada.

  • CA Technologies CA Technologies is an IT management software and solutions company with expertise across all IT environments ? from mainframe and distributed, to virtual and cloud. CA Technologies manages and secures IT environments and enables customers to deliver more flexible IT services. CA Technologies innovative products and services provide the insight and control essential for IT organizations to power business agility. The majority of the Global Fortune 500 relies on CA Technologies to manage evolving IT ecosystems. Empowered offers a full suite of EmpoweredServices™ for CA Technologies products, and comprehensive 1st and 2nd level 24/7 support from Empowered's Technical Assistance Center, bringing unparalleled value to CA Technologies customers in Canada.

  • Infoblox Infoblox delivers essential technology to help customers control their networks, and automate complex network control functions to reduce costs, increase security and maximize uptime. Leveraging patented Grid? technology, Infoblox delivers higher availability, and an authoritative network database for real-time and historical reporting. The market leader in Automated Network Control, Infoblox solutions help over 7,500 enterprises and service providers make their networks more available, secure and automated. Empowered is the only Infoblox partner in Canada certified in full range of Infoblox solutions, with years of experience in delivering and integrating Network Change and Configuration Management solutions. Empowered is focused on operational network management, with a unique balance of engineering experience, expertise and proven delivery capability. We offer a full range of services to help integrate Infoblox solutions into our customers’ IT management processes, including needs assessment, turn-key implementation, system documentation and user training.

  • Pureshare PureShare ActiveMetrics is a software-based proactive management tool that enhances business interactions by answering the question, ?What is happening right now?? with interactive visualizations of real-time operational metrics ? without the need for reports, manual spreadsheets or slide-ware. PureShare provides executives, managers and staff with direct, anytime access to business metrics that can be used on a daily basis to understand the business and its current status without manually assembling and analyzing information. Empowered helps enable your team to manage day-to-day IT Operations by using PureShare’s impactful visual dashboards to leverage the information presented. Our team has extensive experience and training in the solutions, and engagements ranging from simple installation of the product and connection to data sources, to turn-key projects covering needs analysis, custom dashboard design and development, and ongoing evolution, mentoring, and maintenance. Empowered’s Technical Assistance Centre provides 1st and 2nd-level support directly, and offers options for 24/7 support, ongoing support and administration.

  • Xirrus Xirrus is the leading provider of high-performance wireless networks. Xirrus' Array-based solutions perform under the most demanding circumstances with wired-like reliability and superior security. The Xirrus wireless solutions provide a vital strategic business and IT infrastructure advantage to the education, healthcare, government and enterprise industries that depend on wireless to operate business-critical applications. The innovative Xirrus architecture delivers unmatched RF innovation and wireless performance on a per access point and system-wide basis, yet requires fewer devices, switch ports, cabling, time, and effort to implement and maintain than traditional offerings - accelerating the Time-to-Value by 3X. Xirrus designs and manufactures its products in the USA and is Wi-Fi Alliance, VeriSign, PCI, FIPS 140-2, and ISO 9001:2008 certified. Empowered is a unique partner of Xirrus in Canada. We deploy guaranteed, high-performance Wi-Fi for customers in Canada, by performing active site surveys and engineer, furnish and install Xirrus’ Wi-Fi Array solutions to deliver high performance Wi-Fi, guaranteed. We can also offer advanced solutions provide packaged and custom training and professional services, technical support, to create unparalleled value for our customers in Canada.

  • MRV MRV Communications is a leading provider of physical layer and out-of-band networking equipment, providing secure remote control and managementof cable topologies, lab devices, power distribution, KVM and and service port access to devices in an organization's data centers, remote sites, and test labs. MRV's products are designed to increase the efficiency in the test lab environment enabling more tests in less time with fewer resources, and optimize the lab for responsiveness and best use of capital expenditures. Empowered is the certified partner in Canada for MRV’s physical layer and test automation solutions, which form critical components of our integrated Test Automation solutions, helping our customers increase effectiveness and efficiency in their lab environments, and test automation programs. Empowered can help you define the architecture and design an integrated solution tuned to your goals and priorities with the services and support you need.

  • NetScout NetScout Systems is one of the most recognized brands in the network performance management industry, and the market leader in application and network performance management solutions. NetScout?s technology provides increased visibility to organizational networks with performance analytics and operational intelligence, to help organizations proactively manage service delivery, identify emerging performance problems and quickly resolve issues that cause business disruptions or impact IT users. Empowered is a certified NetScout partner, providing service to customers across Canada. We offer a comprehensive suite of services to help our customers assure and optimize network and application performance, with the full range of NetScout Solutions, including nGenius®, Infinistream®, and Sniffer.

  • CORE Security CORE Security provides market-leading, threat-aware, identity, access and vulnerability management solutions that provide actionable intelligence and context needed to manage security risks across the enterprise. Solutions include multi-factor authentication, provisioning, Identity Governance and Administration (IGA), Identity and Access Intelligence (IAI), and Vulnerability Management (VM). The combination of these solutions provides context and shared intelligence through analytics, giving customers a more comprehensive view of their security posture so they can make better security remediation decisions and maintain compliance. Empowered offers a comprehensive suite of services to assist customers in getting the full value of their investments in Core Security?s advanced vulnerability management and penetration testing solutions. Empowered has unique skills and real world experience in security monitoring, loss prevention and forensics, and an extensive track record of success.

  • Ixia Ixia provides application performance and security resilience solutions to validate, secure, and optimize businesses? physical and virtual networks. Enterprises, service providers, network equipment manufacturers, and governments worldwide rely on Ixia?s solutions to deploy new technologies and achieve efficient, secure, ongoing operation of their networks. Ixia's powerful and versatile solutions, expert global support, and professional services equip organizations to exceed customer expectations and achieve better business outcomes. Empowered is Ixia?s Elite Channel Partner in Canada , and the only partner in Canada focused on the complete portfolio of Ixia's Testing, Security and Network Visibility solutions. We deliver packaged and custom training and professional services, participate in Ixia?s beta programs, provide on-site support for key customers, and deliver unparalleled value to customers in Canada.

  • Fluke Networks For Wi-Fi Monitoring, Security and Service Assurance, Airmagnet Enterprise from Fluke Networks is the market leading solution. AirMagnet Enterprise combines the industry's most thorough wireless intrusion detection system and wireless network monitoring with leading research, analysis and security threat remediation, to protect against every wireless network security threat. Empowered has strong skills in all aspects of Wi-Fi, from troubleshooting, to service assurance, to advanced security and rogue detection, and more.

  • Damballa As a leader in automated breach defense, Damballa delivers advanced threat protection and containment for active threats that bypass all security prevention layers. Damballa rapidly discovers infections with certainty, pinpointing the compromised devices that represent the highest risk to a business, and enabling prioritized response and refocusing of security experts to the areas of greatest risk to an enterprise. Empowered can rapidly deploy a Failsafe appliance ? in less than an hour, with minimal configuration ? to contain and respond to a breach in progress, to verify what your existing security tools don?t catch, or as a proof-of-concept demonstration. Each appliance is completely sanitized before implementation, and before removal from secure environments. Our unique skills and real world experience in network and security monitoring, forensics and loss prevention are always available to assist with system design, deployment and ongoing analysis, to help our customers get the full value of their investments in Damballa's advanced solutions.

  • Rego Consulting Rego Consulting provides CA PPM expertise on-demand at a price you can afford so you can get maximum value from your investment in CA Technologies. Founded by individuals that managed one of the most successful global deployments of CA PPM, Rego has always approached its mission from the user perspective. Empowered is proud to partner with Rego Consulting, the largest dedicated CA PPM services company, as an integral part of our Portfolio Management practice area. Our combined experience enables you to leverage the knowledge we have gained managing a variety of CA PPM environments. We work together to address customers needs across North America, and deliver solutions for both on-demand CA PPM managed services, as well as enterprise implementations of CA PPM. Our approach provides the expertise you need, and allows you to focus on what matters the most?running your business.

  • Tekron For over 10 years, Tekrontekron has been at the forefront of the development, design and manufacturing of GPS clocks and Time Sync products for smart grid and substations, including industries that require precise, robust and reliable timing. With products installed in over 60 countries, Tekron has a strong history of designing and customizing products, and working closely with customers to deliver extremely accurate and robust products, and the highest level of pre and post sales service.

  • Cylance Empowered can help your team rapidly deploy CylancePROTECT. Our unique skills and real world experience in network and security monitoring, forensics and loss prevention are always available to assist with system design, deployment and ongoing analysis, to help our customers get the full value of their investments in CylancePROTECT.

  • ExtraHop ExtraHop transforms unstructured packets on the network into structured wire data, a new source of real-time business and IT insight. Hundreds of enterprises around the world have adopted this technology to proactively manage application performance, optimize their infrastructure, identify security threats, and analyze business operations. Empowered has been at the forefront of Network IT and Service Monitoring and Management for almost two decades. Empowered solves operational problems in some of the world?s most complex environments by working with select partners like Extrahop to architect solutions that address both technical and business needs. We combine a deep understanding of the technology and current trends, with pragmatic operational experience in effecting transformational change.

  • Moog Software Moog Software is the leading provider of operational intelligence for the new era of IT, merging adaptive machine learning and socialized workflows into next-generation IT incident detection and remediation management. Empowered has been at the forefront of Network IT and Service Monitoring and Management for almost two decades. Empowered solves operational problems in some of the world?s most complex environments by working with select partners like MoogSoft to architect solutions that address both technical and business needs. We combine a deep understanding of the technology and current trends, with pragmatic operational experience in effecting transformational change.

  • ScienceLogic ScienceLogic is the global leader in hybrid IT monitoring for the network of everything, and the first monitoring solution to provide a comprehensive view of all IT components through a single pane of glass, whether they reside in a public cloud environment or on-premises. Empowered is a channel partner for ScienceLogic, focused on monitoring and visiblity solutions. Empowered provides comprehensive solutions for our customers, combined with an extensive track record of success in helping our customers get the full value of their investments.

  • MongoDB By offering the best of traditional databases as well as the flexibility, scale, and performance required by today's applications, MongoDB lets innovators deploy apps as big as they can possibly dream. From startups to enterprises, for the modern and the mission-critical, MongoDB is the database for giant ideas.

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