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Info-Tech Research Group
  • 602 Queens Ave.
  • N6B1Y8

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Industries Classification:
519190  All Other Information Services
541510  Computer Systems Design and Related Services
Updated on:
2017-04-03,  Industry Canada
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Info-Tech Research Group

Company Profile

Info-Tech Research Group is a professional services firm dedicated to providing premium research and objective advice to IT managers of mid-sized organizations. Currently, we serve more than 30,000 clients across North America and the U.K. Our purpose is to provide practical and thorough solutions that enable IT professionals to bridge the gap between technology and business. Our Web publications, reports, methodologies, benchmarking, vendor selection and consulting services all help IT professionals to keep current, to effectively manage people and technology, and to achieve professional success.


  • Info-Tech Consulting Info-Tech Research Group provides information technology advice and information to over 30000 professionals throughout North America and Europe. Through a constant stream of contact with their clients, Info-Tech understands the importance of high quality custom consulting. It is their belief that providing only the required technical support of any project is only the half way point to solid consulting practices. With the current bridging of technology and business strategy, Info-Tech places a strong focus on ensuring a smooth project that works to the benefit of an entire organization and not merely the IT department. Info-Tech's strength is primarily based on the level of experience and professional development of their research staff and senior executives.

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